All Google Products shows Certificate Expired : Solution

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Some times almost every Google products and may other products also shows certificate expired or the connection is not trusted. I saw many people try to download certificates for Google and even try to uninstall every browsers re install it.

The solution for this problem is very simple. This is not caused by any missing certificate or problem with all your Internet browsers.

So you think it's due to the problem on Google Server?
Ha Ha! The Answer is NEVER.

How to Fix This Problem 

This problem is caused because of  Date and Time of your computer / smartphone is changed so Google servers cannot verify the same and shows just, the certificate is  expired and Not secure connection.

How To Reset Date and Time

Resetting Date and Time in Windows or Linux is not a big task. But it also sharing with here as the solution of the problem for the newbies.

First, Find the Date and Time on your Task Bar and click. Now there will be shown a box with Clock and calender. 

You can view a link as "Change date and time settings..." click on it and change date and time.

Now just refresh your web page and Enjoy the Full on Internet.