[TIPS] How To Reduce Your E-Waste

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With ever-growing technology and fast changing gadgets, people are dumping their old electronic devices and moving on to the newer and more sophisticated versions. With the latest gadgets being bought off the shelf in no time, old gadgets are being scrapped by the minute. The E-waste that is getting piled up has an  adverse effect on the environment. The metals and materials used in these electronic gadgets that are discarded find their way into water bodies and the soil. These materials are highly toxic and experts believe that they can cause serious health problems.

It is estimated that our country alone will generate almost 1.5 lakh tons of e-waste by 2020. Sound alarming? Here is what you can do to minimize your e-waste:

  • You want a brand new high-end smartphone with the latest specifications and you are willing to dump that old phone of yours. Why not cash on it rather than throw it away? sell your old mobile to a refurbishing company and you will not only profit from the deal but you can help reduce the impact of e-waste in a small way.

  • If you are unhappy with the way your old laptop is performing, why not upgrade it rather than buy a new one. Most systems have software that can upgrade to a better version. Many systems have memory and performance enhancing features. Computers can have memory and performance enhancing features added to them. Deleting unwanted data or zipping them can help save space. Further, you can store sensitive information on a cloud online and hence can boost your system's performance.

  • The next time you decide you want to buy a new electronic device like a phone thinks about buying a used smartphone online. You can avail great offers when you buy refurbished gadgets. You save money, reduce e-waste, and you get a quality checked product that you can be sure.

  • Make sure you buy environment-friendly electronic items. Look for products labeled with Energy Star or those are certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT).

 Our planet is running out of time - you can do your bit to save it!