How to Optimize and Monetize Website - Part 2

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Read part One here: 

Top Ways to Optimize and Monetize Website - Part 1

Earning good amount of money through online is not an easy task. It requires, dedication, effort, creativity and of course interest and patience. Earning good amount of money through online is not a easy task. It requires, dedication, effort, creativity and of course interest and patience. 

You may noticed some people earn thousands of dollars from internet and some other not even earn a penny of real cash from the same methods.

It takes time. For the first two or three months, or years, you may not earned a single penny yet. So it is always better to start a blogger or non-paid WordPress blog.

Lets start blogging. In this post, we are discussing about SEO techniques which need to keep while writing your blog posts.

Be Unique: Violating copyrights is major issue which may effect your blog/site badly. Never copy paste others content to your blog. If you need a portion of others content, giving a source link is a good idea. Copyright violation includes only copy-paste but also if you take others content and write it in other way, it is also copyright violation. Write unique contents alway, Keep your blog Unique.

Highlight Lines: Highlighting important sentences may helps your blog/website ranks higher on search results. You can highlight lines by bold or underline it. 

Update Regularly: Updating regularly is important especially in the case of blogs. If a blog is not updating regularly with fresh content, It seems like a dead blog. And also for getting visitors also, your blog should be regularly updating. Be serious on Blogging.

Never Focus on Money: 95% of successful bloggers who makes millions from their blogs are not writing just for money. Write content for human beings and not for web bots. While you have quality content (both human and bot friendly), your traffic will improve and hence revenue also.

Ad Spacing: Since majority ad networking agencies like Google Adsense are supporting PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising method, placing your ads on eye catching locations is a best idea.

Moto X tips, Tricks and Review 2015

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Moto X 1502 and 1504 Latest Tips and Tricks

Motorola Moto X Logo
Moto X - Logo
Hope you are happy with awesome smartphone Moto X like me which is from the first manufacturer of Mobile phones, Motorola. I am owning this model (XT 1052, First Gen Moto X) last six months. Before buying this smartphone, I searched a lot websites about this and got only positive reviews (except in the case of SD card memory support) but the very first reason why I brought is, Motorola was owned by Search Engine Giant Google Inc that time and now owned by Lenovo.

Moto X
I got many tips and tricks related to Moto X from many websites, YouTube videos and found many tips myself which are not even disclosed officially from the Motorola. 

Here am sharing some of them. Since getting many features day by day and Lillipop updation is on the way for Moto X, this post may be updated later.

# Tip: Active Display

Active display is one of the awesome feature of Moto X. This app will allows you to go throw notifications without unlocking and this app will show notification details about favourite apps while taking this phone itself. You could change the Active Display settings via, 

Settings -> Active Dispay. On settings, you can tell Moto X from which apps you need notifications on Active Display Screen.

 And by tick or untick More privacy you could tell Details on notification is needed or not in Active Display Screen. For example, in the case of messaging app, if More privacy is ticked, app will not show who send and what is the message.

Little bit about Active Display Battery Usage: Active Display feature utilized very little amount of battery. And also you could stop this app at nights (your sleeping times) automatically if you are ticked Sleep at night.

# Tip: Touchless Control

Touchless Control is another feature from Moto X which allows you to access your Moto wihout touching like Apple's Siri app. 

This app is ideal while you are driving on in home. There are four mics on the device to support this.

For accuracy, Make your room  (where training Moto X), calm and silent as much as possible

# Tip: Tricks with Moto X Headset.

When my friend got Moto X in his hand, He was surprised, is there is no call attend button on Headset of such an good smartphone? 

Yes, There is a button with Motorola logo there on the other side of Headset mic. It allows you to change music, attend call and even access Touchless Control. Excited?

Long press Headset button and Touchless Control app will activated and waits for its owners command. Never pick your Moto out from your pocket.

# Tip: Spotlight Stories: Enjoy the power of sensors.

Spotlight stories are are cartoon stories on App named "Spotlight" which uses the powers of sensors in Moto X. Currently there are three stories released (Windy Day, Buggy night and Duet) while writing this review.


Top Ways to Optimize and Monetize Website - Part 1

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important part of website development and blogging.  It plays a vital role in driving traffic and monetization. 

Whats is Website Monetization?

