Unlock Memory card if password lost

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Memory cards are common storage media now. We can found it on digital camera, mobile phone, tablet or even PC. Memory card can be made protected by providing password. But sometimes we may forgot its password and may lost access to important files when urgently requires. So here we are introducing a new way to know the password of your  locked memory card.

Do follow the step by step procedure to unlock your memory card if lost it's password.

Step 1

Place locked memory card back to your phone. And don't try now to open the memory card.

Step 2

Download FExplorer software to your mobile phone and open it.

Step 3

Open path (for memory card) on Fexplorer application and find file named,  mmcstore 

Step 4

Rename the file mmcstore to mmcstore.txt

Step 5

Now open notepad on your computer and copy this file to it. Now you can see your password on Notepad :) 

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