Best URL shorten websites to Earn Money

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Sharing web address is a common thing in internet. you may share address of a download link, favorite video clips, or may be some stuff for education. Some of these address should be very large right?

But you know, these address can be shorten using some web services and if anyone visits this link, you will be get paid. Excited? they are not mad to give you free money. Whenever you shorten a web address, they will also put some advertisements in that page. They are actually paying for these ads. 

Top URL shorten service which pays money 

Adfly: Adfly is one of the most using link shorten service. The CPV (cost per visit) rate is different for different countries. Clicks from countries like USA and UK pays more. To register, click here   

LinkBucks: LinkBucks is another URL shorten service. Most people recommends adfly. But in my experience, LinkBucks pays more. To register, click here

If you have any doubt or suggestion on earning money via Link sharing, feel free to convey it as comment .