WeChat - The New way to Chat

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Chatting is the most commonly used feature of Internet by the youth and common people. It allows us to comment with our colleagues and relatives or even can make new friends over internet. And, there are many Internet and Software companies provides online chatting facility.

 Now, We are going to familiar to you a new chatting software 'WeChat' developed by 'Tencent' which is suitable for all most all smartphones including Android, iOS, Symbian ( V3 & V5 ), and Windows ( Blackberry version is coming soon). It supports currently 17 languages including English, Hindi, Spanish etc.. and supports Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G data. The main feature of new Wechat 4.3 ( Latest version ) is, it supports voice and video calling, Group voice messaging, Momentssharing including text, photo, video & URL ).

Few Words About  Tencent Company.

'Tencent' is the largest Internet Company in APAC with almost 800 million active users. Its the third largest Internet Company globally in terms of investment Capitalization. They launched WeChat Internationaly (iPhone) on October 27, 2011.


As we said earlier, WeChat is a free mobile communication and social networking app for smartphones with features like Video/Audio calling, Push-To-Talk Voice Messaging, Group Chat-Text & voice ( upto 40 people ) and location based friend discovery social features ( shake). It can download and install  from Google Play Store, Nokia store and Windows market place at free of cost. 

We chat also provides a Rock-paper-Scissors mini game, customizable backgrounds, and engaging one-on-one and group session with an extensive range of Animated and custom emoticon and emoji art. Also provides to apply artistic filters to photos and share with your friends on Chat and Moments wall.

WeChat provides a fast and secure social networking access. Protects your data by on-demand data backup and retrieval to/from its cloud based server. And also user registration is much simple by SMS/Voice messaging service. The above mentioned features are the key benefits of WeChat App from other leading chatting apps such as Nimbuzz etc.. They donot provide such fastest and secure user experience.

Shake : Exchange contact information with nearby WeChat users, or connect with WeChat users worldwide  and to be friends with them.

Look Around : Discovers WeChat users near you.

One of the upcoming feature of WeChat is, Powerful Open API. with this feature, users will be able to allow share photo, music, video, games, new and other kind of social network from  other third party Application plugins.


Affordable SEO Service

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Affordable SEO services

Website entrepreneurs want Affordable SEO alternatives to be able to market their organizations on the Online over google. Some SEO organizations can have expensive alternatives and offers, and there are many little companies that cannot afford the price certain organizations charge. To find the organization that is reasonable and expert, entrepreneurs will need to perform analysis. Many organizations have inexpensive price points, but limited outcomes. Consider price compared to outcomes when choosing SEO alternatives. Some SEO organizations are little companies as well and will only be able to provide personal alternatives, and even though others may price more there are organizations who start their offers as inexpensive as one hundred. Companies can even test the ocean by purchasing a single SEO article for about $10. This is very reasonably priced compared to other companies that will not do any work for less than several lots of money.

Having Affordable SEO alternatives will carry more individuals to use your organization instead of going somewhere else. The benefit to having affordable alternatives as a SEO organization is that by giving inexpensive prices one is to be able to gain more company and money. If a SEO organization can only provide personal alternatives it may not carry more customers as those organizations that provide affordable offers, but both are efficient ways to get your company promoted. Authors for both SEO organizations that provide personal or package alternatives will carry outcomes for the consumer.

Website promotion companies can assure you the following SEO benefits:

o Enhanced online visibility
o Site visitors to your website
o An edge over your competitors
o Best return of your investment (ROI)
o Improved sales with better transformation rates
o Reasonable and affordable pricing

In order to provide you with basic advice regarding SEO and to provide the best level of assistance, almost all SEO organizations employ an established team, including content writers, designers, google looks for web page professionals, promotion professionals, and other assistance to employees.

On modern, aggressive company situation, almost every internet marketing company statements to be the best and affordable SEO organization providing affordable SEO along with quick turnaround time. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the company you choose is an efficient and efficient one. An extensive analysis could help you decide on the SEO organization that is most appropriate for your SEO needs.

Viral SEO Services, affordable SEO organization provide innovative and affordable SEO alternatives to the customers throughout the UK - US. We have all the resources and quality manpower to provide the expert SEO assistance that's right for you.


Techie Feeds Guest Posting

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How To Earn Money From SEOclerks

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Today, We are discussing about a SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) related freelancer website. SEOclerks is also a better SEO provider starting from $1. Read our article about them here.
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Withdraw money from SEOclerks?

Withdrawing money from your SEOclerks account is easy. You can withdraw your earnings from your account using PayPal account. This is fast and easy. (If your are Level 1 user, you must have min of $15 to withdraw.)

Affiliate Marketing 

SEOclerks also provides Affiliate marketing program. Affiliate program is simply, SEOclerks gives your a unique link and if any other person joins to SEOclerks via  your link and completed any job, you will get 10% of their income to your Account.

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