Science, as it is taught in our classrooms can be boring sometimes. A student going through a chapter of Periodic Table in a dim classroom with a not that interested teacher does not get to know the universe of possibilities that lies in front of them in the form of 118 elements. This post tries to awaken that interest and feeling of amazement about what science can accomplish. Students these days have not much to be excited about in education due to the meritocratic society that we live in, but articles like these aim to rekindle that ember of curiosity and interest in students. When things are learnt, with the objective of education being to satisfy curiosity and increasing the mental stimulation they make more of an impact on the scholars.

So let’s get on with it and browse through some modern day achievements of science that have contributed to making our life on this blue sphere more fruitful and easier:-

Immune Engineering
Doctors practicing in Philadelphia and New York have discovered a procedure to take control over the T-cells or the cells that do all the killing for our immune system. The doctors discovered that with the help of a virus they can program these T cells with new DNA instructions to attack a specific group of cells. It has been successfully used to treat Leukemia and many other diseases having their roots in the blood. Earlier these engineered T cells needed to be from the same person but some of the patients that are small children do not have enough of these T- Cells and now the scientists have devised a method through which they can program a different humans T cells to be compatible with everyone creating a universal donor concept.

Precise Gene Editing in Flora 
Science has found out a way to edit the genes of plants to help them defend themselves against diseases and droughts. The resultant plants do not show the presence of any foreign DNA excluding them from the GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) classification.
The technology named as CRISPR is helping scientists modify plants and such plants are thriving in a greenhouse environment throughout the world. Some of the frontrunners of this technology are wheat that’s fungus resistant, rice modified for higher yields and barley that can survive a drought. If the technology is refined and is applied at a production level it would help sidestep the extremely difficult regulatory process that is followed with GMO plants.

Interfacing through conversation – Speech Technology
Baidu, the Chinese search engine is advancing speech technology and the process of interfacing through voice to have a more useful and practical application. Voice interfacing has been becoming more popular throughout the previous years by machine learning taking it to new heights.
Developments like these are making us hopeful for a future where learning how a new device functions will not be necessary as the interface would be controlled by voice commands. Baidu has revealed last November that the Chinese Silicon Valley labs have developed an extremely potent speech recognition system named Deep Speech 2. According to them it boasts of a huge neural network that learns by associating phrases and words with sounds. Sometimes this system has performed better than humans when transcribing Mandarin. Taking into account how difficult Mandarin is phonetically this feat is really impressive.

Rockets that can be reused! – SpaceX and Blue Origin
Humans have come a long way from just sending rockets up in space and now the technology has progressed to the level that they are returning back too. The recent landings of such rockets look like their launches played in rewind, with the rocket landing on a pad constantly firing its engines to control the descent. Space flights in future have a possibility of becoming up to hundred times cheaper if this technology is mastered.
Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are the two tech billionaires making it happen. Both their companies, Blue Origin and SpaceX have contradistinct uses of this technology, the former using it to propel tourists in space and the latter as an open platform for putting satellites in space.

Robots sharing knowledge amongst themselves  
Robotic technology has not yet been able to reach that level of development where they can interact with our material world. Humans throughout their childhood have gone through an enormous data collection process in which they have learnt and updated that info through various encounters with the material world. Robots till now have had no such technology assisting them to store and then have the consciousness or intelligence to link new information to that earlier learn data.

To create such a technology that helps these robots to do our routine tasks the scientists researching day and night. Doing something like this can be a possibility as all the research robots use a standard framework of programming called the ROS. The machine that learns how to do a task can pass on the data to other machines and if those machines while carrying out the same task discover a refinement in the process they can send the details back to the original. Right now, this technology is limited to mechanical robots but with some years of research and development it’s not difficult to imagine robots learning from each other and being a part of our future society.

