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SEO is the major part of any blog / website. Because it helps you to get more traffic from search engines like Google. 

SEO (search engine optimization) has been never easy. And due to changes in Google algorithm's, both freelancers and SEO companies have raised their prices. You need to pay $100+ for SEO companies.

If you are searching for an option for getting Quality SEO at cheap rates, there are two options.

First one is, to learn optimization and research on it and optimize your website/blog yourself. But it should be tough for newbies. Because, as told later, SEO is never easy.

Now, the second option is to try out where you will be able to buy high quality SEO services at affordable prices starting from $1 to $55. I found SEO clerks by Google search for quality SEO services.

If you are searching for an affordable, quality SEO service, Your search too ends here.

Why I recommend SEOclerks?

Simple & Safe: is simple and safe. No programming knowledge required.You can get started within few minutes. You can buy or sell gigs, faster and easier.

For everyone: No matter you are a professional or a newbie. You don't need to be experienced in web development or SEO to use You can sell or buy gigs easily. If you're a professional, you can choose apt one for your site, Facebook fan page, or twitter etc. And if you are newbie, you can choose gigs from category matched to your blog/site.

Affordable Pricing: SEO clerks price its services reasonably. Ranges b/w $1 to $55. And it's the cheapest price and provides quality SEO.

Update (7/07/2015): If you need an SEO or Digital Marketing package, Freelancers might be the cost effective option to choose. Contact Freelance SEO expert, Sajith V via [email protected]


Create High Resolution Photo Colleges.

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Today We are discussing about an online tool which helps us to create photo collages using our photos photos.

Vincent Cheung, Who has previously worked at Microsoft Research and Google, Developed an automatic photo college software that can create extremism impressive collages using your pictures. Here is some snap shots of collages created using Vincent's software.

Called Its light weighted (~ 300 kb) and written in JAVA. So it works same Microsoft, Mac OS and Linux with same package.

You can either select individual snaps, or folder containing photo can select for creating the collage or poster. Then you select a snap from your college - Its could be a drawing, pile scattered images, or you could draw some shapes using mouse and  Shape Collage  will match the layout of your collage with that shape.

Shape Collage can save your collages / posters as high resolution JPEG or layered PSD files. So your are free to edit the college / poster after using professional image processing software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

This Photo Collage Software let you crate Text photo Collages - You can simply write text using installed fonts and Shape Collage will arrange pictures by the layouts of your Text.

Also Read our post about creating Photo Collage using photos on web such as from your Website, Facebook,  Twitter, or even from Google Image Search Here.

Feel Free to post your Comments, Questions, Feedback etc. .as Comment below :) We are eagerly waiting for your response :) 


How to Create A Photo College Using your Pictures on Web.

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On last post, We have discussed how to create Photo Collages using photos on our hard-disc. That was a software called Shape Collage. Now We are  posting a new service from the Team of Shape Collage called

Loups helps Us to Create Photo Colleges from Social Network Sites such as, Faceook, Twitter, Google + etc.. and and even from Search results and your own URL's. 

While you are entered to the Loup website, You need Add your Photos first. It may be from Facebook, Search, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or even from your own url.

Here We have selected pictures from our Blog and selected All images. Now We need to Add photos.

The Next very simple Process is Click the green Add Photos on the previous box itself. And Select Shape you your college want to be.

Yeah! Your Photo Collage is Ready to save. Click on The Green Save button and give, Title and description for your collage.

The Image should be saved on your Facebook profile. You can save to your hard disc by right click on the image and save.

Feel Free to Post your Feedback, Doubts etc.. As comments. We are eagerly waiting :)


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   Good news for all Bloggers..! Blogger has been introduced a new search preference option. Now bloggers    can easily add meta tags, customize Robots.txt, Redirects, 404 Error page, and alt and title for images.

SEO is a majot part of any website / blog to list on search results of search engines. Before, during the old  UI, blogger had not supported SEO. But now, in new UI of blogger, the SEO fuctions are fully functional and dynamic. Now you can set meta tags for each posts and Robots tag separately.


1. Search Meta description.
2. Custom post meta description.
3. Coustom 404 Error.
4. Coustom Robots.txt
5. Redirects.
6. Couston Robots header Tags.
7. Alt and Title tags for Images.


This option is only available in New blogger UI. to Enable Search preference option,
Go to New Blogger Dashboard > Select the blog and select settings Tab > Search preference.

SEO on New blogger UI


  This is the general description of Home page to optimize the Home page / Blog. And visible on the seach results. Search Description should be a short description about your blog and max. 150 characters in English.
The search description may disabled in default. You need to click on the Edit button > the Yes. hence description can written on the white box. max. of 150 letters.

Search description for blog on blogger


This is the custom Post Meta description for each and every individual post.You can easily set and customize the Each post while creating it or editing the post area. It is placed on the left side of the post editor.

custom post meta description on new blogger UI.


This is also a new option from blogger.
Say Good bye to blogger default 404 page not found error page. Now you can customize your 404 error page. This redirect is 302 temporary and redirection is send through HTTP Headers..

blogger custom 404 Error page


Blogger has provided to edit and customize the robots.txt file. This is the key file for seach engine bots.   
Using this Robots.txt, you can allow or Block search engines from indexing the pages. Usually, every blog has a robots.txt file.You can find your robots.txt file using the url,  
Robot.txt file for Techie Feeds is :

customize robots txt on blogger SEO made easy

Warning : Changing or Modifying the Robot.txt file wrongly may effect visibility of blog on Search Engines.

You can set the Robots tags to home page, Archive/label pages, Post pages on Crawlers and indexing Searching on search preference tab.


Alt and Title tags for images helps for indexing images. Your images are easily indexed by image bots like Google Image bots.

To set Alt and Title tags for Images,

1. Upload and Add the Image.
2. Click on the Image.
3. A small menu bar will be displayed, and choose Properties option
4. On the popup prompt, Enter the Alt and Title tags for your Image.

Thanks for reading this Post. If you have any question or comments, Feel free to let me know!

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It has very few easy steps to download the data including photos and videos, posts on your wall, all of your messages, and also your friend list and all other  you have put upon your  Facebook profile. It's an easy way to protect your data missing by accidental or by hacking. Now A days many of people are directly uploading photos, videos, or even documents to Facebook or some such websites and accessing it through internet. This is surely a good way for managing photos or even documents. Because losing of our space on Hard Disc or memory cards can prevent. And easy to access anywhere if have an Internet connection. But there may be some situations like missing our photos's or even photo albums by accidental deletion or by virus. So it is always better to make a copy of all so Facebook provides an easy way to download all your informations from Facebook including photo albums, videos, post on wall, messages and etc.... Now, We are going to the step by step procedure for downloading Facebook account.

1) Firstly go to, Account settings

2) Now,  Click on the 'download copy' link

3) Click on the 'Start Archive', and you are almost done :)

4) Once your archive is ready to download, FB will mail to you. and you can download your data from there.

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