Top Tips For Improving Mobile Broadband Performance

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For those who have decided to get a mobile broadband, they certainly are about to get a great deal of advantages. The most important of which is mobility which lets the subscriber carry the broadband connection with him anywhere in the city. Another advantage is the ease in installation with the plug and play feature. 
And with the recent development of 4G technology, broadband users can also experience blazing speeds that are almost comparable to DSL or cable broadband connections. However, some subscribers tend be lousy in optimizing their mobile broadband connection. Also, they continue to be in situations where they get slow or faulty broadband connection.
Here are the top tips for improving mobile broadband performance. A mobile broadband subscriber may think that he is already getting the optimum mobile broadband performance. But doing these easy to follow guide may result to noticeable improvements:
·         Check the provider’s broadband coverage – This step has to be done by the mobile broadband user before signing up for a subscription. By availing a mobile broadband that is available in the area, the subscriber can be guaranteed with the strongest signal that the provider can give.

·         Try to be in a position where it is easy to get good signals – For being a ‘mobile’ broadband, the subscriber can easily choose a location where he can get signals better. Ideally, he should be in an open area and away from obstructions such as buildings, tall trees, electrical cables, etc. When surfing the internet at home, the mobile broadband user may at least sit near the window or door.

·         If using a MiFi wireless router at home, place the router near the window or in a safe place outside the house – MiFis work in the same way with fixed line broadband’s WiFi router. However, MiFis are battery powered and they get the broadband through signals. If placed in an area where it can easily get signals, it should be able to give a broadband connection with excellent quality.

·         Avoid surfing the internet through the mobile broadband during peak hours – The speed of the mobile broadband connection can be affected significantly by the number of people surfing the internet in the same bandwidth and at the same time. By surfing the internet during off-peak hours, the subscriber is sharing the bandwidth with fewer subscribers.

·         Be sure to get a reliable security from virus, malware, spyware and other harmful attacks – Users who surf the broadband often are more prone to the aforementioned harmful attacks. If these will happen to the computer, it can slow down the browsing speed. To prevent this from occurring in the first place, mobile broadband subscribers should get a reliable protection from reputable security providers such as Norton or McAffee.

·         Switch to a better mobile broadband provider – One great thing with mobile broadband subscription is they make use of plug and play devices in delivering broadband connections. This way, it’s easy to switch to another provider should the subscriber decides to do so. If a current provider’s quality of service and speed of broadband connections have dwindled, it should make sense to switch to a better provider.