Improve Communication skill in English : Easy ways

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Problem of may students are their lack of communication skill in English. They are very fluent and sharing idea's good in their mother tongue but fails in English. English is a simple language. Improving communication skill in English is not a complex thing for those who are fluent in their mother tongue. We are fluent in our language just because, we reading, writing, speaking, and also thinking in our language. Vocabulary is also have a  It is most important and easy way to improve skill in other languages too. Here Am introducing you some easy ways to practise this.

1) Read Good Articles and publications.

Reading articles and English publications like news papers, magazines etc can improve your vocabulary and gives also gives idea on sentence structures. Be sure that you are reading a standered article.


2) Stop studying Grammars.

 Highly concentrating on grammar may lead to great confusions. So we just need idea about sentance structure, basic grammars etc. We accured it from our schools.

3) Watch English Movies

Try to spend time for watching English films, it's better if there is subtitle. It will helps your hearing skill and fluency.

4) Try to communicate in English 

Communication is the application of every language. Always try to communicate in english. The best places to communicate with english are :

1) Chatting

Many of youth are spending time for chatting and calling. You it could convert into time for imprpoving English communication? Try to chat in English with friends and Strangers. It may improve communication skill because you should thinks and respond fastly.

2) Calling

While you are calling to customer care executive or such persons, make your language English. Also can practice my finding same mind people and talk in English for a while.

Am not jocking, Follow these steps and see the change.