Searching on Google ? some tips to improve accuracy of results.

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Searching on Google is easy. Type the 'query' or 'keyword' or even questions on search box and hit enter. Google is ready to show the search results less than 0.5 minutes! But searching by just keywords may not give accurate results or the results may not regards to your wish.

Today, We are discussing about some most widely used search syntax for accurate search. Syntax means, we are providing some operators also with the keyword, and mention that its not a keyword and its an operator for accurate search. for eg. 'inurl' is an operator.' inurl' operator will on search for the url's which the searched keyword is contains. If you are using any operator, you need to separate the keyword from the operator and will not leave space b/w them. for
eg: ' inurl:techiefeeds ' the result will only be the urls/ websites which contains the word techiefeeds at its url.

Now we can scroll through some operators and its usage.

Title Search

Page titles are not page url. If you need to search for a specific topic, you just need to search for its heading. 
Eg:  ' intitle:Google search:Search Engine '
The search result should be the pages with title Google search or with title Search Engine or page with both the keywords are title.

Anchor Search

Anchor search displays the linked urls with a specific keyword. If we are giving name of a person or company, inurl operators helps us to find their mail ID or website. Because websites are giving others mail ID or websites as hyper links.
Eg: ' inanchor:sajith '.

Link Finder

With Google, Its easy to find the websites which links to your website. If is your web address, you just need to search Google will find the websites with a link to your website or your to any page of your site.
Eg: ' '

File type Search

File type search is very useful if you are searching for files with specific file type. For example, if you are searching for a ppt (presentation) file about SEO (search engine optimization), you can just use "SEO",filetype.ppt. you can find for any fine such as doc, sls, pdf etc.

Cache View

The cache view operator ( cache: ) is used to view last cached version of a particular site or webpage. It will help you if the webpage is in trouble and you want to visit that site's cached copy. Cached copy may one or two days before updated contents only.

Text Search

Text search is used to search only on the body of web pages. When we are giving keyword along with this operator ( intext: ), Google will not consider url or titles of any webpage and the searching is purely based on the body of the websites.