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                          After the long term rumor about apple television,here it comes true ,yes according to the news of taiwanese publication digitimes ,that its supplier source say ,APPLE IS ORDERING MANY COMPONENTS TO BUILD 32 INCH & 37 INCH TVs, which should like to start sale on summer of 2012.rumor started to spread over years that apple is building their own tv.after the funeral of former CEO steve jobs,this news got amped by walter isaacson who is jobs biographer ,that apple finally figured to made user friendly television.

                                                           Once, late Mr : steve jobs said "I'd like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use,It would be seamlessly synched with all of your devices and with iCloud. It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it".A recent magazine published that apple is already talking to media chiefs about what features should be included on tv set.One of the biggest drivers Mr : piper jaffray analyst gene munster chattered about the effeciency of apple tv sets,also said that apple should charge twice the price of a regular integrated tv , For Eg : If a regular tv cost $ 500,apple should made cost as much as $ 1000 for the same piece & same specifications.In last october Bloomberg reported that its own sources have said Apple has tapped iTunes creator Jeff Robbin to head up the tv development. Those sources said Apple currently has a TV prototype.
                                                 Its tough to tell whether the rumors comes into true,jobs biographer isaacson said at an interview that,apple tv would come into market soon,he also said apple wasn't 
" close at all " to getting its integrated TVs on the market.Hope that it will reach market soon.

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A few days back it was announced that the Original Samsung Tab and the Galaxy S won't be getting a chance to taste the Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung answered us the reason too. Actually, the problem wasn't with the Android, but it was the hardware of the device that couldn't support the ICS and the native Touchwiz of Samsung. There were still hopes for the Galaxy S upgrade, considering the fact that the Galaxy Nexus which has the similar technical specifications has tasted the ICS and so might the Galaxy S too. Luckily, Samsung today announced that there won't be a ICS upgrade for the Galaxy S, But still after re-evaluating, the device will be receiving Value Pack Upgrade. This Value Pack Upgrade will enhance the performance of the device with improved web browsing, multi-tasking, new widgets and many other such enhancements. So the users can experience a Android 4.0-like experience, but still working on the Gingerbread OS.
Now what about the Galaxy Tab users? If Galaxy S is getting, then the tab too should get something!
No information has been released about the public availability of the update. Lets wait with fingers crossed for the official announcement.

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JXD launches S7100

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JXD says
We are different...
A Perfect Combination of Tablet PC and Game Console
JXD launches S7100
The S7100 is a combination of the features of a Tablet and a Gaming Console. It looks like a Nintendo loaded with Android. It has a hard keys that pulls the features of a Gaming console and the screen is a 7" 800x480 Capacitive Touchscreen which allows touch inputs. The entire device runs on Google's Android 2.2 (Froyo). It supports internet surfing through the WiFi and many other Office applications which come loaded in it. The HDMI port allows 1080p external display. You can connect it to a big screen and enjoy a big screen play. It also has a v2.0 USB and a 3.5 mm audio output. The device is powered by an ARM cortex A9 and aided by a 512 MB DDR2 Ram. The company's official website shows a variety of games which includes certain games including Fruit Ninja HD, Super Mario, Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, and lots more.


Few days before the Christmas, Samsung announced its updates on the Galaxy Y series. They have announced that there will be a Galaxy Y Duos Pro and Galaxy Y Duos in the Q1 of 2012. A LTE version and a HD version of GS2 where announced few weeks back. And now extending the varieties of its flagship model Galaxy S2, the Korean Company has announced Galaxy S2 duos. Unfortunately this device is available only for the China telecom. Worldwide launch of the device is hardly going to happen and itseems like Samsung has huge plans for the duos series. 2012 can expect many dual sim models from the company.

Considering tech the Technical specifications of the original S2 and the Duos, the duos lacks 3G instead it has EVDO; and the theoretical specs suggest that the new device is a lighter, smaller not varying much; They both have a 8MP camera capable of recording full HD videos and they have a 2 MP front facing camera; They both are currently driven by Android v2.3.5, the original is in the final stage of getting ICS. The Duos is powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8660 processor.


Firefox - App tabs, Panaroma view, Smart Keywords

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Firefox! A product from the Mozilla, a web browser, and it needs no introduction. Everyone of this generation who browses the internet should be probably knowing this browser. What am I writing about it then? Well, I just want to highlight its Certain Special Features, which holds it unique to work efficiently.