According to Wikipedia, "Monetization is the process of converting existing traffic being sent to a perticular website into revenue." 

Many of blogs of newbies to professionals are running on platform as it is simple, and also have advanced options to customize. Here we are giving you some tips to optimize your blog on for search Engine crawls and also for readers.

1. Blog URL

Your blog URL should be relevant to the category of your blog. Better if most common keyword is included in your domain. Getting this would be hard job when trying on sub domains. So better try customized domain *.com domain is better.   

For complete guidelines, read our article  "Characteristics of a Good Domain Name"

2. Blog Title

Blog title is also have important role. Use keywords which will searched on search engines most often. The images below shows how to setup blog title and description in blogger blog.

3. Add Website to Search Engines 

Adding your blog address (url) to top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing manually will increase the visibility on search engines. Never waits for automatic crawling from them.


Data Recovery Made Easy

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Recover Your Lost Files
Data is one of the most important thing which should be keep safe in safe for professionals to home users. When you think about it, there are a number of ways files can be lost unexpectedly like, Virus infection, accidental deletion, physical damage etc.

 Saying sorry to physical damages .... and the best way to keep safe from such situations is to take back up of your important data time to time or save to cloud spaces. This happens rarely. 

Accidental deletion and  formatting hard disks are the common ways to lose your data. You may delete or format your disk / pen-drive and you may need that data after some days (accidental deletion are also happening).

The best way to get back your data if it is lost by accidental deletion or formatting your disk, is to be ready with a powerful data recovery software.

7 Data Recovery is one of the best ever data recovery suit with affordable price (1 GB data recovery is free with trial version). It could recover lost data from windows PC, Android and Windows smartphones.

I reached this recovery tool by searching on internet for a good data recovery software. some data may makes headache. I have downloaded photo and hall ticket for a competition examination and it lost while I have formatted by hard disk. Took backup of all important  data except that folder. This forced me to search for a tool. 

Got many free tools from internet but it's not helped me well. And finally, I saw, a paid software, 7datarecovery is giving 1 GB free recovery as trial version. As I have fed up with some free tools was not interested to pay for recovery tool. But tried to this tool as trial registration and it helped me to solve that headache. 

I purchased their full version (which is very cheap in price and affordable). 

Download Now


Top Freelance Websites to Earn Money Online

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You could read about Usable productivity skills for New Freelancers here before going through this post. 

Freelancing is completely   different than having a regular job. The reason because why freelancing is different is, you are responsible for your work and you decides your own work schedule and productivity. And, working as a freelancer is actually as not easy as normal employment. Freelancers, especially new freelancers need t work harder and smarter. Because, you are marketing yourself. You have to sort emails, do conversations and make new clients and pay attention to their interests. 

For the new and experienced freelancers, some freelancing market place websites will helps to get new orders easily. They are actually creating a meeting place for you and clients and rest is yours to get order from them. Here is the list for top Freelance Marketplace websites and their short details:


Seoclerks mainly focusing on SEO related micro jobs. And is one of the most leading marketplace for both freelancers and persons who needs to outsource their works with affordable price. You could read complete review and how it works guide from the following links.

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Freelancer is another leading market place. While Seoclerks mainly focusing on SEO related job, Freelancer is a general marketplace. We can list out our skills and they will give matching proposals from persons and companies. Bid on that proposal and will be get paid after the completion of project.

OLX and Quikr

Olx and Quikr  are somewhat different. It is a market place where their control on buyers and sellers is not strong like others. This is because, Olx and Quikr are actually market for used items. But we could use it for freelancing also bu posting services as ads. You can post ads on Olx and Quikr about your service and interested people will contact you. Olx may not be responsible for any loss and not take any commission from your money.

Join Now on Quikr
Join Now on Olx

If any of freelancing website is missing here in your knowledge, Feel free to share it using our comment box.


Buy 500 Facebook Likes : SocialFancenter

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Facebook is the number one social network today with millions of users all over the world. Recent years back, people are get connected via FB. But now, Facebook is also a meeting place of business organizations and their customers. Via Facebook, many of organizations are getting new customers now a days. Before buying a product or service, people will now also consider the the reputation of the provider via Google and now via Facebook also. Connections are most valued in Facebook. A business Facebook fan page with lot of "Likes" will make a good impression about the business organization and it shows, the business organization is popular and influential. This is why making lots of "Likes" in Facebook is important. And, this post shows you how to "Buy 500 Facebook Likes" instantly.