These technological advancements that are a resultant of various scientific discoveries will help not only in solving several problems that plague us now but also in opening up new horizons of opportunity and advancement. Reading how science has brought us to this cusp of technological advancements, students ranging from a CBSE school in Delhi to The New York University will have something to look forward to and take interest in science due to.

About Author

With a degree in Bachelors of Journalism, Bhoumik Joshi arrived into content writing via the print journalism world. In his press days, he was working extensively on investigative field assignments. Fascinated by the textual labyrinth one has to traverse through in the process of writing SEO optimized content, he started delving deeper into Digital Marketing. A music aficionado he spends most of his free time surfing the World Wide Web for inspiration. With an experience of two years in content writing coupled with his witty penmanship he aims to create a niche experience for his readers.

Best 5 WordPress Affiliate Marketing Wordpress Themes of 2016

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Best Affiliate Marketing Themes

Building a WordPress website and using the same to earn from it with Adsense and affiliate links is one of the excellent ways to produce passive income through the web. Since the commencement of Internet, Affiliate marketing has been a great approach, and a lot of people practice it to earn bucks by developing niche websites encompassing topics and then getting appropriate affiliate partners and also by putting Google Adsense blocks on the site where they get paid for every click received on any of the ads.
While you can put these profits producing affiliate links on any WordPress site and theme, picking a theme which is created especially for this idea serves plenty of benefits. One obvious attribute of these WordPress affiliate themes is that simplifies the publishing of professionally appearing reviews.
WordPress is free and requires simple working and operating and by practicing one of these WordPress Affiliate Themes you can have your earning-generating website.

The Genesis theme is a friendly, spontaneous WordPress theme which lets any webmaster whether be amateur or proficient promptly and smoothly develop a website with a professional display design.

To implement the Genesis Framework theme Minimal WordPress skills are required on any website, and you have a plenty of tools and options to customize the look and feel of your developing site to meet the expectations. Promptly equipping your WordPress website with multimedia content skills, attached editorial, tabbed web pages, simple formatting tools, and even responsive design, Genesis is the theme where a great customized WordPress Development begin.
REHub comes with plenty of product display relevant features, definitely making easy to add reviews, product comparisons, and other product displaying characteristics to your WordPress website.
REHub is a great choice; no matter you are using it for featuring products on a serious affiliate basis, or for selling your items from the website.

Download ReHib
The WordPress theme SteadyIncome is primarily designed for developing websites which monetize through affiliate plans. The theme is created by MyThemeShop team, which guarantees it for one of the swiftest loading themes. With the quick loading WordPress website, picking the SteadyIncome theme enables you to get availability to a rich set of features that helps you earn more on the web.
These attributes are a tool for building an email list, product displays, smart and appealing social media icons, and complete mobile responsive design.
The WordPress theme is an excellent pick for anyone who requires professional and corporate appearance, possibly for aiming the B2B audience.
With the full-width plan and design of Compare WordPress theme, you receive a plethora of screens when it is about adding the content. With the advanced features of Compare, you get lots of possibilities for adding the product description to your website.
Rethink WordPress theme comes with some remarkable new features to help you create the ideal affiliate website. Amongst the plenty of its notable features of this WordPress theme, you get several useful tools for posting the product and service feedbacks.
As well as helping you to publish professional looking reviews, the With Rethink WordPress you can easily arrange different products on your site. The advantage of this is that it helps your visitors find what they are searching, again boosting the earning chances.
Affiliate marketing unquestionably is one of the best income generating models for online businesses, eCommerce, and many bloggers.
The only thing you need to focus is on developing quality rich content and thorough, fair product reviews to earn some clean-cut revenue.
About author:

Jagdish Prajapat is a Digital Marketing Consultant by profession. He is associated with Baymediasoft, a WordPress development company in USA. He is a passionate writer and has actively writing useful blogs and articles about technical stuff.
Over the past years, marketing automation has rapidly ascended and is irresistible for one involved in B2B marketing. Though diving in deep, the undulating glory you'll observe the pleasures of marketing automation are not sharp as you thought and considered it for first.