App tabs:
I hope everyone uses Tabs rather than using the browser multiple windows open. Does everyone have a favourite website? Facebook? Twitter? Gmail? or atleast Google search? You neither have to open a tab everytime nor do you have to let the tab occupy a huge space in your Tabs toolbar. There is an alternative cool way. Just pin them as app tabs! Yes! App Tabs is the name given to those tiny pinned small tabs. You can Right Click on the tab and select 'Pin as app tab'. The tab will goto the top right corner and turn into a small tab. Now that should fit into your Tabs bar sweet and cute. There are added benefits of using the Pin tab. I'll get back to them when I talk about the Tab Groups. You can access those pinned tabs just like you use the ordinary tabs. Here is a quick look at the pinned tabs. I have pinned Google Search, Gmail, Ymail, Facebook, Twitter & Google plus.
Pinned App tabs

Panaroma View:
I generally use lots of tab simultaneously when I work, say 15. Would that look comfortable while shifting tabs? No, It will surely suck. How about grouping tabs according to usage or however you wish them into different windows? That would look cool, isn't it! But noah! Im not going to open new windows, instead we can have tab groups in a single browser window. Try pressing Ctrl+Shift+E or clicking the 'small tiles' in the top right corner, left of minimize button. Surprised? Yes, that's the one best feature of Firefox. Click on the blank space to create a group. Drag and move tabs between groups. And you can arrange your tabs in different groups depending on your usage. You can customize the view as you wish. I arrange them like this - Social sites and Mail accounts, Blog work, Forums and my sources in another group.
Going back to the App Tabs, added benefit, If suppose you open a new group, then those pinned tabs will default load into the new tab group and remains invisible in the panaroma view. Say a Google search page is pinned. Then whenever you move to a new group, it follows you. Cool..
Now how will you shift between groups? You can go to panaroma view and select the group. This may irritate you. Lets do that in a magical way, just press Ctrl + `. And I bet, someone watching your screen will surely start thinking - ' Woow! How'd he do that? '
Here is my Panaroma view. (Click on image to enlarge)
The Panaroma View - My actual work Space
Smart Keywords:
Smart keywords are really smart. If I type imdb insiduous in my address bar, the browser will direct me straight to the search results for the word 'insiduous' in the website 'imdb - International Movie Data Base'. Its not just for this website, you can enable this option for any website which has a 'search bar'. Wanna learn to do that? Follow these little steps. Go to the website with a search bar, say filehippo.com, done? Right click on the search bar, done? Click on 'Add a keyword for this search'. You will get a pop up. Fill in the name, say 'filehippo' and the keyword, say 'file'. Save it. And its done!
Now Open a new tab, type in the address bar "file firefox". You should probably know what should happen. Happy Smart Browsing. You can set as many keywords as you want. All that you need to do is follow the simple syntax
<keyword searchterm>
Setting a Smart Keyword on FileHippo.com
These small features make my browsing simple. Post your freaky keywords in the comments section.

[Update: These features may not work in older verions. Update your browser to version 9.0.1 , Version 10.0 Beta 1]

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Google "let it snow" :Google rolling out Easter Eggs!

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 The search gient Google has started rolling out interesting animated Easter egg for 2011 holyday season :)

Google is showing an excellent animation of rolling snow, when searching for "let it snow". Snowflakes will fall from the top of the browser fully covering the search results. The snowflakes can brushed off, drag your mouse over the window ( where the site Google is showing). And the blue 'Defrost' button showing instead of search button is used to clear the entair screen.

How to do?

Open your browser, and go to http://google.com/ then search the word "let it snow" in the box and and hit Enter.
you will see adn interesting easter egg (Be updated with latest flasplayer for viewing Egg) from Google.

Similarly, the Google search for "Hanukkah" is showing like this :)

Be updated with latest flasplayer for viewing Egg. Try it out :)



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   Now a days Computer aided design (CAD)have very much popularity,it is used mainly for the computer technology especially to designing and design documentation.it is a  form of software automation that controls various computer-aided design tools which is helped by  scientists,engineers and many other IT  professionals in design activity field.the output of CAD passes details about dimensions,materials tolerance etc.it is mainly used to design variety of curve and figures in 2D (Two Dimensional Space),and solids in 3D(Three Dimensional Space).