There are many easy ways to get "Facebook Likes" via "Like exchanging websites", tagging more friends and many more.   (Read my previous article, "Tips to get Facebook Likes"). 

Is it work for a business organization? In many  facebook like exchanging websites, you have to earn coins buy liking others pages or profiles also. Any organization can do this? or can pay am employee to Like others pages for earning their coins? 


But, there is another easiest way to get  real, verified and active Facebook users  Likes from unique IP with cheap ("than you think") rates. A social media marketing website, gives you this. They have a range of Facebook Likes packages available for your fan page, for your photos or for you website. One you found your suitable package and order is successful, you could see new likes within 1 to 3 days and as it is not an instant delivery, people will not see large amount of likes within a day. 

See "buy facebook Likes" packages and order now.


Gmail + Google Now = Google INBOX

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October 22, Google has introduced something new and which is the most popular news spreading in Techie world. It is, Gmail and Google Now  coming  together in Google's mew service, Google INBOX. Google has been introduced their new service Google Inbox, which may replace Gmail soon. 

Google Inbox is introduced now  as an App and is invites only . That is, you need an invitation from google to use this service as it is in beta version. 

How to get invitation to Google Inbox?

You can send invitation requests to [email protected]

Once you are invited, you could login through your Gmail id and password (Google Account details). 

Now Google Inbox is  available in Google Chrome browser, android devices, and Apple iPhone. 

Features of Google Inbox?

As said  above, mail lists of Gmail and Google Info Cards (as seems is Google Now) will appear in Google Inbox App.

Image Courtesy : Google Blog

Google Inbox is designed based on the "Material Design" of Android's new Lollipop version (Android 5.0).

Google Inbox also have Highlights section, which will show important items. Highlights can helps you to get reminders, your flight time, appointments and photos and messages send by your friends and family.

Another important feature of Google Inbox is "Bundles" as name implies, Bundles section will categories same type of messages together more accurately.

Send an invitation request now to [email protected]  

Feel Free to Share you Comments Below!

Google Announces Android 5.0 Lollipop as official Name

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Android Version 5.0 Lollipop
Android 5.0 Lollipop
Finally Google reveals the name of Android L ( version 5.0). The official name of Android 5.0 will be Android Lollipop and code name will be Android L.

Android Lollipop may come with Nexus devices soon ( Nexus 9 is just announced). But tech world is hoping that, Will get V 5.0 for nexus devices and Motorola devices.

Android added 68+ languages additional with this new update. 

Another update from 5.0 is logic intelligent network connection which means, Wifi will only get connected if there is a verified internet connection on that wifi network. Bluetooth connectivity has been updated with power efficient bluetooth nearby scanning.

Also Android says that, 4 x performance is guaranteed with new version.Support 64 bit devices ( Nexus 9 will be 64 bit) which brings desktop class CPU and graphics to Mobile phones.

Google also announces touch-less control operations (which is presently available at Moto X and Nexus) with the phrase "OK Google". But it will not be exactly touchless control as in Moto and Nexus devices. 

Celebrate Blogging - Chapter 28

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Team #Alphabet Soup



Read Chapter 27 here

Blog Adda #CelebrateBlogging - Alphabet Soup

Cyrus opened his eyes. The green drapes, the white bottles of glucose and the green bedsheets screamed at him that he was in the hospital.


Roohi was next to him. Her two ponytails waved in the air as she stood up in excitement. She placed a tiny palm on his cheek.

“How are you uncle? Aryan uncle was bad. Did he harm you?”

“No princess. What about you?”

“I don’t know. I slept off in his house and woke up when nambudi uncle was taking me here.” She thought Namboothiri was his name.

"How are you Cyrus?”, the doctor had walked in along with Tara and Shekhar.

“I’m fine doctor.”

The incidents were coming back to him. “Tara, It was Aryan. He was the culprit. I didn’t do anything.”

“We know Cyrus. Don’t worry.” Tara consoled him.

The doctor checked his eyes, his heartbeat and was writing something on his prescription pad, “Cyrus, you are good to go. Fit as a fiddle! Here, you’ll get this medicine in the pharmacy. Buy this and you can leave.”