According to the according to the Annuitas 2015 B2B Enterprise survey, only 2.8% of B2B business marketers say marketing automation-powered campaigns have let them achieve their demand generation goals. The survey is conducted on 100+ B2B enterprise marketers from organizations generating annual revenues more than $250 million.

Almost 70% of businesspersons are either completely unsatisfied or are partially pleased with marketing automation.

Recognizing the Marketing Automation Constraints
It's crucial to learn what marketing automation does great—as well as what its flaws are.

Marketing automation works in sound when a clear plan is in trade. Majorly it smoothes and scale your current processes, and just doesn't automate your marketing tactics. Marketing automation tool maintains progress and is more of an automation tool.

All marketing automation is based on preset logic - If A occurs then perform B, if A does not occur, then do C and the custom buying funnel theory to outline the marketing campaign architecture further to trigger the connections.
The intricacy is that the buyer journey is much more involved than marketing automation businesspeople who you would have supposed —it's not solely a one-time deal.

Ultimately, marketing automation overlooks the possibilities which are always developing in their concerns, demands, and goals. Marketing automation can present you a head score, but it doesn't reveal you why a prospect is so performing.

Get Ready your Organization for Marketing Automation 
Everything doesn't mean that putting in marketing automation is a fool's job. Nevertheless, the application, resources, and tactics needed to make the most of any Marketing Automation tool are often significantly not valued.
So, if you are thinking for marketing automation, first get your organization ready in the below five ways.

  • Identify the absolute customer profile
For getting the maximum from your marketing automation tool, you need to go throughout the process of knowing your ideal buyer profile and your buyer personas.

Marketing automation counts on laws that section and forward messages based on individual recipient's profile. You must know these initially before you begin the messages automating.

  • 2.     Gather the appropriate lead data
Very sooner in your journey of marketing automation; it will be openly visible that the quality of data is ultimate. The quality of the data you accumulate through the Web forms or social sign-ins determines what you can achieve with those leads. It's consequently necessary that you get sufficient data to be effective to section leads in your database.
You should begin by just collecting the contact details, but data can even reach product history (what shoppers have shopped) or whats their interest.

  • 3.     Don't make procurement a one-sided judgment
A severe mistake happens when the procurement of the latest technology is handled by a CMO who does not include the teams of SEO, content, email, and CRM, all of which ultimately find themselves managing a technology they had the short part either in examining or consulting.
That inescapably points to (dis)ownership problems within Marketing concerning who is in command of the platform.

  • 4.     Experiment first on a small subset of your database
Most organizations cannot wait to get commenced with marketing automation. Rather than releasing campaigns on the complete customer database and producing a massive spike in the churn or opt-outs, perform the test on small database samples to observe how they react to your new marketing abilities.

  • 5.     Have ample content
Too usually, marketing automation plans begin seriously and then run out of enthusiasm soon as the company has too less whitepapers or blog posts for sending to the prospects or leads.
Content is surely not all fitting size and must be taken care to ensure that the content being created and published into the upbringing campaigns is fit enough.

When executed suitably, marketing automation certainly can be a benefit to B2B marketers which resemble for sending relevant information to their prospects and leads. Though in all the fuss circling this emerging technology, it's necessary for these same marketers to be mindful of the problems that can occur—and therefore develop their organizations respectively.

Author Bio:
Jagdish Prajapat is a Digital Marketing Consultant by profession. He is associated with Baymediasoft, a WordPress development company. He is a passionate writer and has actively writing useful blogs and articles about technical stuff.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Got a locked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Akka Galaxy Note 6) and not able to switch your carriers?

Now you can unlock carriers locks of Galaxy Note 7 with easy steps. 