Aided Design is classified as both software and special purpose systematic hardware,application of geometric tool plate contain a significant role in management of product life.CAD allows fast and accurate drawings without any type of technical problems.if designers construct or built anything virtually is a design model developed in the CAD system.the flexibility for alter the drawings is performed very easily by with a minimal effort.it is also referred as computer aided design and drafting (CADD).sometimes it translated as computer assisted or computer-aided drafting,the tool provide us a better and faster way to develop drawings with creativity.

CAD Model Of Mouse

CAD major application involves computer graphics,computer-aided manufacturing,solid modelling,solving by constraints,architectural purposes and VLSI design.the other fields involving CAD are architectural engineering and construction (AEC),mechanical CAD,electric and electronic(ECAD),manufacture process plannong and digital circuit design.computer aided manufacturing(CAM),CAD/CAM applications,CAD scanners,CAD resources and the software used by thee computer aided techniques will enables the drawing easily and quickly.general purpose CAD software,3D rendering software,CAD/CAM software,facility management CAD ,architectural CAD software,solid modelling software and mechanical CAD (MCAD) are the major computer aided software applications that are commonly used.

                       Genetic algorithm constitute a group of search algorithms especially suited to solving complex optimization problems,genetic algorithm are also suggested for solving problems in creative design,such as combining components in a novel creative way.GA transpose the notion of evolution in nature to computers to and imitate natural evolution.

    Technology is developing unique
 qualities for the differentiation and synchronization and
management of electronic component ,and the eletrical and 
mechanical computer aided domains. the postdoctral position 
will focus on the growthof algorithms for geometric search,
feature and pattern extraction and geometric proces
ing to support crictical application domain require


Schemer - Events for Google

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Early today I read,
Google released Schemer, an activities recommendation engine with Google+ integration, in invite-only beta engine.
Lucky me, I got an invite from Indhuja Pillai, a Tech enthusiast. All day being tired of just reading about it and my hands-on was so exciting.

Here you go, hands-on from me.
Schemer, revolves around 'I want to do it' and 'Done it already'. The Header bar, holding the name 'Schemer' has a cute little animated Moustache. Try hovering your mouse over it, soon as you get it. Tab 'Home' has a neat and clean 'Search Bar' and your profile controls, similar to the one in the Google Plus. Rooting my android is my first want to do.

The header 'Schemer' and the 'Search bar'

You can search for a Particular 'activity a.k.a Scheme' with a particular location information or Write your own Scheme and add information to it. You have a white and fresh Notification stream on your right. Scheme's of your friends in your circles stream in there.
Notification Box

The Homepage include a stream where all the scheme from your circles stream and the default Suggestion bar is also found.

'Find Stuff to do'

Tab 'Find Stuff to do' - A sepearate tab dedicated to Search. A detailed search where you have a list of 'Recommended Schemes' and you can filter them using 'tags' & 'location'. Just by clicking on the '+' icon next to each scheme, the scheme marks it 'I want to do it' and clicking on 'tick' symbol marks it 'Already done it'.
'Your Schemes'

Tab 'Your Schemes' - All my schemes are enlisted - both 'want to do' and 'done'. Once a scheme is marked 'To be done', it stays on the list and remains there unless and until you have 'done' it.
Actually till you click 'done it'. You can always fake things, when you are online!


Tab 'Profile' - All your achievements, accomplices and your latest scheming are held. There is something called 'inspiring'. When someone wants to do what you have did, then its a inspiration, right? That is what inspiring in Schemer means.

The Settings, is very much straight forward. It is simple (not much complex like Facebook) like twitter and you can add your other addresses, email, notifications and all that general stuff.

Google+ account is very much integrated into Schemer that circles and Google plus profile is linked at very many places all over the engine. Schemer is very much a entertainer. As earlier said, Facebook events and Schemer! I don't find anything that much similar running between them. Just that they both talk about 'events in our life' and Schemer pulls our imagination and Facebook just stays only a little imaginative like the 'I'll watch TV and hear songs on 20/12/2012 event on Facebook'. A Pack of close friends and a good number can make it a lot interesting!

Get your Schemer engine as soon as possible and share your reviews under the comments. Request invites before time runs out - everyone has only 20 invites and I'm half done!

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TweetDeck for all

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TweetDeck is the ultimate replacement for all desktop clients for Facebook and Twitter. Mozilla couldn't load TweetDeck and it works only on Chrome and Safari. Yes, If you need TweetDeck, then shift to Chrome! Noah!! I can never leave Firefox! Cool! There is always a solution. TweetDeck has a direct desktop client for Mac and Windows. TweetDeck is available on all platforms - iOS, Android, Mac OS X (10.6 and above), Windows (XP and higher).