Jennifer walked in with a flask in hand, “Hi Cyrus! Good morning! Have some coffee.”
He couldn’t stop smiling at the sight of her. He looked at Tara, “What happened yesterday? How long have I been out?”

“You have been out for about 7 hours after we found you. We’ll fill you in with all the stories later. Now have some coffee and breakfast first.”

He looked at his watch. 10.20AM. The previous day by noon, he had met Aryan and things had gone wrong. The search must have run into the night. He looked at Roohi. She was playing with her Pappa’s phone.

“Pappaaa… you got a text.” She ran with the phone to Shekhar. Tara’s phone beeped too.
Meeting in the office.

It was Sudheeran’s text. Jennifer looked up in time to see Tara and Shekhar look at each other, tensed.

“What now?”

Cyrus looked at Jennifer for some update. She told him they were called for the meeting and asked him to join her.

Sudheeran was his same old, smiling self again. He greeted everyone with a smile. His smile faded when he saw Jennifer. 

“You were released only because we realized that you were not involved in the idol theft. But the fact that you disguised your identity is inexcusable.”

Tara piped in, “Mr. Varma, don’t forget that without this Christian woman, you might not have found that idol at all. The rules she broke and the photos she clicked showed us the hidden chambers. Why don’t you accept that fact for once?”

“These are the rules followed since many years. We can’t change them.”
“Why? Tell me what Jennifer’s mistake cost you and the temple? Give me one logical answer and I’ll agree with you.”

Sudheeran opened and closed his mouth.

Jennifer said, “Mr. Varma, every temple has a Garbhagriha where the main idol is placed. However your temple’s main idol is safeguarded inside the secret chamber. The Garbhagriha instead, houses a tiny idol of the Goddess made of Panchaloham (Metal compounds).”

“That is just for the satisfaction of the devotees. Devi resides in the secret chambers. If a devotee wants to pray, they can do so in front of the Garbhagriha.”

“There will be something else in the Garbhagriha, Mr. Varma. Some metal sheets with divine chakras and Shlokas. While building the place, they place these sheets on the point where the magnetic field is high. The deity made of metal or stone is placed above the sheets. The energy from the magnetic field is transferred to the deity and the same is emanated around the deity. When one takes a pradakshina or circumambulation, this energy gets transferred to the devotees. This is why people get energized in temples.”

All looked at her dumbfounded.

“The temperature is comparatively low inside the temple. The temple’s temperature is affected by our body temperature. People, before going to a temple, take a bath. This is to ensure that the heat from their body does not increase the temperature in the temple. This is the reason why women are prohibited from entering the premises during their menstrual cycle. The temperature in our body during those times are much higher. Taking a bath before going to a religious place is not strictly followed in other religions. This is one of the reasons why non hindus are prohibited from entering the temple.”

She looked at everyone.

“Mr. Varma, I am well aware of many of your customs and the reasons for the same. I am not saying that they are wrong. But they can be flexible. I mean, since I know the reasons for the prohibition, I ensure that I take a bath before entering a temple. Every single time! What more should I do? Why should the fact that my parents are Christians stop me from entering the temple?”

Varma looked at Ravi and then back at Jennifer, “I-I don’t know Jennifer.” He looked down.
“I really didn’t know.” He thought for a while and said, “You are right. I-You, just carry on with your covering the procession. Ravi, brief them.” And he walked off.

Tara had a feeling that no woman in his family had spoken to him in that manner. He was unable to accept women being smart and inquisitive. But this revelation by Jennifer about something that was supposed to be in his expertise had shaken him.

“Now that the idol has been found and things are all clear, the processions will be held in a week’s time. We had given a month’s notice to the villagers to buy time. But now, that is unnecessary. Memana Namboothiri here has fixed an auspicious hour for the procession.”
“Wait! What happened to Aryan uncle?” cyrus asked.

“Cyrus, he is Manu. An FIR has been filed. We’ll ensure that he gets the maximum punishment possible.”

“Ravi, what happened to the priest?” asked Jennifer.

“Manu had gone to meet the priest before kidnapping these two.” He pointed at Cyrus and Roohi.

“The priest had given us only half the information about the chambers to Cyrus. He feared that another theft might occur if the details about the chambers were published in a novel. Manu apparently got to know our moves and decided to shift the priest so that he doesn’t disclose the details about the secret chambers. In that manner, he could buy more time.”