1. Note down your IMEI Number (to know, press *#06# on dial pad)
3. Select Samsung from the left-hand side menu
4. Scroll down and choose 'Galaxy Note 7' from the models' list
5. Select your locked carrier
6. Enter your IMEI Number (to know, press *#06# on dial pad)
7. Press 'Look for Code'
8. Pay a small fee
9. Enter your details

As soon you complete the above steps, you will get an email from CellUnlocker with unique unlock code and instructions to unlock the phone. You can read instructions on how to unlock galaxy note 7 here


Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers

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History Of Computers

Evolution of Computer

Before we lay our hands on the most debated topic ‘advantages and disadvantages of computers’ it is important that we have a look into the history of computers too. It was Charles Babbage in 1837 who first coined his analytical engine as the computer. Who knew computers will have a huge impact from then on our lives. In this article we will look into the various advantages and disadvantages of computers and how it affects our life.

Today, the computer has involved in most of the areas of our life. Computers are making our lives easier day by day and are one of the essential part of our life. However, have you ever thought about the disadvantages of the beloved computers? Yes, let’s have a discussion on advantages and disadvantages of computers.

Advantages of Computers

Computers have changed the way of our lives. Nowadays, computers are used in every field, from local shopkeepers to big data scientists and  computers helps each of them to perform their tasks quickly with accuracy. It reduces the time, effort, cost and error rate. In short, makes our lives easier.

The ever heard disadvantage of computers is unemployment. Are computers creating unemployment to the society? The truth is, computers are not creating unemployment, however, it created thousands of new career opportunities (hardware technicians to software engineers) and creating new opportunities every day (eg: Digital Marketing).

1. Large and Reliable Storage Capacity

Computers can help you to store a large volume of data. Since the data on computers are digitalized, the books available in a whole library can store on a computer hard disk.

You can also store different types of files such as text, audio and video.

2. Connection with the Internet

Computers allow you to connect to the internet and help you to access the data available on the Internet, interact with people across the global  free of cost, share your files and even helps you to purchase your favourite food from your home. Cool… isn’t it?

3. Consistency

Computers are well known to do your repetitive and tedious jobs. A computer is a machine so the output for a task should exactly same of every time. 

Disadvantages of Computers

Advantages and disadvantages are two sides of a coin. Anything on the planet has advantages and disadvantages. 

Let’s have a look at some disadvantages of the computers:

1. Data Security

The data stored in your computers are secure and easily accessible unless a system failure or a hacker stole your data. The chances are higher for these to happen if you are handling sensitive data on computers with much security knowledge about the computers and computer networks. When computers became famous, the Internet soon  came into existence. The Internet, though a good tool there are a lot of things going on in there. This includes the dark web and all the illicit contents on the web.

2. Health Problems

Addicted to computers or computer games? Computers can affect your health badly if you are using computers improper and for a long time. This occasionally happens to children who addicted to computer games and office executive who are using computers for a long time daily. Corporates and IT professionals are serious victims of the health problems caused by computers.

3. Impact on Environment

With ever growing technologies and fast changing computer gadgets, people are dumping their old computers and moving to newer computer models. Old models are being scrapped in minutes. Authorities have confirmed that the rate of increase of E-waste is more that we can imagine. Even though we have the concept of e-recycling the feasibility of that concept is still a question.

4. Computers don't Have Intelligence.

Does your computer have a brain? Yes, your computer has a brain (CPU) but it doesn’t have intelligence and common sense (you heard it right). 

Computers perform just based on the instruction that we have already written on its memory using various computer programming languages. The computer doesn’t re-check or use it’s common sense to verify the output itself (for example, if you teach computer 1+1=5 on your computer program, 1+1 will end up 5 for your computer each and every time you run your program).

