Asus Zenfone2 Review

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"What features will come to your mind while someone asking you about your favorite smartphone?" - My friend asked to me.

He was introducing his brand new Asus Zenphone2 smartphone.

"Ofcourse, I need better performance (RAM, Processor, etc.) and better Camera.... Then... Storage capacity and it's good if it supports the latest version of Operating system.

The next question was, 

"You choose performance as a first priority... How much RAM capacity you are expecting for a smartphone below 22K?" - He asked again.

"Uh.. 2GB?" - Answered.

"2GB? Sajith, My Smartphone which costs below 22K have 4GB of RAM capacity". 

"4GB? .. " My mouth opened and eyes rolled out. (:-o)

"Hmm.. And the second choice is Camera quality.. Is 13 MP primary and 5 MP secondary cameras bad ;) " - Again he questioned.

"NEVER.." - My answer...

Even my 25K smartphone doesn't have these configurations. :(

"And Sajith, My smartphone have 1280 x 720 HD IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection" - Doesn't sounds bad.

His zenfone2 comes with exceptional storage capacity and you could choose how much storage you needed and the storage capacities available are 16 GB, 32 GB, 64GB, 128 and priced INR 15K, 19K, 23K and 30K respectively.

Quick zenfone2 specifications.

Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel processor
Camera: 13 MP primary / 5 MP secondary
OS: Andriod Lollipop (V5)
Storage Capacity: 16/32/64/128 GB variants available

A quick Google of ASUS zenfone2 leads me to promotion program of Zenfone2 by Asus named "India Unseen Project" which calls all Indians to take unseen pictures of Indian culture, Indian places or anything related to incredible India and best photo entries will a brand new zenfone2 and some vouchers are there for other contestants.  Participate for "India Unseen Project" here.

This all shows, Asus might make some revolutionary changes in the Android smartphone world. 

Hats off to the new Asus Zenfone2. And planning to purchase Asus zenfone2 now. 

Some Common Cyber Myths and Realities

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Most Common Cyber Myths and Realities
Cyber Myths and Realities
We are living in a cyber world and almost everything is computerized. And hence there are some myths also in the cyber world. Here reveals some of them.

Is Auto Run a Virus program?

A majority of techies believes that, the file "autorun. inf" is a virus program. We might have experiences like when we insert a CD or pen drive, someone might say, delete that "autorun.inf" and it's a harmful virus for your PC. 
Guys, "autorun.inf is not a Virus program".

What is autorun.inf?

Autorun.inf is NOT a virus
Autorun.inf is NOT a Virus

Did you notice when inserting a Disk or pendrive, some files (executable or non executable) open automatically? "autorun.inf" is the file/program which plays behind this. The file name which needs to be executed or open automatically is written in the autorun.inf file.

However, Some virus programs may write their names in this file and which causes automatic execution of Virus programs whenever you connect the media device. This may happen if you connect your media into a virus infected PC. 

So there is no problem for opening this file and checking which files have the permission to execute automatically. The majority of software installation CDs and pen drives used "autorun. inf"  file for running their .exe file automatically. 

Is multi OS makes PC Slower?

Another most common myth is, Having two or more Operating Systems in a computer will makes the system slower and this is not true. You could have as much as the OS on your PC and it will not cause your PC performance. 
Windows and Ubuntu
Windows and Ubuntu

People may think, if there is two or more OS, RAM (Random Access Memory) may be shared shared for both OS.

One Operating System is allowed at a time and hence PC performance, or RAM allocation will not be shared with other OS. You could install as much OS you need (with a consideration of Hard Disk space).

Did you know about any other cyber myths? Do comment it below.

After the release of HTML5 and CSS3 standard for the web, the face of many websites is changing as it supports embedding videos with <video> tag just as how we are using the <img> tag. 

YouTube and HTML5
YouTube and HTML5
The majority of websites masters is stopped using Adobe flash player and using HTML5 player instead.

YouTube, the biggest place where Adobe flash player is residing, is thinking about changing to HTML5 video player instead of Adobe.  
But why still YouTube is not using HTML5 video player as primary player is, lack of support for earlier versions of Web browsers (your browser should be updated for using HTML5 player).

Even though YouTube has released HTML5 video player version and users have to check compatibility and enable it manually.

If you are not satisfied with HTML5 player, you could move back to the old YouTube player at any moment. 

How to Enable HTML5 video player on YouTube

You could check the compatibility of your browser for  YouTube's HTML5 version here. The only conditions to be qualified for using latest HTML5 version is, your web browser should be updated. If HTML5 is supported by your browser, consider updating it.

HTML5 compatibility check for YouTube
HTML5 compatibility check for YouTube

If  your browser supports HTML5 player, go to and enable HTML5 player by clicking the button "Get Player".

Enable HTML5 video player for YouTube
Enable HTML5 video player for YouTube

If you are not satisfied with HTML5 player, you could move to the old player by visiting this ( page again.

YouTube with HTML5
YouTube with HTML5