How to get pictures from Microsoft Word File

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In many situations, We may need to get pictures from Microsoft Word files. There are many ways to get  photos easily, like Copying photo to image editing softwares (such as Photoshop, Gimp etc..) or by screen printing.

Here we are going to show how to get pictures from word file or from any Microsoft office packages  in an easy way. This method is more adoptable if you have large number of images in office files.


How to Images directly from Office Files?

Step 1

Make a copy of your word file ( /any office file).

Step 2 

Now rename your file extension .doc or .docx to .zip 
ie, if your file name is techiefeeds.docx, replace .docx to .zip 

Step 3

Now open this *.zip file. And select all images on the file you need to get.

Step 4

Now Extract these files to you desired location. Or you can also use Extract All option by right clicking your .zip file

Step 5 

Yeah! Now just open extracted folder and pick your images.

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