Glossy vs Matte LCD screens. All that You Need to Know

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So, you have just decided to purchase one of the used laptops you saw online. Wise decision, as you can save money, and be sure that the device has been checked and fixed. But there are a lot of things you need to consider before you make the purchase final, and one of the most important features is the screen: should you go with matt or glossy?
Here is some information that could help you make the decision.
Similarity: They both use the same panels; the difference mainly lies in the coating applied to the screen, and of course, the effect they both have when you view the screen.
Glossy displays are more vivid and have better contrast, with more intense colours and better saturation. However, as it is very smooth, if you shine light on the display, you can notice significant reflections. This is why, sunlight coming through the window onto the screen can make the screen almost unusable. Unwanted glare can also be very disturbing when you work and may affect your productivity; or, if you’re watching a movie or playing a game, you won’t be able to enjoy the visuals as much.
Matte screens feature an anti-glare coating applied, preventing reflections, making it perfect for use in a bright room – regardless of whether the brightness is due to natural light or artificial. This polarizing layer is coarsened through mechanical and chemical processing, like multi-layered spluttering or dip coating combined with chemical surface treatment. This has the effect of diffusing ambient light.
Of course, things change with technological advances, and today there are several companies who manufacture glossy screens with anti-glare features like anti-reflective chemicals or silver nano particles. Still, don’t expect them to be as non-reflective as matte screens.
 So one way to decide between the two is depending on the room you plan to use the laptop. If it’s a bright room, a matte screen may be better for you, and if your room is dimly lit, then you would need a glossy screen. Again if you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors when you use the laptop, a matte screen wins the debate hands down.
If you’re a graphic designer, are into gaming, or watch a lot of movies and videos on your laptop, then it goes without saying that only a glossy screen will deliver satisfaction.

Today, some companies are even offering a half-way solution: semi-glossy screens. These are essentially smoother matte screens offering weaker light diffusion and relatively low haze; they still are not as bright and clear as glossy screens.

Low Volume After Windows 10 Update: Solution

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Having low volume issue after installing Windows 10 operating system?

If the sound is detecting on PC, even if it is too low, it might not be the issue with the sound driver or sound card. 

Here is a simple solution for solving low volume issue on windows 10

  1. Right-click on the Volume icon near to the date and time on windows taskbar.
    Low Volume after Windows 10 update
    Low Volume after Windows 10 update

  2. Click on Playback device.
    Volume is low after windows 10 Update
    Volume is low after windows 10 Update

  3. Right Click and Select Properties of the Default Device
    Windows 10 low volume issue solution
    Windows 10 low volume issue solution

  4. Click on Enhancement Tab
    Windows 10 Volume Issue
    Windows 10 Volume Issue

  5. Scroll down and tick 'Loudness Equalization'
    Solution for Windows 10 Low Volume Issue
    Solution for Windows 10 Low Volume Issue

  6. Click OK.
The volume would be increased on your Windows 10. 

What If Sound is not detecting?

If your sound card driver is not detecting, we recommend to download and install latest device driver package for your sound card from their official website.


Mobikwik: More Than Just A Wallet!

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If you are a fan of online shopping and love cashback plus additional discounts, chances that you might have already used Mobikwik wallet or at least heard of its exclusive shopping offers. But if you still haven’t come across this impressive website, let us tell you that you should give it a try...

MobiKwik More than a wallet

Well, for those who are not sure of the benefits as to why they should use the Mobikwik wallet to save on online purchase, we have jotted down the below point and explanation to make you understand how Mobikwik is more than just a wallet. Have a look at the below features of Mobikwik wallet app.

Wallet recharge offers
Mobikwik allows all it’s users to grab an exclusive discount of 15% on mobile recharges, be it postpaid , prepaid, DTH or bill payments. Mobile recharge with Mobikwik is very simple, all you need to do is have sufficient balance in your wallet. Follow these simple recharge steps at the site: Enter your 10-digit mobile number, recharge details and click on “Recharge”. You can also pay using credit or debit cards or using net banking. All this can be done with just a click of a button.

Online shopping offers
Shop at your favorite online store, be it Jabong, Snapdeal, Makemytrip, Yepme, Redbus or more - Mobikwik wallet app lets you enjoy a minimum of 10% cashback on your purchase. The aforementioned sites are just a few where you can enjoy discounts or cashback offers on various online portals, you can find more such online shopping websites listed on their website. Yes, check them at website. Why do you want to overlook at cash back offers when you can surely get them.

