YouTube gets 'Face' change

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Google is a lot changing these days, Changing all its colours to pure clean white and shades of Black and Red. We had its social networking site G+ with a new theme, different from other Google products. And after its official launch, Google has been shutting down many of its unused (better to say less used) applications like the Wave, Buzz and lot more. And in the past two months we saw our Google Sign-in Page change, followed by its Reader, Blogger, Gmail and Picasa had a name change - thats all what I use much from Google.
2nd of december we see YouTube getting a new face! It has got no Static bars, but still its Pretty cool. This generation would have hardly a few who doesnt know YouTube.
In its general look, we have its categories listed at its left, you hit on a tag, the central white strip shows you a list of videos and followed by right most bar having the 'Featured videos.
And looking into the changes in the personal profile, we have our subscriptions on our left dark bar, contents of selected subscription in the centre whit strip and 'Recommended videos' on the right most bar.
 Everything is changing in Google! After all Change keeps you High!