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While blocking advertisements using some ad-blocking software
the revenue of bloggers will come down. The major revenue source of 90% of bloggers is advertising and even it is the major revenue way of some corporate companies like Google. The main reason why many of websites and online services are free of cost is, they earns revenue from advertising. But now a days, many of internet surfers are using programs like ad-block to block displaying advertisements. Because advertisements, especially popup ads will harass them. 

What you can do to over come this?

I have some solutions to over come the usage ad-blockers by your visitors. These solutions are very simple.

1. Ask Your visitors to turn off Adblock 

Don't use pop up advertisements.You can tell your visitors to disable when visiting your blog if they like your blog and it's rich contents by inserting an alert of request in your blog itself. But this method may not working well. and not easy to get all visitors. 

2. Force them to disable Adblock

This method is more effective and simple. You only need to place some codes in your blog. This codes will works for you. Whenever your blog is visited by a visitor who uses adblock, your blog will start requesting him to disable adblock.


Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template >Click Edit HTML
Search for the code ]]></b:skin> by selecting HTML editor and press Ctrl + F. And copy and paste the below code just above it.
#tex_noadblocker {
Now search for the code </head> and  paste the below code.
( Codes are available here to download if can't copy)
<script type="text/javascript">
if (document.getElementById("tex_noadblocker") != ()
    alert("We've detected that you're using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software. In order to keep this website free, this site is sponsored in part by advertisements.\r\nPlease consider disabling your ad blocker on this website\r\nif you enjoyed the content, and would like to support future \r\ninformative posts.Thank you!\r\n\r\nClick OK to continue\r\n\r\nPowered by");
Now search for <body> and paste the following code below it.
( Codes are available here to download if can't copy)
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Your are Done! :) Hit save and see your code working...

So, Bloggers, Am expecting your awesome comments :) If this post helps you, please simply say 'Thank You' as comment.