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   Now a days Computer aided design (CAD)have very much popularity,it is used mainly for the computer technology especially to designing and design documentation.it is a  form of software automation that controls various computer-aided design tools which is helped by  scientists,engineers and many other IT  professionals in design activity field.the output of CAD passes details about dimensions,materials tolerance etc.it is mainly used to design variety of curve and figures in 2D (Two Dimensional Space),and solids in 3D(Three Dimensional Space).

Aided Design is classified as both software and special purpose systematic hardware,application of geometric tool plate contain a significant role in management of product life.CAD allows fast and accurate drawings without any type of technical problems.if designers construct or built anything virtually is a design model developed in the CAD system.the flexibility for alter the drawings is performed very easily by with a minimal effort.it is also referred as computer aided design and drafting (CADD).sometimes it translated as computer assisted or computer-aided drafting,the tool provide us a better and faster way to develop drawings with creativity.

CAD Model Of Mouse

CAD major application involves computer graphics,computer-aided manufacturing,solid modelling,solving by constraints,architectural purposes and VLSI design.the other fields involving CAD are architectural engineering and construction (AEC),mechanical CAD,electric and electronic(ECAD),manufacture process plannong and digital circuit design.computer aided manufacturing(CAM),CAD/CAM applications,CAD scanners,CAD resources and the software used by thee computer aided techniques will enables the drawing easily and quickly.general purpose CAD software,3D rendering software,CAD/CAM software,facility management CAD ,architectural CAD software,solid modelling software and mechanical CAD (MCAD) are the major computer aided software applications that are commonly used.

                       Genetic algorithm constitute a group of search algorithms especially suited to solving complex optimization problems,genetic algorithm are also suggested for solving problems in creative design,such as combining components in a novel creative way.GA transpose the notion of evolution in nature to computers to and imitate natural evolution.

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