Convert PC to Internet TV.

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Want to turn your PC into a cable TV or DVR, requires no monthly Fee..and provides limitless storage?  Many of way, we can set up TVchannels on our PC. with internet or via TV tunner cards and cable.

3 ways to setup internet / PC TV.

1) Watch on a website.
   If you have an Internet connection with avg. speed, Its easy and cheapest methode :)
Just Googling, can find many websites providing internet TV like It supports TV channels, Movies online at free of cost. [ Uses streaming technology ]

webiste :

2) Using software. 

 There are many softwares available for Internet TV, uses streaming/ downloading technology. for examle,
World Tv Pc <>

3) Cable and Tunner card

Turn your PC into a multi media center!. Can also record your favourite shows.Internal and external models are available. And also both supports remote accessing. Hence you can use your PC as a complete  TV.
Starting from Rs. 1000/-.

  • Pinnacle Internal PCTV PCI Tv Tuner Card – 2350/- Indian Rupee
  • Pinnacle Internal PCTV PCI Pro – 4050/- Indian Rupee
  • Compro Internal PCI TV Tuner Card Price – 1850/- Indian Rupee
  • Intex internal TV tuner with FM – 950/- Indian Rupee
  • Techcom Internal TV Tuner – 1100/- Indian Rupee
  • Pinnacle PCTV PCI (50i) TV Tuner – 2000/- Indian RUpee
  • Snazio TV Pro TV Tuner Card – 1000/- Indian Rupee
  • Avermedia EZ Capture TV Tuner Price – 1950/- Indian Rupee