Google Currents

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Google Currents is the talk of the day! Twitter is trending 'Google Current'. Google is constantly updating and ungrading! Today its the Google Currents. Google Current a.k.a Flipboard Rival is a social magazine application. It has apps in both Android as well as in Apple Appstore.
Google Current for Publisher is Open. Anyone with a Google Account can log into, create and manage their Edition. Android smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad views are simulated in Real-time and we can see our edition display on a simulated screen.
Edition can have as many sections as we wish and the sections can be Feeds from our blogs (Atom as well as RSS); articles from Google Docs, Epub or even html; Photos from Google apps like Picasa or Flickr; Videos from Youtube; I have added my G+ personal account stream to My Edition.
Managing the Articles in each section is pretty much straight forward and simple. You can any time edit your article, Add material as you like it.
[Note: Atom and RSS links for a blog can be found in its 'PageInfo'. ]

I've given my edition S9TechFreak public access and anyone can read my edition. My edition can be viewed from any Google current enabled device at S9TechFreak
It just has my Google+ stream as well as my personal blog.
Download application: Android Market | Apple App Store