Google Currents

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Google Currents is the talk of the day! Twitter is trending 'Google Current'. Google is constantly updating and ungrading! Today its the Google Currents. Google Current a.k.a Flipboard Rival is a social magazine application. It has apps in both Android as well as in Apple Appstore.
Google Current for Publisher is Open. Anyone with a Google Account can log into, create and manage their Edition. Android smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad views are simulated in Real-time and we can see our edition display on a simulated screen.
Edition can have as many sections as we wish and the sections can be Feeds from our blogs (Atom as well as RSS); articles from Google Docs, Epub or even html; Photos from Google apps like Picasa or Flickr; Videos from Youtube; I have added my G+ personal account stream to My Edition.
Managing the Articles in each section is pretty much straight forward and simple. You can any time edit your article, Add material as you like it.
[Note: Atom and RSS links for a blog can be found in its 'PageInfo'. ]

I've given my edition S9TechFreak public access and anyone can read my edition. My edition can be viewed from any Google current enabled device at S9TechFreak
It just has my Google+ stream as well as my personal blog.
Download application: Android Market | Apple App Store


Samsung wins the battle at Australia: Apple's appeal Denied

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Samsung and Apple had a tough war in Australia for the past two months. Samsung Tab 10.1 sales was banned completely in Australia, considering Apple's appeal. Considering the lawsuit filed against it, Samsung modified its tablet 10.1 with horizontal speakers and certain other minor adjustents. Apple made its final appeal on Dec 2 and it was given a week time. Dec 9 It is denied by the court and its 'Time to Tab' for the Australians.


'Onlive' for Android and iOS now!

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Online Cloud based Gamer Onlive makes its way to mobiles! Sign up, download the Application and start playing. Every user doesn't have a advanced configured system. Not all games run on low end hardware. And this is so mean that a low spec user cannot play high end games. Now with a Cloud service every user with a fast internet connection can play their favourite games online.

I tried installing the application, registered. Still I couldn't play the game. It says insufficient speed and high latency :(


'Carousel View' for Image Search on Tablets

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Beautiful Images, Full Size, Super Fast
Google Image search for tablet is enhanced. No special upgrade or download is required. Just browse from your browser on your tablet. No need to goto next page. In a Carousel view, you can just swipe to see more images. Looks pretty good to browse on a tablet, rather browsing on a full screen monitor!


iTunes Rewind 2011

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Top Selling Paid app Angry Birds
App of the year Instagram
Game of the year Tinytower
Artist of the year Adele
Song of the year Pumped up Kicks by Foster the people
Album of the year Wasting light by Foo Fighters

Someone like You by Adele from the album 21 is my personal favourite song!


Fly Twitter

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A faster, simpler way to stay close to everything you care about.

In the past few months, most of the things we use online have changed. Google+, Facebook timeline and static side notification bar, Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Picasa, Google Home Search page, Google Reader and their mobile applications have also changed a lot. Facebook for Android had lots of improved features, Google plus for Smartphones updated their like feature on photos and comments, capability to add high resolution photos and its changing day by day. Twitter is now changing. See the new face of twitter at Fly Twitter.


MAXX Focus - The TouchScreen Projector Phone

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Projector mobiles! The latest technology creeping into the market step by step - inbuilt projector in a mobile. Spice and G'Five entered the projector phone market quite early, they were the first in India. Now MAXX mobiles have launched their projector mobile.

Named as MAXX Focus, it stands very much advanced from its pioneers. It has a Full Touch Screen, Two sockets for the sim - A Dual Sim, and inbuilt projector. Not only these special features, but it has a decent 5MP camera and 2.8 inch displays, runs on a 208MHz processor. It includes the basic features - bluetooth, wireless radio, video and audio player, USB support and a memory slot. These are more-than-enough features that can be expected from a mobile priced at 6999 INR.
Java Games and Applications comes pre-loaded in the handset.

