Phone Charging Using Stove ( camp stove )

Posted by Manu Joy On 1 comments


                                 CAMP STOVE has been designed , engineered and functioned by small packages,contain a USB port to charge cell phones.its very energy efficient , easy to carry etc. it has around the size of a large water bottle. its really a camp stove , not only for camping but also for immediate situations.working of stove is eco-friendly and natural resource using. it works by collecting the heat energy from burning wood for the working of a small fan in the stove , then the fan increasing the combustion by generating more and more heat an energy. the heat got more increasing the cooking potential of the stove , while the extra electrical energy used for lighting LED bulbs or charge USB device.
                                                        The manufacturing company BIO-LITE claim that the fans efficiency fan makes its safer to use in indoors than other indoor a time only one usage is possible ,either USB charging or LED light. $ 129 is the price of this camp stove, its not introduced in india but expected to introduce company also produce home stoves.they also won many design awards , for their products .easy and fast cooking stoves are the master products of this company.

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