How to Set Master Password for Mozilla Firefox?

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How many of you know that, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome will display your saved passwords for everyone? 

Yes it's true. When ever you save a password for any website or web service, such as email, social media etc.. Your browser will save it and anyone who able to access your browser can see all your passwords. 

Here we are explaining about how to set a master password for Mozilla Firefox

How to See saved passwords in Chrome?

Go to Options, Three rectangles on right of your address bar. 
Go to settings -> show advanced settings -> on password and forms, Manage saved passwords. 
while click on each password it will show password in text format.

How to See saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox?

Click on Firefox menu -> Options -> Options -> Saved Passwords ->show passwords.

         Since browsers provides this facility, managing passwords is easy but probability for hacking is higher.
      So, providing a master password for your manage password will be more secure. Hence others cannot access this secret area ;) But they can browse internet without any problem. :)

How to set Master Password for Mozilla Firefox?

This is a simple task. :)

Go to Firefox Menu -> Options -> Options -> tick on Use a master password box -> Now click on Master password button.

Pretty simple na? :) 

Secure yourself!