Make Your Website more Visible on Search Results

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Improve Search visibility
Getting ranked for top keywords on Google is tough. But you could use some Google recommended methods to let search engine giants like Google know, you are there. In this article, we will discuss some methods which helps Google and other search engines sit back  and crawl (notice) your website frequently.


Content is the King. Search engines love websites which are updated regularly with fresh and quality content. Blogging could be used for this. Read here Why blogging is important.

Setup Google Webmaster Tools

As name implies, Google webmaster tools is a free service from Google which helps webmasters for analyzing and optimizing websites for Google (and for other search engines). By setting up your website on Google Webmaster tools, you are submitting your website on Google too. GWT is a powerful tool for analyzing backlinks to your website.

Setup Google MyBusiness 

MyBusiness helps you to get verified your business and improves visibility in relevant geographic search results and maps.  

Be Serious on Google +

Maintain your Google + profile and pages actively. Posting website or blog post links on Google + pages or profiles could help them index on Google easily - Another way for submitting your links for Google bot.

Gain more and more Google +1s.

Google +1 Logo
Because, Google "plus one" (+1) can act as votes for your website. You could do this by adding social share buttons and +1 buttons on all pages of your website. The count of +1s shows how much people recommended your website. There are many services which offers free social share button codes. Just Google!

Use relevant and accurate Title and Meta tags 

Ensure that all pages of your website contains accurate and relevant title tag and meta description. All pages associated with your website should contain unique, accurate and relevant title tags and meta description. 

Use Alt and title tags for all Images

Did you know, How Google shows images for searched keywords? the truth is that, Google or any other computer program is not able to read the content of the image files thoroughly. What plays behind Google image search results is, Alt tags and meta tags of the image. So choosing right alt and title tags for images on your website could helps to make some traffic and rank improvements on search results.

Make your website Mobile friendly

As Google Mobilegeddon algorithm update is out, Websites should be mobile friendly and responsive for better ranking on Google search results. Google introduced this update mainly because of the internet users from smart phones are much more than PC users.  

Computer Servicing
Your personal computer may contain important data or information and many of them might be private or confidential. The computer repairing guys may need to remove or alter your windows as part of the servicing. And data misusing is also an important issue facing nowadays. Even if you are consulting a trusted computer repairing guys, There might chance to wipe your data. 

But with the right precautions, could ensure the protection of your data.

The Trust

Trust is very important. There are many certified computer servicing centers, but trustworthy centers are less.

Keep your Hard Disk 

Keep your hard disk with you if it is not necessary to hand over. All your data, including photos, videos, web browsing histories are stored in your hard disk. There may be issues with mother board or other peripherals. Ask them where the issue and if hard disk is fine, keep it in your hands. 

You could install your hard disk on another PC and work with it. 

If it is necessary to hand over the PC with hard disk, 

Do Bit Level formatting

Bit Format your hard disk two or more times because if formatted just once, people could recover your data easily. 

If you are not able to format your Hard disk,

Put Important files into the Cloud

Copy and paste all your important files into cloud storage space such as One Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive to ensure the availability of your data and wipe them from your hard disk or format it. 

This is one of the best strategy to ensure the protection of your data even if your hard disk fails at any time.

Clear history and browsing data of browsers.

You may be saved your frequently visiting websites login credentials on your computer. Clear these saved passwords and clear internet browsing history before giving your PC for repair. 

All major browsers support quick Alt + Ctrl + Del command of wiping such history. If you are using Google Chrome, simple you could sign out your chrome account and it will wipe all data till you sign in again.

Back up sensitive files 

Probably your PC may contain files you may don't want people to see such as bank details, credit card details, personal photos etc. Keep them insecure. Use personal USB storage device.

Give your PC for servicing with smiling face :) 

Why Choose MS SQL for Software or Web Application?

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Now a day, Everything is going online. Even for a coffee house, a website is very important as part of marketing and for internal purpose most promising companies have an own web app or networked software. Most companies now prefer web apps than application software because of remote access from all around the web.

Data handling is the most important and valuable thing in any web app or software applications as they are created for making the data handling process easier. Ms SQL server plays a vital role here in data handling. It keeps your data secure, strong, true record locking faster process  than any SQL servers and this is why SQL is strongly recommended for applications over competitors. Ms SQL is a flagship of Microsoft as far as databases are concerned. 

