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Spy on iPhone Text Messages without Jailbreak

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No Jailbreak
No Jail Break

It’s actually pretty distressing to hear that parents are spying on their kids with cameras and other creepy gadgets. But in reality, parents are doing what they can to keep their kids out of danger. Leaving your kids unmonitored is a pretty flawed idea, considering the rising incidents of online abuse. 

Kids want themselves to be perceived as “we don’t care” about meeting the status quo, or not giving a dime about how people think of them. And for that, they use social media as their instrument of communication. 

Kids want their peers to be jealous of the summer trip they had, the concert they went to last night, or the exotic lunch they ate at the trendy boutique bistro. If they are not posting these things online, how will people know how cool their lives are? Cool or not; with the frequency of post and tweets that kids are posting online, it’s just making them more visible and vulnerable to people who can harm them, physically and mentally. So a good way to start with your child’s online safety is to monitor their smartphone.

To achieve that, you can use an app link xnspy that can spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak and do a lot of other handy stuff too.
The problem lies within the belief that your child has that they are not stupid enough to make silly mistakes. But least they know about how even a check-in for Sunday brunch at the local cafĂ© can tell their predators about their location. 

Parents don’t have to inculcate the idea that they are spying them. A more positive approach is required with that, like telling your kids that their smartphone is monitored just in the very same manner, as a doctor would do to monitor their health. The solution, however, doesn’t lie just with monitoring your child. Educating them is also necessary, especially about the etiquettes of safe online behavior. But sometimes, it can get really difficult to get the idea of spying out of their minds, if they have been living with the impression of being spied.

Stop immediately with all those monitoring techniques that are a threat to your child’s privacy. They include cameras, or microphones and any other quirky gadget that gives the idea of ‘spying’ into anyone’s mind. The simplest way is to use a smartphone monitoring app that works without jailbreak, because if you are going for an app that requires a jailbreak, again, it would give your child the idea of how you are going crazy to spy on them.

A jailbreak-free app like xnspy can monitor WhatsApp chats, calls and multimedia from your kid’s iPhone or other iOS device. It can also execute other important tasks like giving parents information about call logs, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries and contacts from the target user’s device. 

XNSPY is a fast and reliable way to spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak and for monitoring other important features of your child’s smartphone. 


4 Tips to Make Your WhatsApp Account Secure

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WhatsApp Security Tips and Tricks
WhatsApp Security Tips and Tricks
WhatsApp is becoming popular day by day. There are 70 crore WhatApp users and above three thousand crore messages are transferring through WhatsApp every day and the count increases.

Many people are using WhatsApp for transferring messages, videos and photos than conventional messaging platforms but unfortunately WhatsApp is not secure at all.

Here sharing some tips to make your WhatsApp account secure over hacking and misusing  from strangers who operates your mobile for any reason or hackers who tries to access your account.

1) Keep your WhatsApp application locked

By default, Anybody who can unlock your device can use your WhatsApp account, and, keep in mind that WhatsApp messages not only contains texts but videos and images too. 

Lock your WhatsApp account by password, pin or security pattern via secure and most rated App lock applications (there are lot of applications locking apps available on all platform).  

2) Review the Privacy of your Profile Picture.

By default, your WhatsApp profile picture is accessible for everyone who uses WhatsApp. That means anyone who have your mobile number can download your picture. 

You could keep your profile picture accessible only for your friends (here friends = WhatsApp users whose number is saved on your mob) by,

Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Profile photo  <tap> -> My Contacts

3) Think twice if you get messages from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp communicates you only via Email. Never replay back if your get WhatsApp messages on behalf of WhatsApp company. 

4) Always log out WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp has been introduced WhatsApp feature recently. You could read out article here about activating WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp Web is still on beta and all security measures are not perfect on Web application. so it is important to logout always.


Chrome Cast is Now Available in India

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Good News Indians, Google Chrome cast is now available in India at cheapest rate (Rs 2999) only. 

Google Chrome Cast is simply a thumb sized Media streaming device that can be plugged on HDMI port of your TV and can be streamed your Android smart phone, windows phones, Iphone, laptop, anything your have to your TV.

Installation of Chrome Cast is simple and easy. Connect your Chrome Cast to your TV and you are ready to share your stuff from your smartphone/tablet or laptop.


Whatsapp Web Available Now on Desktop

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WhatsApp Logo
For the first time, WhatsApp Messanger, one of the worlds favourite instant messaging service on Smartphone devices is available on Web via Google Chrome browser as its extensions.

