Browsers not displays webpages after 8.1 updation

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The main problem arising when successfully update windows 8 to 8.1 may be with your browser. Your internet connections will be connected but your web browsers will not able to display any webpages.
Feeling trouble with problem? Here is a simple way to solve this.

First of all, press win + x + a or go to start search for command prompt, and run it as administrator ( by left click and select "run as administrator").

Click Yes. Now You will get a new black window like this:

Chrome Not connecting to Net after 8.1 upgradation

Now type the command in the black box.

netsh winsock reset

Do remember, while typing, type the command exactly how looking here. Small letters, space between h and w, same way, space between k and r. Else the command will not works. 

Done. Restart your device enjoy Internet with new windows 8.1