So it is always better to consider companies who are working and expertise in PHP web designs and MS SQL Access like Accede solutions.

Accede is an Australian based web design and database management company with 31 years of experience and is the brain behind the most used accounting software Quickbooks by startup companies and even large enterprises.

What makes Accede unique is, You own your source code. 

Sony Xperia Z Smartphone - Design Review

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Sony Corporation is a Tokyo based leading innovator of audio, video, game, communication, key device and IT products for both consumer and professional markets. 

Sony Corporation produces a wide range of Mobile phones, tablets and other devices under the brand name Xperia which are powered by Android. 

Last week I purchased a Sony Mobile named Xperia Z for one of my best friends. 

 Sony Xperia Z Smartphone

Sony Xperia Z review
Sony Xperia Z is an Android based smartphone with the original and powerful waterproof technology at a lower price compared to other leading same category smartphones.

Sony Xperia Z is having a cutting edge camera, super slim design and Android KitKat 4.1 OS. 

Xperia Z becomes one of the most selling smartphone of mobile produced by Sony Corporation. Which is powered by a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon Krait processor, 2GB RAM, 16 GB storage (expandable), 13 MP camera, 1080p HD Screen with Bravia engine, LTE, perfect water resistant power, to name a few.

The front of Xperia Z is very simple with showing only the Sony logo near front camera and near rear camera, various tech info are printed with Sony Xperia logo, NFC badge, and camera flash light.

Sony Xperia Z review
The SIM slot and volume buttons are on the right and other ports are spread out on the top near the headphone jack.  While both SD card slot and charging ports are on the left and a strong water resistant cover protects both.

And the good news is, Price of the Xperia Z is so affordable.

What makes Xperia Z a good choice                                            

HD Screen                                        
Dust and Waterproof
Great performance
Better battery backup
Excellent build quality. 

Key Specs.

Display: 5 Inch 
Processor: 1.5 GHz
Front Cam: 2.2 megapixel
Rear Cam: 13.1 megapixel
Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels
Storage: 16 GB
Battery Capacity: 2330 mAh


Searching for a Computer Repairing Center?

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Computer and mobile phones (smartphones) are your long term investments. Proper maintenance and servicing is essential for its performance and life. 

Unfortunately, computer repairing is one of the main headache faced by individuals and some IT companies, even if many more computer servicing and iPhone repair shops are opening every day. 

This happens because, finding a trusted computer service center is still a hard job.

Why Choosing a trusted Computer repair center is important?

People are still not being aware about the importance of choosing best service center for servicing their computer or iPhone. Choosing the right guys will helps you to save some money on your repairing costs. Here providing case study of a servicing company I have worked with for servicing my device. 

 Wilmington Geeks is one of the best computer repairing guys located in Wilmington, NC.

Services offered by WilmingtonGeeks

WilmingtonGeeks will do Apple Mac servicing, iPhone and android device repairing, and networking etc. 

What makes WilmingtonGeeks Special?

Lets have a deep look at the services offered by WilmingtonGeeks.

Apple Mac Servicing 

Apple Mac devices may your most expensive investment. Then why you choose a non-certified service guys, when WilmingtonGeeks have certified Apple technicians who can service your device on the same day. They have very powerful tools for optimizing and boosting your device without losing any data.


Networking is important for any type of companies. An intelligent network can make the day by day jobs easily by data transfer with high security over internal networks (LAN). 

Smartphone Repairing

Always choose the best service centers only for repairing your smart phones. For many service centers, repairing your device is a do or die process. If they failed, they may find thousands of problems for your device. 

Computer Repairing

WelmingtonGeeks have a specialized team for repairing your PC at the same day. They will examine your device in depth and diagnosis problems and resolves it without losing any of your data stored on it. 

Think twice before giving you valuable device for repairing. Do research on their service history and give attention to their service policies, term and conditions etc.

