Is Screen Guard Necessary for Mobile Devices?

Posted by Sajith V On 2 comments
Mobile devices are being large financial investment especially now a days with Smartphones, tablets etc and hence it is important to protect the given value however we can. 

As touch screen displays are one of the most valued and directly used part of our smart devices, we should try screen guards to protect it from scratches, dust, glare, and UV rays as much as can. Most smartphones owners believes, Screen guards are not necessary if they have Gorilla glass protection but the truth is, Gorilla glass can protect your screen from scratch only.

Screen Guard  

A screen guard or screen protector is a sheet of clear plastic sheet which adheres to your device's screen. The plastic sheet is cut to fit on your mobile screen and have holes and gaps according to device's model, shape, speakers, mic and camera's position and shape.

Benefits of Screen Guards 

There are different types with different quality screen guards are available in the Market now a days. Generally, Screen protectors protects your  screen from dust, glare, UV light, finger prints on screen, dirt, bacteria and improves Aesthetics. 

By using screen protectors, fingers or any surface doesn't have direct contact with the device's screen. The dirt, scratches and finger prints will affect the screen guard and only, and we can change the screen protector whenever we want to. Beside, There dust proof (dust repeal screen guard), Glare reducing screen guards (Anti-glare screen guard), privacy enhancing screen guards, UV protecting screen guards and many other type screen guards are available. Ebay have an exclusive online showroom for screen guards.


It is a great idea that every Mobile device owners should consider purchasing a screen guard to protect the value of their device and to prevent accidental damage being done to their screen. Gorilla classes are common on leading mobile and tablet manufactures like Apple, Motorola, Samsung, LG (Nexus devices) but it is not recommended to ignore screen protectors.