Jennifer looked at Shekhar. He was the insider giving information unknowingly. It wasn’t me.
She felt guilty for doubting Cyrus.

“And the madman?”

“He vanished from the scene after that. I feel guilty I ill-treated him. Without him, we wouldn’t have saved the child or Amma.”

***A few days later***

The streets were teeming with devotees. The beautifully adorned elephants were making their way towards the temple pond. Roohi was giving a broad smile from atop the elephant. The auspicious idol was in her tiny hands.

The head priest, Shekhar and herself went down the pond stairs. She took the royal dip, bathe the idol and they all came back. Sudheeran had permitted for one of the child’s guardian to join the child. He had accepted the proposal the moment Shekhar had suggested it. Sudheeran watched the child walk up. He felt a sense of elation. He felt he was becoming a better man. Amma had her own way of teaching people. All we needed to have was faith.
Tara and Jennifer were busy doing what they love. Covering the news and photography respectively. They watched as the apple in their eye trotted up the stairs. Jennifer felt a strong bonding towards the child. This trip had given her a new family. Tara had become a sister she never had. So, automatically Roohi became her neice. She smiled.
Cyrus had a strange feeling of satisfaction. A case that he had his eyes upon was closed. And he was right. He sure did have his father’s talents and observation. His father had this knack of picking the right places and the right topics for his historical research. Everytime, he hit jackpot.

Not bad Cyrus!
He thought to himself.

Shekhar saw the madman amidst the crowdd and made his way towards him. He folded his hands and asked him, “O great one! Who are you?”

The madman smiled and said, “Bhranthan!” and walked away.
Shekhar realized there must be a deep meaning in what he had said. But unable to comprehend it, he didn’t think any further.

After the procession the team left Vajrakshipuram. Cyrus had paid a final visit to the priest’s house. He gave his loyal translator some money and returned. Jennifer had apologized to Cyrus to have doubted him.

“I rang you up and told you that I kidnapped Roohi. It wasn’t your fault. Chuck the formalities!”, he had said smiling his boyish smile.

She smiled back, “Formalities and me? Hahaha! I was just looking for that genuineness in your voice. That was the first thing I liked about you. Your honesty. Don’t ever lose that. People rarely have that these days.”

“Listen! I need to get going. You must come home some time. My mother always tells me that she wanted to have a daughter too. She will love you.”

“Really? With my tattooes and piercings.”

“Ah! She is different. You’ll see. Just keep in touch and come home sometime. Alright? Bye Jen!”

She watched him leave. She bid farewell to The Duttas and promised to visit them too.


In the flight, Shekhar looked at Tara for a while, “Tara!”

“What if I hadn’t written that article when I was in Mumbai university?”

Tara’s eyes twinkled. She looked at him, “I love you Shekhar.” was all she could manage. She had no answers to his question that day. 

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”  


Celebrate Blogging Chapter 18

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Team #Alphabet Soup
#CelebrateBlogging Contest - Blogadda
Story continues.. 

"Cyrus, Are you sure you heard it right?"

Cyrus had called up Jennifer, first thing after he learnt about the priest’s son.

"Yes Jen! It seems snake bites were very common here during these times."

"Well it’s true, he is dead. But we will not leave it at that. We need to hear it from the old man's mouth. We want to know what happened in detail."

"Ok I will talk to priest again."

"Oh... No! You already went as a writer and it would cause suspicions. Whoever is behind this, shouldn’t know that you’re working with us. I will go.”

Jennifer decides to meet the team first and ask Sudheeran about the boy.

“Yes, but he died. What has that got to do with this?” Sudheeran spoke casually as though someone had commented on his shirt.

“If priest had a son who knew his way with metals, couldn’t he be a prospective suspect?”

“How can a dead boy be a suspect?”

“I don’t know. But I want to know more about him. I am going to meet the priest again.”

Ravi said, “I don’t think it is a good idea. If we keep visiting him, people might feel something fishy.”

Sudheeran said, “Priest is not going to tell you anything new. We all know 

how he died. It must have been one year or so after the last procession. I don’t remember exactly when. The priest’s son went missing. All of us were concerned. After many days, he was found dead in the interior parts of the village. My father was active then. I remember the look on his face after he went to see the boy. “

He was now looking straight up at the wall as though the memory pained him, “He was half eaten by dogs and insects.  Later we were told that he died of snake bite. He must have wandered off into the forest area. Poor thing.”

