4 Tips to Make Your WhatsApp Account Secure

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WhatsApp Security Tips and Tricks
WhatsApp Security Tips and Tricks
WhatsApp is becoming popular day by day. There are 70 crore WhatApp users and above three thousand crore messages are transferring through WhatsApp every day and the count increases.

Many people are using WhatsApp for transferring messages, videos and photos than conventional messaging platforms but unfortunately WhatsApp is not secure at all.

Here sharing some tips to make your WhatsApp account secure over hacking and misusing  from strangers who operates your mobile for any reason or hackers who tries to access your account.

1) Keep your WhatsApp application locked

By default, Anybody who can unlock your device can use your WhatsApp account, and, keep in mind that WhatsApp messages not only contains texts but videos and images too. 

Lock your WhatsApp account by password, pin or security pattern via secure and most rated App lock applications (there are lot of applications locking apps available on all platform).  

2) Review the Privacy of your Profile Picture.

By default, your WhatsApp profile picture is accessible for everyone who uses WhatsApp. That means anyone who have your mobile number can download your picture. 

You could keep your profile picture accessible only for your friends (here friends = WhatsApp users whose number is saved on your mob) by,

Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Profile photo  <tap> -> My Contacts

3) Think twice if you get messages from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp communicates you only via Email. Never replay back if your get WhatsApp messages on behalf of WhatsApp company. 

4) Always log out WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp has been introduced WhatsApp feature recently. You could read out article here about activating WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp Web is still on beta and all security measures are not perfect on Web application. so it is important to logout always.


Chrome Cast is Now Available in India

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Good News Indians, Google Chrome cast is now available in India at cheapest rate (Rs 2999) only. 

Google Chrome Cast is simply a thumb sized Media streaming device that can be plugged on HDMI port of your TV and can be streamed your Android smart phone, windows phones, Iphone, laptop, anything your have to your TV.

Installation of Chrome Cast is simple and easy. Connect your Chrome Cast to your TV and you are ready to share your stuff from your smartphone/tablet or laptop.


Google Launched .HOW domain

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Internet is a vast space of knowledge. People uses internet to how things works, how to do something, how to start a business and thats why Google has been launched a new domain *.how mainly focused on tips and tricks websites.  

How to Register on .how Domain

.how domain is from Google registry and registering a domain name on .how is easy. 
visit get.how and search the domain name you want and Google will suggest you some of it's partners can register your domain name with.

Advantages of .how Domain

Your domain will let people know that your content is teaching something about. For example, consider the address, www.design.how. As domain implies, people will know that your content is about teaching and how to tips on the topic, designing. 

Registering .how domain for teaching and how to websites will also effect your SEO in good manner. because, Assume some one searching the keyword, "How to Design" and your url is www.design.how and the keywords "design and how" are there in the url itself. 


Quikr NXT is Available Now

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Quikr NXT
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Everything is going online and quikr is one of the best platform to purchase used as well as brand new products. Last month, I have purchased a sofa set from a native seller through Quikr.com and get great discount on price over direct purchase because sellers are  negotiating  their price for competition.

You could read about my recent purchases from Quikr here. 

And now, Quikr introduces a chat method called Quikr NXT with to chat buyers and sellers directly. And here is what I found helpful and why I am suggesting Quikr NXT to my readers here. For using Quikr NXT, click on the chat now button near the ad you are interested.

View full History of your Chats

By using Quikr NXT chat application, it is possible to get all previous chat history and later we can use it for comparing sellers based on that chat history and choose a best seller. If you contact them through phone call, you may forgot about the deal details and who is that, details.

While Am purchasing the sofa set, I have contacted with many sellers through Chat application and discussed with my family and some friends about the deals to select best one. 

  • How to make your number private?
Click on post a free ad on Quikr.com. In contact information sections, click on 'Maintain my privacy' to hide your contact information. You number is private now and sellers or buyers can only contact you through Quikr NXT (Chat application). Get out of worry of getting lots of calls to your personal number. 

Share Photos over Chat

Sharing photos privately to sellers and buyers is easy with Quikr NXT. In ordinary method, you have to share your Email ID for this and they may use your mail ID for marketing purposes. Thanks Quikr to stop this. Kuddos..

using this great new feature, they have send me latest variants of that product and other useful products to choose before going on their shop.

Sharing Photos feature also helps me to select the jeans without going to their shop. They have send me variety of model through photos and I like many of them and got with negotiable reason and that's why I visited their shop. 

Keep your Number Private

Sharing mobile number was another headache like sharing Email ID. Now you could make your number private to sellers by using Quikr NXT and share it if sharing number is comfortable. 

Another use of Quikr NXT is, you could talk with them on your comfortable time without money lose and can talk business with more than one sellers. This will helps you to bargain more with sellers and the key reason behind negotiating price is market competition. 

For Sellers, Quikr NXT will helps to canvas buyer with proving individual deals and sending photos.