Top Apps to keep you Up To Date

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In our busy lives, we’re so busy catching up with work, family and other errands that we forget to follow with what’s going on around in the world. Our only connection with the outside world is our Whatsapp chat groups and Facebook wall that give us some clue as to what is happening around us.
However for our own knowledge and to be able to better converse with people outside it’s important to be up to date with the world around us be it in terms of politics, sports, economics or even social issues.
It is sometimes embarrassing to be part of a conversation where people are discussing about a particular news item but you are absolutely clueless as to what is going on around you. If you want to save yourself from such embarrassment you should download these apps on your phone to never be behind again:

 Times of India 

One of India’s most popular newspapers is now on the mobile to make sure you’re always abreast with the latest news and world trends. Be it world news from 225 countries or news from across 45 Indian Cities, it brings you the latest news along with notifications so you’re never behind with what’s going on. Be it an earthquake or the result of an IPL match, you’ll always be the first to know with this apps efficiency. Get stories, headlines as well as news that is trending across the internet from the world over in the arena of politics, sports, entertainment and finance.
You can also view breaking news on Times Now Live TV and become one of its 100 million satisfied customers.
Buy yourself a new smartphone to make use of this app by redeeming exclusive Paytm Coupons given by a discount website to get not just discounts but also cash back.

Economic Times

If you’re keen about the economic ups and downs, want to know about the Repo Rate, CRR, SLR, stock market, bonds, debentures and every facet related to the economy and finance then this app is a must.
The app covers not only trending national and international news but gives a keen insight into business related movements to give a good update as to what’s happening in the economy of the world as well as the Indian Economy.
If you find any story worth sharing you can easily do that by sharing it with your friends on different social networks as well as email.

 News in Shorts

This app is for those who want to remain abreast with news but do not have time to read every article in depth. This unique apps brings the news in such a fashion so as to allow the user to read stories in about 60 words to give you a gist of the issue to save your time. This company has been founded by IIT-ians and they understand the youth today does not have the same kind of time as their ancestors to spend it on newspaper reading.
This app lets you read a summary of the news and if you like it you can flip it to read the full news to get an in-depth detail about it.
Buy the latest Android Phones to download such apps by redeeming exclusive Amazon Coupons to get the best deals on smartphones and let it become your guide.

Aaj Tak

This is the leading site to bring all the breaking news and current affairs in Hindi. It brings latest news from across the nation related to every genre be it politics, Bollywood, sports so you never have to feel linguistically impaired if you do not follow the news in English. It brings news to you with its own local touch.

 News Point  

This is one of the best platforms for finding news. It brings together publications of different languages all under one roof so you don’t have to go looking for news in your local vernacular. It includes English Newspaper, Hindi Newspaper, Marathi Newspaper, Gujarati Newspaper as well as Bengali and Kannada Newspapers to get cricket, entertainment, business and technology news in the language of your choice so you don’t have to struggle with languages you’re not comfortable with.

At the end of the day, we need to be connected to the world around us and what all goes on to be able to better participate in conversations around us and not feel embarrassed about not having followed the news. Let these apps enlighten you and keep you updated with what goes on, on the go.


Facts about Google Mobilegeddon Update

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Hello Bloggers and Web Masters,

Google Mobilegeddon update
Google Mobilegeddon update
Are you aware about the new Google algorithm update called "Mobilegeddon" update which is said to influence Google search results way more than any other animal named updates (Panda, Penguin etc).

As name implies, Mobilegeddon is basically Google giving more priority and ranking for mobile friendly and faster websites. Websites and blogs which are slower and not properly optimized for mobile devices will start dropping down to search results and Google ranking. 

Shifting to a mobile friendly website is the most successful and important strategy for gaining a rank boost, instead of heavy drop after this Google update.

How to know a website / blog is mobile friendly or not? 

Google has provided powerful tools for check your
Google Mobilegeddon update
Google Mobilegeddon update
websites performance and whether it is mobile friendly or not. 

1) Take a Mobile friendly test. 

If your website or blog passed Google's mobile friendly test, you have survived 40% from the Mobilegeddon update. Take mobile friendly test here:

2) Take a speed test 

here: Make sure you have a good score in this test and if not passed, follow the recommendations to achieve it.

Minimizing HTML and CSS codes and optimizing images could speed up your website and hence could boost in Google results.

People and Search engines are now focusing on Mobile friendly websites. Various surveys proved that there are 200% people using mobile for surfing internet than computers. What you are waiting for?
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