Google "let it snow" :Google rolling out Easter Eggs!

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 The search gient Google has started rolling out interesting animated Easter egg for 2011 holyday season :)

Google is showing an excellent animation of rolling snow, when searching for "let it snow". Snowflakes will fall from the top of the browser fully covering the search results. The snowflakes can brushed off, drag your mouse over the window ( where the site Google is showing). And the blue 'Defrost' button showing instead of search button is used to clear the entair screen.

How to do?

Open your browser, and go to then search the word "let it snow" in the box and and hit Enter.
you will see adn interesting easter egg (Be updated with latest flasplayer for viewing Egg) from Google.

Similarly, the Google search for "Hanukkah" is showing like this :)

Be updated with latest flasplayer for viewing Egg. Try it out :)