Put Smile and live Longer...!

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Are you a kind of person who suffers more tension?   Do you often feel sad or disturbed? then this is the right place for you. Here is a perfect, simple, and side effect free medicine for your problem. it's just a 'SMILE' :D
!! Not a joke, It has been scientifically proven. Science proved that, the more you smile younger, the the more you look and live younger too.

Smile and say Good bye to BP ( Blood Pressure ).

High blood pressure is a major health risk now a days. When you smile, your blood pressure low to a notable range. Can't believe??? Try this from your home or hospital. Required is only a blood pressure meter.
Step 1: Sit silently for few minutes and check your blood pressure. Step 2 : And smile a few minute and once more check your blood pressure. You will surly smile while noting the difference b/w these resulls :)

Improves your immune system.

Smiling improves your immune system and work better. While you smile, get relaxed and hence your immune system gets boosted. You can prevent flu and cold just by smiling at them. Since you have good immune system, normally you live longer.

Smile to release Endorphin and Serotonin.
A smile releases endorphin, natural pain killer, and serotonin, which are chemical substance who are join together makes us happy.Smile has proven as a natural stress and pain reliever.

Exercise for your face that makes you look younger.

Smiling is a good exercise for your face. A simple smile uses all muscles in your face. Which makes you more younger.

Smile and get rid of stress.


Stress can impose a major threat in your health. When you feel your are on an high stress, put a smile. Smiling is the best way to fit your mind. Entertaining with comedy scenes will cause a better laugh.


Three things to do if you are unsuccessful on an Interview

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If you are unsuccessful, there are three things you need to do soon after the Interview :

1) Learn the Lessons

This is partly about getting feedback and partly about reflecting objectively on what
you feel you did well in the interview, and what you should do differently next time.
The trick here is to focus on practical things you can do differently rather than on
aspects of yourself that you might not be able to change.
Eg. : Resolving ‘I will not be nervous next time’ is unlikely to be helpful as most people are
nervous in interviews.
A better strategy would be to say to yourself, ‘Next time I will remind myself just before
the interview of all the reasons why I am a strong candidate, and I will also do some
breathing exercises to help myself relax’.

2) Ask for feedback

Always, always, always, ask for feedback. You may feel disappointed after you receive
the rejection letter and feel as though you never want to speak to the interviewers again,
but getting feedback can give you invaluable information about the impression you
create in interviews.
Ask for feedback even if you are offered the job. It shows you have a professional
attitude and are always looking to improve. It also helps you to think about ways in
which you might need to get up to speed before you start.
Talk to one of the interview panel – don’t try and have the conversation with a member
of the Human Resources Department who wasn’t present in the interview.

3) Make sure you stay positive

Don’t jump to conclusions
Sometimes after an unsuccessful interview, it is tempting to jump to an unhelpful
conclusion about yourself and why you didn’t get the job:
‘I’m hopeless at interviews’
‘I don’t have the experience employers are looking for’
Think of all the possible explanations
Rather than jumping to an unhelpful conclusion, try to think of all the reasons why you
might have been unsuccessful:
There was another candidate who was exactly what they were looking for
There were five other candidates; the odds were against you anyway
Interviews are a lottery – the panel may have made a bad decision
You didn’t present yourself particularly well at that interview but you learned some
useful lessons for future interviews


1. Remember that the job goes to the candidate who performs best on the
day of the interview: preparation is vital
2. When you’re preparing for the interview, gather ‘intelligence’ in addition
to the information the organisation sends you
3. Rehearse stories and examples that illustrate your strengths
4. Dress to fit in, and make sure you’re comfortable in your clothes
5. Do a ‘dummy run’ of your journey to the interview venue so that you
arrive on time
6. Use breathing exercises to control your nerves
7. When you walk into the interview room smile, make eye contact and
shake hands
8. Sit with a confident posture, then be yourself
9. Ask great questions which sell you
10. Ask for feedback after the interview

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How to download Facebook photo albums

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As Orkut started dying, due to the sudden growth of Facebook, Many of users naturally shifted to Facebook, and again when Google introduces their new social network called Google+, most of people including die hard fan of Google [ me too ] shifted. So Google introduced an option to transfer photos from Orkut to Google+.  ( click here to know how). But its quite risky job to download all pictures from your Facebook albums individually, or collecting photos from your friends profile.
Today, we are introducing to you a new simple application. By using such an application, Can download all the photos just by a single click. 

A Facebook application which is in a site 'facebook2zip.com' is used for the above purpose. Before going on to the application, logged in to the facebook.

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How to download Facebook Albums? step by step guide.

Go to http://www.Facebook2zip.com.

1) Click on the button 'Login with Facebook'.

2)  Now Choose a friend on your list, or select yourself. 

3) The third step is to select the albums you need to download. We selected the profile pictures Album you may have many to download.

4) Yeah! You are almost done :). Now click on the download button. And select the location on the download window where you need to store the album. ( If no window appeared, the photos may downloaded into c://downloads )

5) The selected albums should be downloaded to your hard disc where to the location selected on the download window.
You are Done :)
Thanks for reading our blog.
If you have any doubts, feel free to post it as comment. We value your feedback :)

And recommend to your friends via :  Facebook | Twitter

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Build online store with pinnacle cart.

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                  As we know, The Internet is more popular today. 2/4th of the people on the globe is now accessing internet through their PC or mobile phone and many business deals happens every seconds. Hence Many of business organizations effectively uses internet for promoting and selling their products and services. Many of them attracts more people by their websites, online store etc.

             Pinnacle is the best choice for creating your online shopping cart. It provides free chat support for supporting your clients, shipping support,accepting money from your clients, analytics  and marketing also. You can advertise about your cart just by one click on various social media networks and websites. Pinnacle also offers 100% 14 day free trial for new users without any pre payment.

 Click here for the 14 day free trial. No credit card required.

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Google introducing Gmail TAP

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The QWERTY keyboard was invented in 1847 and yet used today, largely unchanged. Are you bored of using this technology? Google introduces a new input method on Android for future, called Gmail TAP. This technology reduces the effort of typing on mobile phones. the 26 characters can be typed using only two keys ( touch screen ) by the combinations of these keys. This makes users type even look into the screen or keypad.

Watch  promoting video.

Learn Gmail TAP.

Gmail TAP is a binary language that uses only two characters dots ( . ) and dash (- ), makes it easy to learn.
A space bar is also provided for easier typing.

A • −                       J • − − −         S • • •                  0 − − − − −
 B − • • •                 K − • −           T −                      1 • − − − −
 C − • − •                L • − • •          U • • −                 2 • • − − −
 D − • •                   M − −            V • • • −               3 • • • − −
 E •                         N − •              W • − −                4 • • • • −
 F • • − •                O − − −            X − • • −             5 • • • • •
 G − − •                  P • − − •          Y − • − −             6 − • • • •
 H • • • •                 Q − − • −         Z − − • •              7 − − • • •
 I • •                        R • − •                                         8 − − − • •
                                                                                   9 − − − − •
DOWNLOAD now for your Android phone.

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