Connecting your whatsApp account to Google Chrome browser is simple than installing a software.

How to Enable WhatsApp on Web

Open in your Google Chrome browser and your could see a QR code and Scan the QR code inside WhatsApp messenger and your phone Whatsapp will be paired to your browser (chrome only). And you are ready to use.

You phone should be connected to internet to work chrome extent ion.

How to Enable WhatsApp Web On Chrome

Android Users

Open WhatsApp -- Menu -- WhatsApp Web

Windows Users

Open WhatsApp -- Menu -- WhatsApp Web


Open WhatsApp -- Chats -- Menu Key -- WhatsApp Web

Apple iOs 

Oops Not Available now due to iOs limitations.


Essential Accessories and Apps for Smartphone

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Smart Phone Picture
Smart Phone
Smartphones are companion of everyone's pocket now. It's true that, smartphones got more popularity among common people after the launching of Android mobile phones. It's just because, many companies from Mobile technology giants to start-up companies made smartphones at reasonable price as Android is a free to use OS.  

Android is a free to use and powerful mobile OS. And now, I owns an Android smartphone of Motorola Moto X. And on this article, Am sharing with you the most important accessories and some Apps.

Essential Accessories

Power Pack.

Battery performance was one of the major issue for Smartphones. The maximum day your battery juice up your smartphone may two or three on normal usage. And it may vary to one day if you use 3G or 4G mobile data, GPS and other energy consuming features. 

Having a power pack for your smartphone is the best idea to overcome this. I recommend Motorola's P2000  power pack for every smartphones specially for runs on Android. 

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Pendrive with OTG Support.

Having a pendrive both have normal usb port and micro usb port (otg port) will reduce the effort of carrying and handling OTG cables or adapter. Most leading storage device manufacturers like sandisk, hp are making OTG pendrives.

Buy OTG pendrive from Amazon Now: Buy Now

Wired or Wireless External Speaker  

Having a wired or Wireless external speaker (most smartphones have 2.5mm jack support) is food for entertainment purpose.

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Essential Apps

App of your Bank

Having app from your bank ready on your smartphone is a good idea to safe keep your bank. Most banks are offering this at free of cost and these apps are bank at your finger tips. You could check, current balance, transaction history and also transfer fund instantly.

Keep Safe

Keep Safe app is powerful to hide important stuff from others from your smartphone. You could hide your private and confidential data to keepsafe and give your phone unlocked to anyone. 


Xender (known as Flash transfer earlier) is able to send send and receive large sized files at seconds only. It uses wifi communication to transfer files. 

Paytm, FreeCharge or other shopping apps.

Recharging your mobile, DTH, bill payment and even shopping for your home is now easy with shopping apps like paytm and freecharge. They will issue promo codes also. Its good idea to search for their latest coupon codes to get deductions from your order.


Moto X tips, Tricks and Review 2015

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Moto X 1502 and 1504 Latest Tips and Tricks

Motorola Moto X Logo
Moto X - Logo
Hope you are happy with awesome smartphone Moto X like me which is from the first manufacturer of Mobile phones, Motorola. I am owning this model (XT 1052, First Gen Moto X) last six months. Before buying this smartphone, I searched a lot websites about this and got only positive reviews (except in the case of SD card memory support) but the very first reason why I brought is, Motorola was owned by Search Engine Giant Google Inc that time and now owned by Lenovo.

Moto X
I got many tips and tricks related to Moto X from many websites, YouTube videos and found many tips myself which are not even disclosed officially from the Motorola. 

Here am sharing some of them. Since getting many features day by day and Lillipop updation is on the way for Moto X, this post may be updated later.

# Tip: Active Display

Active display is one of the awesome feature of Moto X. This app will allows you to go throw notifications without unlocking and this app will show notification details about favourite apps while taking this phone itself. You could change the Active Display settings via, 

Settings -> Active Dispay. On settings, you can tell Moto X from which apps you need notifications on Active Display Screen.

 And by tick or untick More privacy you could tell Details on notification is needed or not in Active Display Screen. For example, in the case of messaging app, if More privacy is ticked, app will not show who send and what is the message.

Little bit about Active Display Battery Usage: Active Display feature utilized very little amount of battery. And also you could stop this app at nights (your sleeping times) automatically if you are ticked Sleep at night.

# Tip: Touchless Control

Touchless Control is another feature from Moto X which allows you to access your Moto wihout touching like Apple's Siri app. 

This app is ideal while you are driving on in home. There are four mics on the device to support this.

