GodMode in Windows 7, 8 and Vista

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GodMode in windows 7/8/Vista.
GodMode in windows 7/8/Vista.
Changing settings on windows is sometimes not a pretty easy task. If we want to change to anything, such as settings, managing updates, changing preferences, may need to search for appropriate tools on windows. Imagine you have a single icon to change each and every settings on windows? GodMode will help you.

 As name implies, GodMode in Windows can change the settings and modes of windows (7/8/Vista) with a single click from Action center to Windows update.

How to Turn on GodMode

Step 1

First Create a new folder on desktop

Step 2

Now, Rename this folder name to 


Step 3

Now open this folder ( name will be changed to 'GodMode' automatically ). And change settings easily.

Yeah! You've Done Now! :)

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