Enable Voice Calling in Idea (Huwai) Netsetter

Posted by Sajith On 1 comments
By default, Idea Netsetter doesn't support voice calling because, Idea nettersetter is locked by the operator, That is, We can only use Idea sim with Idea Netsetter. And also the default sim doesn't support voice calling.

So if you need to enable voice calling on Idea Netsetter, First you have to unlock the modem for any Operator. Here we assumes that you have an unlocked Idea modem.

Now Lets Start..,

Step 1

Download this Compressed File.

Step 2

Close Modem software if opened.

Step 3

Un compress the file to the desired location shown on it.
If not possible, un compress it to another location and copy it to the desired location.

Step 4

Restart modem software to apply change.

Step 5

Yeah! You have done :) Now start calling from your computer :)