What to do if Accidentally clicked on my own Adsense Ad?

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Google Adsense accidentally click
I have used a laptop log back and try to avoid it! because I clicked my own adsense ads twice a day while am  moving courser through by blog using touch pad. As our agreement with Google as a publisher I have dug up their rules.

If you don't Know.

Clicking on your own ads is a violation of Google Adsense terms and conditions. It is also a violation if you coerce friends and families to do the same. Mean while, Google cannot find who the people are but their servers can verify whole clicks received on your ads and smell if there are too many clicks from a relatively small area ( Remember, world is a big place). Google gives importance and value to both Adsense publishers and Advertisers. So, Your Adsense account will disapproved and you/your address should be banned from Google Adsense that means, you cannot create another account. 

Invalid Clicks.

This is is term defined excluding accidental clicks. As Google states :
 Although publishers are not permitted to click on their own ads for any reason, we do understand that accidental clicks may occur. We there for don't require that you contact us every time clicks on your own ad slots. Rest Assured that your account is being properly credited for all clicks and impressions we consider to be valid. 
If you'd like to read the complete document, found it here. Google keeps a record of wheres clicks came and flags if same activity occurs too often.

If found an Unusual Activity on your Adsense Ad.

If you happen to notice that some unusual click activities on your Adsense Ad, you must notify Google (Adsense) immediately. the notification form can be found here. It is currenlty not possible for Google to block IP addresses. But they have an Adsense preview tool if you would like to check out an ad without clicking it. Found it here.

Own Page views.

Google will not seriously care about this. Its clicking on the ad ads they care about. But Adsense only counts normal page views as their Ad impression. Thats why, Techie Feeds allows its authors to post their ads too and views by our other authors and users will be count normal impression as their.
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Surges in traffic

Google is a smart company and it treat its users brilliantly. So they don't need if you expect a surge As previously said they know how and when impressions came from.and are more happy if its look normal.

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