Top Apps to keep you Up To Date

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In our busy lives, we’re so busy catching up with work, family and other errands that we forget to follow with what’s going on around in the world. Our only connection with the outside world is our Whatsapp chat groups and Facebook wall that give us some clue as to what is happening around us.
However for our own knowledge and to be able to better converse with people outside it’s important to be up to date with the world around us be it in terms of politics, sports, economics or even social issues.
It is sometimes embarrassing to be part of a conversation where people are discussing about a particular news item but you are absolutely clueless as to what is going on around you. If you want to save yourself from such embarrassment you should download these apps on your phone to never be behind again:

 Times of India 

One of India’s most popular newspapers is now on the mobile to make sure you’re always abreast with the latest news and world trends. Be it world news from 225 countries or news from across 45 Indian Cities, it brings you the latest news along with notifications so you’re never behind with what’s going on. Be it an earthquake or the result of an IPL match, you’ll always be the first to know with this apps efficiency. Get stories, headlines as well as news that is trending across the internet from the world over in the arena of politics, sports, entertainment and finance.
You can also view breaking news on Times Now Live TV and become one of its 100 million satisfied customers.
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Economic Times

If you’re keen about the economic ups and downs, want to know about the Repo Rate, CRR, SLR, stock market, bonds, debentures and every facet related to the economy and finance then this app is a must.
The app covers not only trending national and international news but gives a keen insight into business related movements to give a good update as to what’s happening in the economy of the world as well as the Indian Economy.
If you find any story worth sharing you can easily do that by sharing it with your friends on different social networks as well as email.

 News in Shorts

This app is for those who want to remain abreast with news but do not have time to read every article in depth. This unique apps brings the news in such a fashion so as to allow the user to read stories in about 60 words to give you a gist of the issue to save your time. This company has been founded by IIT-ians and they understand the youth today does not have the same kind of time as their ancestors to spend it on newspaper reading.
This app lets you read a summary of the news and if you like it you can flip it to read the full news to get an in-depth detail about it.
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Aaj Tak

This is the leading site to bring all the breaking news and current affairs in Hindi. It brings latest news from across the nation related to every genre be it politics, Bollywood, sports so you never have to feel linguistically impaired if you do not follow the news in English. It brings news to you with its own local touch.

 News Point  

This is one of the best platforms for finding news. It brings together publications of different languages all under one roof so you don’t have to go looking for news in your local vernacular. It includes English Newspaper, Hindi Newspaper, Marathi Newspaper, Gujarati Newspaper as well as Bengali and Kannada Newspapers to get cricket, entertainment, business and technology news in the language of your choice so you don’t have to struggle with languages you’re not comfortable with.

At the end of the day, we need to be connected to the world around us and what all goes on to be able to better participate in conversations around us and not feel embarrassed about not having followed the news. Let these apps enlighten you and keep you updated with what goes on, on the go.