How to Optimize and Monetize Website - Part 2

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Read part One here: 

Top Ways to Optimize and Monetize Website - Part 1

Earning good amount of money through online is not an easy task. It requires, dedication, effort, creativity and of course interest and patience. Earning good amount of money through online is not a easy task. It requires, dedication, effort, creativity and of course interest and patience. 

You may noticed some people earn thousands of dollars from internet and some other not even earn a penny of real cash from the same methods.

It takes time. For the first two or three months, or years, you may not earned a single penny yet. So it is always better to start a blogger or non-paid WordPress blog.

Lets start blogging. In this post, we are discussing about SEO techniques which need to keep while writing your blog posts.

Be Unique: Violating copyrights is major issue which may effect your blog/site badly. Never copy paste others content to your blog. If you need a portion of others content, giving a source link is a good idea. Copyright violation includes only copy-paste but also if you take others content and write it in other way, it is also copyright violation. Write unique contents alway, Keep your blog Unique.

Highlight Lines: Highlighting important sentences may helps your blog/website ranks higher on search results. You can highlight lines by bold or underline it. 

Update Regularly: Updating regularly is important especially in the case of blogs. If a blog is not updating regularly with fresh content, It seems like a dead blog. And also for getting visitors also, your blog should be regularly updating. Be serious on Blogging.

Never Focus on Money: 95% of successful bloggers who makes millions from their blogs are not writing just for money. Write content for human beings and not for web bots. While you have quality content (both human and bot friendly), your traffic will improve and hence revenue also.

Ad Spacing: Since majority ad networking agencies like Google Adsense are supporting PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising method, placing your ads on eye catching locations is a best idea.

Moto X tips, Tricks and Review 2015

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Moto X 1502 and 1504 Latest Tips and Tricks

Motorola Moto X Logo
Moto X - Logo
Hope you are happy with awesome smartphone Moto X like me which is from the first manufacturer of Mobile phones, Motorola. I am owning this model (XT 1052, First Gen Moto X) last six months. Before buying this smartphone, I searched a lot websites about this and got only positive reviews (except in the case of SD card memory support) but the very first reason why I brought is, Motorola was owned by Search Engine Giant Google Inc that time and now owned by Lenovo.

Moto X
I got many tips and tricks related to Moto X from many websites, YouTube videos and found many tips myself which are not even disclosed officially from the Motorola. 

Here am sharing some of them. Since getting many features day by day and Lillipop updation is on the way for Moto X, this post may be updated later.

# Tip: Active Display

Active display is one of the awesome feature of Moto X. This app will allows you to go throw notifications without unlocking and this app will show notification details about favourite apps while taking this phone itself. You could change the Active Display settings via, 

Settings -> Active Dispay. On settings, you can tell Moto X from which apps you need notifications on Active Display Screen.

 And by tick or untick More privacy you could tell Details on notification is needed or not in Active Display Screen. For example, in the case of messaging app, if More privacy is ticked, app will not show who send and what is the message.

Little bit about Active Display Battery Usage: Active Display feature utilized very little amount of battery. And also you could stop this app at nights (your sleeping times) automatically if you are ticked Sleep at night.

# Tip: Touchless Control

Touchless Control is another feature from Moto X which allows you to access your Moto wihout touching like Apple's Siri app. 

This app is ideal while you are driving on in home. There are four mics on the device to support this.

For accuracy, Make your room  (where training Moto X), calm and silent as much as possible

# Tip: Tricks with Moto X Headset.

When my friend got Moto X in his hand, He was surprised, is there is no call attend button on Headset of such an good smartphone? 

Yes, There is a button with Motorola logo there on the other side of Headset mic. It allows you to change music, attend call and even access Touchless Control. Excited?

Long press Headset button and Touchless Control app will activated and waits for its owners command. Never pick your Moto out from your pocket.

# Tip: Spotlight Stories: Enjoy the power of sensors.

Spotlight stories are are cartoon stories on App named "Spotlight" which uses the powers of sensors in Moto X. Currently there are three stories released (Windy Day, Buggy night and Duet) while writing this review.


Top Ways to Optimize and Monetize Website - Part 1

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important part of website development and blogging.  It plays a vital role in driving traffic and monetization. 

Whats is Website Monetization?

According to Wikipedia, "Monetization is the process of converting existing traffic being sent to a perticular website into revenue." 

Many of blogs of newbies to professionals are running on platform as it is simple, and also have advanced options to customize. Here we are giving you some tips to optimize your blog on for search Engine crawls and also for readers.

1. Blog URL

Your blog URL should be relevant to the category of your blog. Better if most common keyword is included in your domain. Getting this would be hard job when trying on sub domains. So better try customized domain *.com domain is better.   

For complete guidelines, read our article  "Characteristics of a Good Domain Name"

2. Blog Title

Blog title is also have important role. Use keywords which will searched on search engines most often. The images below shows how to setup blog title and description in blogger blog.

3. Add Website to Search Engines 

Adding your blog address (url) to top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing manually will increase the visibility on search engines. Never waits for automatic crawling from them.