Over the past years, marketing automation has rapidly ascended and is irresistible for one involved in B2B marketing. Though diving in deep, the undulating glory you'll observe the pleasures of marketing automation are not sharp as you thought and considered it for first.

According to the according to the Annuitas 2015 B2B Enterprise survey, only 2.8% of B2B business marketers say marketing automation-powered campaigns have let them achieve their demand generation goals. The survey is conducted on 100+ B2B enterprise marketers from organizations generating annual revenues more than $250 million.

Almost 70% of businesspersons are either completely unsatisfied or are partially pleased with marketing automation.

Recognizing the Marketing Automation Constraints
It's crucial to learn what marketing automation does great—as well as what its flaws are.

Marketing automation works in sound when a clear plan is in trade. Majorly it smoothes and scale your current processes, and just doesn't automate your marketing tactics. Marketing automation tool maintains progress and is more of an automation tool.

All marketing automation is based on preset logic - If A occurs then perform B, if A does not occur, then do C and the custom buying funnel theory to outline the marketing campaign architecture further to trigger the connections.
The intricacy is that the buyer journey is much more involved than marketing automation businesspeople who you would have supposed —it's not solely a one-time deal.

Ultimately, marketing automation overlooks the possibilities which are always developing in their concerns, demands, and goals. Marketing automation can present you a head score, but it doesn't reveal you why a prospect is so performing.

Get Ready your Organization for Marketing Automation 
Everything doesn't mean that putting in marketing automation is a fool's job. Nevertheless, the application, resources, and tactics needed to make the most of any Marketing Automation tool are often significantly not valued.
So, if you are thinking for marketing automation, first get your organization ready in the below five ways.

  • Identify the absolute customer profile
For getting the maximum from your marketing automation tool, you need to go throughout the process of knowing your ideal buyer profile and your buyer personas.

Marketing automation counts on laws that section and forward messages based on individual recipient's profile. You must know these initially before you begin the messages automating.

  • 2.     Gather the appropriate lead data
Very sooner in your journey of marketing automation; it will be openly visible that the quality of data is ultimate. The quality of the data you accumulate through the Web forms or social sign-ins determines what you can achieve with those leads. It's consequently necessary that you get sufficient data to be effective to section leads in your database.
You should begin by just collecting the contact details, but data can even reach product history (what shoppers have shopped) or whats their interest.

  • 3.     Don't make procurement a one-sided judgment
A severe mistake happens when the procurement of the latest technology is handled by a CMO who does not include the teams of SEO, content, email, and CRM, all of which ultimately find themselves managing a technology they had the short part either in examining or consulting.
That inescapably points to (dis)ownership problems within Marketing concerning who is in command of the platform.

  • 4.     Experiment first on a small subset of your database
Most organizations cannot wait to get commenced with marketing automation. Rather than releasing campaigns on the complete customer database and producing a massive spike in the churn or opt-outs, perform the test on small database samples to observe how they react to your new marketing abilities.

  • 5.     Have ample content
Too usually, marketing automation plans begin seriously and then run out of enthusiasm soon as the company has too less whitepapers or blog posts for sending to the prospects or leads.
Content is surely not all fitting size and must be taken care to ensure that the content being created and published into the upbringing campaigns is fit enough.

When executed suitably, marketing automation certainly can be a benefit to B2B marketers which resemble for sending relevant information to their prospects and leads. Though in all the fuss circling this emerging technology, it's necessary for these same marketers to be mindful of the problems that can occur—and therefore develop their organizations respectively.

Author Bio:
Jagdish Prajapat is a Digital Marketing Consultant by profession. He is associated with Baymediasoft, a WordPress development company. He is a passionate writer and has actively writing useful blogs and articles about technical stuff.