Official link for mobile details MAXX Mobiles.com


Import Orkut Photos to Google+

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Long back, by the end of June 2011, Google plus a.k.a Google+ was released as an 'invite only' trial product. Lucky me, I got an Google plus account on July 4th. It was great exploring the new concepts - Circles, Sparks, Hangouts. Everyone should be having an account in Google's New Social networking site as its no more a test product and it was officially launched to the public on September 20th. To read more on Google plus have a check on Google's Official Blog.
With so many Social sites available its really tough to be in just one site these days. Myspace, FaceBook, FourSquare, Friendster, Last.fm lots more and even Google's own products like the Orkut, Google Buzz, Google Wave, iGoogle. Its definitely impossible to upload photos in all the sites you have an account. Why not transfer photos from one to the other?
As Orkut started dying due to the exponential sudden growth of Facebook, my friends naturally shifted to Facebook, and again when Google plus came, most of the people who are die hard Google fans starting moving again (I'm one among them.)

Too many steps huh? Now there is an option in Google plus itself.

Simply click it, You will get redirected to Orkut Photo Importer. Select your albums to be transferred. Click 'Import selected'
Ta!daah..!! Its done!
But dont forget to change its privacy settings, Thats most important in security as well sharing!


HTC Rhyme is now available in Indian Market

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HTC Rhyme finally lands India on december 3, 2011 (Released 20 September, 2011 worldwide). Its a little more than just a mobile or smartphone - whatever you say. Its 720p HD video recording capabilites with a LED flash supporting a 5 MP camera and its super cool HTC Sense UI 3.5
  • Size - 116.8 x 61 x 10.1 mm
  • Display - S-LCD Capacitive TouchScreen 480 x 800 pixels 3.7"
  • Memory - Internal 4 GB; RAM 768 MB ; Expandable upto 32 GB with memory car 
  • Connectivity - WiFi, 3G, BT v3.0, USB v2.0
  • Camera - Rear - 5MP 2592 x 1944 pixels, LED flash and supports 720p Video Recording; Front - VGA
  • OS - Android v2.3.4 (Gingerbread)
  • Processor - 1 GHz Scorpion Processor with Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset
  • Colour - Only “Clearwater” colour available in India.
Price: MRP - Rs 29,900/- ; MOP - Rs 27,499/-

Where to buy: 
Flipkart : Rs 24,800/- (Recommended)
Letsbuy : Rs 24,799/- (Recommended)
HomeShop18 : Rs 24,700/-
IndiaPlaza : Rs 25,948


Mozilla Thunderbird [Direct links]

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Love Firefox? The same community of people developed Mozilla Thunderbird. Its a desktop client for having a check on your emails periodically. Set as many email accounts as you need, Turn them ON and OFF as you please, Set Automated replies, Setup Remainders, Filter Junk a.k.a Spam, install add-ons and lots more to explore.

Nothing we losing trying something Free.

Get it here! http://www.filehippo.com/download/file/4c0c35ea22c1b81f69a33f0817f1726d1f2c9283d8277ed1ff6e36d89af74860/



YouTube gets 'Face' change

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Google is a lot changing these days, Changing all its colours to pure clean white and shades of Black and Red. We had its social networking site G+ with a new theme, different from other Google products. And after its official launch, Google has been shutting down many of its unused (better to say less used) applications like the Wave, Buzz and lot more. And in the past two months we saw our Google Sign-in Page change, followed by its Reader, Blogger, Gmail and Picasa had a name change - thats all what I use much from Google.
2nd of december we see YouTube getting a new face! It has got no Static bars, but still its Pretty cool. This generation would have hardly a few who doesnt know YouTube.
In its general look, we have its categories listed at its left, you hit on a tag, the central white strip shows you a list of videos and followed by right most bar having the 'Featured videos.
And looking into the changes in the personal profile, we have our subscriptions on our left dark bar, contents of selected subscription in the centre whit strip and 'Recommended videos' on the right most bar.
 Everything is changing in Google! After all Change keeps you High!


Napster dies! Officially joins Rhapsody

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Napster, originally co-founded by Shawn Fanning, John Fanning and Sean Parker was started as an independent peer-to-peer file sharing service. It soon gained a pack of High Profile enemies because music sharing made them look hardly legal. They were defeated, noone is fully successful. They did come back, a great comeback with a legal music sharing service. And for past few months they are into a lot of trouble until they joined with Rhapsody on december 1st.
They got their service fully shut down officially and the domain Napster.com has got some changes, directs its good old customers to Rhapsody. And they got this proud banner saying 'America's largest community of music lovers'.

Rhapsody's home page has got changes too. Invites its Napster customers.