Windows 10 Taking Too Much Time to Boot?

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Is your PC taking too much time to boot after your Windows 10 upgrade? Speedup your Windows10 PC today.

There are two ways to optimize the speed of your new Windows 10 operating system, and they are, 

1. Delete your old Windows version
2. Advanced Boot options

Read about how to speed up your Windows 10 booting.

Method 1: Delete your old windows version 

The first and most recommended method to delete your old windows version is, Click start button, and type "settings", Go to PC  settings and select "storage" tab. This page shows all storage related settings on your Windows 10 PC. Find the section, Old version of Windows and click remove previous windows version button. It may take some time to complete this action as it contains large files.

This method simple. You can do this by deleting the folder, "windows.old" from your c:// drive and it might take some time. This method is not recommended as it may not delete some files related to previous versions of windows (windows 8/windows 7).

Method 2: Advanced Boot Options

Type "msconfig" run box or in the start menu and click on " System Configuration ". Then go to Boot tab. This window will show you all the Windows operating systems installed on your system. 
Windows System Configuration
Windows System Configuration

Now click the button, "Advanced Options" button.

Tick the checkboxes, "Number of processors" and "Maximum memory".

Advanced Boot Options - Windows
Advanced Boot Options - Windows

And set their values (max) based on your current hardware configuration. 

Click Ok and experience the difference!