How to Connect Two Computers - Basic Networking

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Basic Networking

LAN networking is the fastest and easiest way to share data between two PCs. Since it connects both the systems directly, there is no need of any mediators like pendrives or external storage devices. 

But, the truth is, many of people who have a great knowledge on computers and software are not beware about how to connect two computers together. Many of my friends asked about this. And here am sharing how to connects two computers together with RJ45 LAN cable.

Setting up an LAN connection between two computer is easy as ABCD. 

A. Name your computers
B. Give IP address for both computers
C. Connect them.
D. Check the connection and share your stuff.

What You Required to connect

1. Network driver enabled computers.
2. Connecting Media [Here RJ45 cable, you can also use wife or          internet]

How to Connect two computers using RJ45

Step A: Name your Computers

Name your computer. This is an easy job and not necessary to do but it's better if you name your computers.
  • <Right click> My Computer à Properties à computer Name
For windows 8 and win8.1 users, 
  • <Right click> This PC à Find Computer name section à Change settings
 Step B: Give unique IP address for both

  • Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network and sharing center  - Change adapter settings - Local Area Connection
Right click on Local Area Connection and take Internet Protocol version 4 on Networking tab click "Use the following IP address" and type an IP address. Do this for both computers and the last digit if IP address should be different and consecutive. eg: IP for first and for second 

 Step C: Connect both computers using RJ45 Cable

Now connect RJ45 cable on Network port of both computers.
 Step D: Check your connection and share stuff

If the second computer is detected on My Network Places of first computer and vise versa,  The computers are connected. We can check the connection via Ping commend also.

Video on How to Connect two computers using LAN (RJ45) cable is coming soon.