What is QR code?

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QR code for my website!
 Did you Ever heard about QR code? Many of you many familiar with the word QR code. It's the abriviated form of Quick Responce. Actually its a developed form of Barcode. And developed in 1994 in Japan. A QR code code can be defined as a matrix code or two dimentional Barcode. As like a barcode, you can also create your own QR code and also possible to scan and read the code.
You can create your own QR code for your website/webpage/ or even for images. By using a software called, QR code reader, you can read the complete website there. Once you generated  your QR, others can read contents on your QR code easily with a QR code reader, just as a barcode.

How to generate your QR code?
You can create your QR code for your website or image from here.
You can also create your code for Facebook profile, Google profile etc...

How to read a QR code?
 There are many free softwares are also available to read the OR codes ( Quick responce code) for compueter and mobile phones.
 For mobile phone, visit http://www.scanlife.com/en/  for the OR code reader. when you run the software, the camera should be turn on and click scan after focusing on the code. If you selected a code for an image, you can see the image on the screen or if you select a url's code, can read the whole website there :)

You can also generate QR code for your Facebook profile, Google profile, etc..