Transfer money instantly
Whether you want to share your bills at a bar or want to send some money to your friend who is in need, there is an awesome option on Mobikwik app. You can transfer money online anytime you want to using mobile number or email id or the recipients. Also, the recipients should own a Mobikwik account in order to receive the funds you send.

Movie tickets
You don’t have to spend the full amount on booking your favorite movie tickets at multiplex nearby your place. With Mobikwik movie ticket offers, get discounts every time you book movie tickets. There is a flat 15% discount on movie tickets at Bookmyshow. So why not use this promotional discount code and save 15% on your movie tickets. Want to know how to avail this offer? Well, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Bookmyshow site
  2. Submit movie, location and seats details
  3. Now opt Mobikwik wallet as your payment option

That’s all, you will receive a cashback of 15% credited to your Mobikwik wallet within 24 hours of the transaction. It’s so simple and easy to use.

Cashback offers
Well, not just cashback offers on movie tickets, online shopping websites or on recharge, but you can avail unbelievable cashback on just adding money to your wallet. Also, there is something called 100% money back offer that the site brings to its users.


[TIPS] How To Reduce Your E-Waste

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With ever-growing technology and fast changing gadgets, people are dumping their old electronic devices and moving on to the newer and more sophisticated versions. With the latest gadgets being bought off the shelf in no time, old gadgets are being scrapped by the minute. The E-waste that is getting piled up has an  adverse effect on the environment. The metals and materials used in these electronic gadgets that are discarded find their way into water bodies and the soil. These materials are highly toxic and experts believe that they can cause serious health problems.

It is estimated that our country alone will generate almost 1.5 lakh tons of e-waste by 2020. Sound alarming? Here is what you can do to minimize your e-waste:

  • You want a brand new high-end smartphone with the latest specifications and you are willing to dump that old phone of yours. Why not cash on it rather than throw it away? sell your old mobile to a refurbishing company and you will not only profit from the deal but you can help reduce the impact of e-waste in a small way.

  • If you are unhappy with the way your old laptop is performing, why not upgrade it rather than buy a new one. Most systems have software that can upgrade to a better version. Many systems have memory and performance enhancing features. Computers can have memory and performance enhancing features added to them. Deleting unwanted data or zipping them can help save space. Further, you can store sensitive information on a cloud online and hence can boost your system's performance.

  • The next time you decide you want to buy a new electronic device like a phone thinks about buying a used smartphone online. You can avail great offers when you buy refurbished gadgets. You save money, reduce e-waste, and you get a quality checked product that you can be sure.

  • Make sure you buy environment-friendly electronic items. Look for products labeled with Energy Star or those are certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT).

 Our planet is running out of time - you can do your bit to save it!


150+ Manually Verified Website Submission Sites Free List

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Blog Submission Websites List

As bloggers/webmasters, all of us want to promote our blog or website for more traffic for reaching more markets and to increase revenue. 

Submitting your blogs to various blog directories is one of the best tactics for improving blog/website traffic and to rank on valuable keywords. 

This exclusive list (created by @Sharatnik) includes the following submission categories.

  1. Website where links can be submitted directly
  2. Reciprocal link or badge required
  3. Websites for submitting RSS field. 

Free Website/Blog Submission Website List

Keeping a notepad file with the following details might help to simplify the website submission task.
  1. You name: 
  2. Website/blog title:
  3. Blog/Website Url:
  4. Short sentence about blog:

1. Websites where links can be submitted directly.

2. Reciprocal Links or Badges Required

3. RSS Directories to Submit your Blog RSS

Give us proper credits if you are interested to re-publish this list on your blog or any forums. 

Appreciate a social media share if you like this article. 

Do share more list of site/blog submission websites via comments if you have.