Jennifer knew there would be no use going to the priest’s now. What could a paralysed man say more about his son’s painful death?

“So, have we reached a dead end?”, Tara asked.

“That is not possible. There must be something. Some loose end. Let me take a break. You guys carry on. I really need some fresh air.”

“Jayalakshmi!”, it was Ravi.


“Please don’t talk to the priest about this. He may not be able to handle it.”

“Don’t worry Officer. I won’t”, she smiled.

Jennifer was very upset. She reached her room, took a shower and opened her Laptop. She was immersed in thoughts about the priest and his son. What fate had befallen the poor man who served the Goddess for all these years? His wife died while giving birth to the boy. The priest got paralysed and his son died out of snake bite. Why do Gods punish the same people again & again?

She began going through the files, reports and photos of the last few processions. 

Suddenly she had a revelation. She called up Cyrus. Picked up on the second ring,

“Hey Jen!”

"How did the priest get paralysed?"

He was flabbergasted by her sudden question. 

“Er… Umm… I told you that.” He seemed amused.

“Yes. Tell me what the priest told you.”

"He said, he was about to give the idol to the child and he slipped and fell. Is everything alright?", Cyrus asked.

"But the police report says that while he was giving the idol, he slipped and fell. Aren't they two different things?" 

"Ha Ha! You shouldn't have been a photographer Jen. You should have taken up law. You do have a knack in manipulating words. I too thought of that. It could be used to prove a case in court. But in this case, we need conclusive evidence. He could have meant the same thing when he said ‘I was about to give’ and ‘I was giving’. Or, his memory could have failed him."

Jenni: " Or he could be faking?” 

“I don’t write that possibility off. But we can’t count on that either. Especially using a sentence structure that he used 14 years back.”

“Cyrus, if he is faking, and we cross question him about the events that happened that day, at some point of time, he would get caught.”

"But police must have done that Jen. And it was about 14 years back. He is old and ill. He is bound to screw up things in this condition. Anyway, we’ll give it a try Jen."

“Ok Cyrus. I’ll call you soon. Bye.”

Jennifer was in some kind of a spell. She has never investigated a case before. This was her first time and she felt that she was getting addicted to it. She poured through all the files, reading and looking at the snaps.

The photo where the child is sitting on the elephant with the idol


The girls holding the plates with lamps and flowers. There were many snaps of the same. The priest was walking next to the elephant on which the child was seated.


The devotees praying.


There were similar photos from many angles.

The elephant bending to let the child down.


The child is being taken down. The idol is held by the priest. 

The child holds the idol and the two are walking towards the pond.

A man carrying the child from inside the pond. There are many onlookers.

The child lying on the pond steps. There are two legs shown at the corner of the photo. Must be the priest’s.

Another photo where the priest is being picked up by men.

The child’s photo from different angles. Men in police uniforms are seen in some of the snaps.

Jennifer read the reports.

The priest was found on the stairs… The child had drowned… The idol was found inside the pond…

The priest was giving the idol… Unconscious… Paralysed… She was walking down the pond stairs. She gave her laptop to Sudheeran Varma. The laptop had to be immersed in the water. She went into the pond. Sudheeran was giving her the laptop. She was about to take it from him, but something inside the water pulled her down. She was falling… falling… water… she was gasping for breath…

“Ah!” Jennifer got up.

“Damn! I need to get some sleep. Immersing laptop into water, my head!” 

She closed her laptop and was about to get up. Suddenly, something
struck her. She opened her laptop and went through the snaps again. 


She called up Cyrus.

“Jen! It is 3.15am.”

“If I want to know the time, I can check my watch Cyrus.”

“Very funny! What are you so happy about?”

“Answer this. You are standing on an elevated platform. You are giving something to someone who is standing a few steps below you, in water. You get dizzy. How would you fall?”

“It depends.”


“If I’m falling forward, I’ll fall into the water. If I’m just sitting down, I’ll be on the stairs.”

“In short, you’ll either get fully wet or not get wet at all.”


“Do you remember the photos in the report?”

“I will have to look-“.

“No time Cyrus. I’ll tell you. There is only one photo where the priest is seen. In that, he is only wet until his chest.”

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”