Characteristics of a Good Domain Name

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Choosing Right Domain Name

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Choosing Right Domain Name
Choosing a right and great domain name is an important part of a business.  If you are going to start a blog, writing business or any other online business, it should be the first step. So.. What are the characteristics of great domains? 

They should be short

Great domain names are short and easy to remember. There is no rule about the number or characters. A general guideline is never exceed than 15 characters. As I had mentioned earlier, the shorter the better. Aim for a one word domain. How ever it is a bad idea to have a domain with more than three words.

They should be easy to remember

Many internet users are not using bookmarks. They memorize domain names of websites they like and type when they want to visit once again. If your domain name is complex, you will loose them.

Be selective on domain names

Domain Names
Organizations may prefer .org domains. while companies may prefer country targeted domain names like *.in, * Huge companies may have main domain and country targeted domains. beside these cases, *.com domain is the best option.The .com extension is very popular on world and people remembers website as .com

They should be descriptive 

Choosing Right Domain Name
Many visitors lands to website via search engines and links from other websites. If your domain name is descriptive, your visitors will get idea about what your website regarding before entering. And if it contains relevant keywords, can helps you to rank high on search engines.

Should be brandable 

Should not contain numbers or hyphens 

Giving numbers and hyphens in domain names is bad idea. Because, if your domain is,, people only remember 'techie' and 'feeds' and forgot about the hyphen.. This will leads them to another website. 
In case of numbers it will cause confusion with the spelling. will confused with 
Choosing Domain Name Tips