Hide Hard Disk Drives in Windows - simple steps

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We can easily Hide and unhide hard disk drives in windows by using run commands. Hiding some drives which contains personal or confidential data will be useful.

To Hide a Drive in windows

1. Go to start -> Run. Or press Windows key and on your   keyboard. 

2. Type CMD as Run command.

3. Now type Diskpart in Command prompt and hit Enter. This command will start disk partition file on your system.

4. Then, run List Volume command.This command will list all disk volume labels on your computer.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to

5. And, Use select volume # command to select with drive you need to hide. [Keep in mind, use the disk volume number instead of #]. Eg: select volume 0.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to

6. Yeah! Almost done!. Now run remove letter # command [Use drive letter instead of #]. Eg: remove letter E.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to

Your Drive will be hidden now.

To Unhide an hidden drive in windows

1. For retrieve and hidden drive, Do then steps 1 - 5 above.

2. The run the command assign letter E [We used drive E to hide as example.

Hide Hard Disk Drives Windows how to