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Music...! No matter in which language it is...!  It's the language of hearts..! Music have the magical power to unite minds.. of any languages and any culture.! We all like to play music on a car ride with our peoples like, friends, relatives and of course with our loved one.
And, How it should be playing a background music while chatting with friends or loved one? Interesting na?
Today, with Music service on Facebook, there is a new way to listen music.This feature lets you listen music along with any of your friends. You can also listen together while on a group also.

How can I hear music on FaceBook? 

For listening music with you friends, you need to setup the music app on you timeline ( Profile )

1. How to setup MuSiC App on your Timeline?

1.Search the word "music". The first one in the list should be the music app. It can be enabled by clicking ( or providing )required permissions.

2. Now you can find Music app on app list.

3. The facebook albums will listed on your app. ( Since the Music chat is on beta stage, albums will be from selected languages only.  )

2. To listen music with a friend.

As specified earlier, Music app is not just a music store. You can also listen music with your friends online. For this, your friend must be an user of music app., and his privacy settings must be in favor with facebook music chat policy. The music chat box is just an extension of ordinary search box. Now, If a friend of yours is  hearing music, (using the app.) a musical note will appear on the left side of your chat box. Dragging courser to that area will pop-up a box. click ( as seen in below) and enjoy with your friend. :) 

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