TweetDeck for all

Posted by Sudharsan Vaidhun On 0 comments
TweetDeck is the ultimate replacement for all desktop clients for Facebook and Twitter. Mozilla couldn't load TweetDeck and it works only on Chrome and Safari. Yes, If you need TweetDeck, then shift to Chrome! Noah!! I can never leave Firefox! Cool! There is always a solution. TweetDeck has a direct desktop client for Mac and Windows. TweetDeck is available on all platforms - iOS, Android, Mac OS X (10.6 and above), Windows (XP and higher).

Ways to access TweetDeck

Any one of the above method, and you will get access to TweetDeck. SignUp to create your TweetDeck Account. Add as many Twitter accounts as you need and a Facebook account. By adding your Facebook account you can control all your Facebook pages from the application. No More going to Facebook for just checking notifications. You can do all that in the TweetDeck.
'Add Column' lets you add different column, with each column having a different stream - @Mentions, Direct Messages, Just Entire Stream, your tweets and what not! Facebook has only two streams - Notifications and News Feed!
So its a handy app for Social Netwoking Addicts, You can tweet all day from your desktop, simultaneously see your facebook feeds too.

 This is your key icon! Hit it! Say your status and post it. And You can choose the account(s) to which the current post is sent to!