Tips to Increase Facebook Likes

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Hello There,

Hope you are very much active in Facebook. You are posted lot of pictures, status and share some interesting links also right? But Lack of Likes and shares makes to suffer?

Getting more Likes, share or Google +1 means, getting more popular on the circle.But do you think that all people who get likes and share day by day are really amazing peoples? Getting them in social medias are by some tricks. You can also get even thousands of likes for your post.

The ways to Get More Likes (shh.. it's secrets)

These steps are very simple to follow. But the result will be exciting.. 


Signup on Like exchanging websites. Followerscircle is one of the most popular service. This site are mainly provides Likes and followers by the terms of coins [ it's free ]. Know more about this website and how to join guide is here. set the country to your country only in this websites.


While the step 1 is successfully completed, you will get nice Likes and shares from this website. Keep on your mind that, Limit the day limit to minimum. Now your post will come upward. Now your friends will also Like your post. Do it daily. Ask your (very) best friends (only) to like your post. Hence It will saw by his friends also.


Now, we are going to the comment section... Keep in your mind that, whenever a friend comments on your post, don't miss him/her... how? Always tag profile name while doing comments. Hence He will be curios to read your replay and replay back soon. else may ignore that conversation. And also while doing conversation on post's comment, tag other's also naturally, That means When both are talking about another situation, If another person included there, Tag his name. Hence that person will get notification and join in your conversation... It will make your post popular and your excess friends will saw your post in their timeline and that conversation may continue if you are offline also :D

Don't Beg For Likes

Begging to your friends is not a good way. It will sometimes effect the natural like from them also. And begging "please Like my pic"... "please Like my pic" will make them harassing.. You can ask your friends in another way, "Do you see my new pic recently uploaded? Hows it? " or "Did you see that pic we taken from there.. I have uploaded it" or "did you saw my new status? what you think about it?" It is a different way of asking Likes and remembering about your new post.

Add More [Real] Friends

Add more and more real people from your friends. It will help you to get more likes and comments and for knowing more people means getting more social and support for real life. But be sure that you are not adding strangers.

End words

Everything sounds familiar right? these are simple but most effective ways to get Likes, shares, etc..

Comments and suggestions are most welcome!