How to increase RPM and CTR: Google Adsense Optimization

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Earn More Money from Google Adsense

Getting a good blog running and still end up with less revenue issue is one of the nightmares after Google Adsense (or any ad network) is approved. With the correct and opt optimization, you can actually earn more than you expect. Once you are approved for Adsense (for the sake of me, here onwards I will be referring Google Adsense as an example) you are all your own, just placing them randomly won’t bring you any revenue. Take a look at a few of the strategies that will really help you out.
Please note that, it is always recommended to follow the Adsense/Ad network policies. This post does not include any black hat SEO or content techniques that will affect your Adsense or any such.

Running Ads on the side bars.

This is the most common and native ad placement method, this actually gains us page views if the reader land on any page in the blog or website. Since we don't want to do anything stupid and get Adsense into trouble, let's just do it the Google way. We will just place 2-3 Ads only on one page. It is always recommended that you place one leader board on top of the blog/site (780x90). This will really make a difference as the viewers will definitely view the ad once they land on the page which will finally end up in more ad views. The right side bar Ad placements are visibly good looking and really does the job. But make sure your ads are responsive. You don't want Ads disrupting the content that is against Adsense policy.

In post Ad placement

In post ad placement is the best way for making revenue. In post can gain you really more RPM. If you take a look at my ad unit placement and in post RPM you can definitely see the difference in the RPM I received. In post Ads is the magic, if placed properly along with images and links you can really increase your turnover and hence higher CTR. If you place ads within the content, it will hike the CTC and CTR as the ads are showing more relevant to the content. Imagine I write an article nearly hosting and I place ads within the content, behind Google starts showing ads connected to the content the chances of getting clicks are comparatively more comparing to the clicks you would have got placing ads in the sidebar.
With the best Ad strategies comes more revenue. Please do make sure you don't disrupt the content by placing more ads and less content. I would recommend you place 'responsive ads' between posts in order to avoid incompatibility in various screen sizes and devices. Don’t forget the mobile users, though the ads you place will appear on mobile devices, it is always recommended that you also include mobile ads along with the other ad units too.  Also keep in mind, use recommended ad units and responsive ad units in order to increase user engagement and more revenue,

And not last but the least, the analytics. Use a good analytic like Google or any other analytic tool to identify the most explored and engaged area in the site/blog by the users and place ad's accordingly. The targeting audience plays a great role in making the most out Google Ads or any other ad network. Certain countries like USA and United Kingdom gives you more RPM especially Canada with the highest RPM. Take a look at few strategies to target audience and hike the revenue.