For accuracy, Make your room  (where training Moto X), calm and silent as much as possible

# Tip: Tricks with Moto X Headset.

When my friend got Moto X in his hand, He was surprised, is there is no call attend button on Headset of such an good smartphone? 

Yes, There is a button with Motorola logo there on the other side of Headset mic. It allows you to change music, attend call and even access Touchless Control. Excited?

Long press Headset button and Touchless Control app will activated and waits for its owners command. Never pick your Moto out from your pocket.

# Tip: Spotlight Stories: Enjoy the power of sensors.

Spotlight stories are are cartoon stories on App named "Spotlight" which uses the powers of sensors in Moto X. Currently there are three stories released (Windy Day, Buggy night and Duet) while writing this review.


Google Announces Android 5.0 Lollipop as official Name

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Android Version 5.0 Lollipop
Android 5.0 Lollipop
Finally Google reveals the name of Android L ( version 5.0). The official name of Android 5.0 will be Android Lollipop and code name will be Android L.

Android Lollipop may come with Nexus devices soon ( Nexus 9 is just announced). But tech world is hoping that, Will get V 5.0 for nexus devices and Motorola devices.

Android added 68+ languages additional with this new update. 

Another update from 5.0 is logic intelligent network connection which means, Wifi will only get connected if there is a verified internet connection on that wifi network. Bluetooth connectivity has been updated with power efficient bluetooth nearby scanning.

Also Android says that, 4 x performance is guaranteed with new version.Support 64 bit devices ( Nexus 9 will be 64 bit) which brings desktop class CPU and graphics to Mobile phones.

Google also announces touch-less control operations (which is presently available at Moto X and Nexus) with the phrase "OK Google". But it will not be exactly touchless control as in Moto and Nexus devices. 

How to Hide Contacts, Images, videos and Apps in Android.

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Electronics devices like Mobile phones and Laptops makes our everyday life simple and enjoyable. But you know, It's spoiling our privacy sometimes by sharing our personal devices to others? It may contains our personal photos, videos or even passwords of our banking services. 

So make your mobile phone and laptops are very important. Here am introducing you a product to secure your devices. It requires no password to hide your stuff.... Feeling wondered about it? 

Yeah.. The Key benefits also includes: 

No Passwords! Only colors (see video below).
Full cloud usage 
Unique color combination virtual palette.
speedy encryption
File compression
File shredding
Time lock
Lock all Apps ( for smartphone)
Lock/hide messages, contacts ( smartphones)
Many more features are here.

See the video to know how it works.. 

Download Now

Android (free) version: click here
Amazone (free) versio: click here
Buy The Safe for Desktop: Click here 

Motorola Introduced Moto G and Moto X

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Moto X 16 GB Version


As we know, "Motorola" is a Google company now and managing and operating by Google. So the smart phone which supported by Android OS should have better hardware and software compatibility right? Finally, Motorola have been launched their first android smart phone with Andriod Kitkat version and also this device will get Kitkat updates when directly from Google when it is released. 
The first android smartphones of "Motorola" are, Moto X and Moto G with exciting features. 

Moto G is available with 16 GB and 8 GB built in Models. But the difference is just about thousand rupees ( INR ). So I recommend to buy the 16 GB Model. But Moto X is available with only 16 GB model.

The look of Moto G and X are exciting.. with perfect executive look and easy to handle slim design. 

Key Features of Moto G

  • 5 MP Primary Camera and 1.3 MP Secondary Camera
  • Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) OS
  • 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad Core Processor and 1 GB RAM
  • Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)
  • HD Recording
  • 4.5-inch HD Display
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 16 GB Internal Memory

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Key Features of Moto X

  • Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS
  • 1.7 GHz Dual Core Krait CPU
  • NFC Support
  • Water-repellent Coating
  • 2 Years 50 GB Free Storage Google Drive
  • Moto X Respond to Voice
  • 10 MP Quick Capture Gesture Primary Camera
  • 4.7-inch AMOLED Touchscreen with Active Display
  • Touchless Control: OK Google Now
  • 16 GB Internal Memory
  • Miracast Wireless Display

FlipKart Review Link


Say Caller's name on Any Android 100% working.

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Say Caller's name on Any Android 100% working.
Here is a simple tip to enable saying callers name on Android without installation of any App. Many of us enabled this option by installing variuos softwares from internet.But by default, Android helps you to enable this.

First of all you need to do is, take Network Settings on your Android phone.  

Now you can see an option named Driver Mode. Activate this option by touching on the image.

Yeah! you done It!

Feel free to drop your comments/doubts below!
Thanks for reading and sharing! :)

Android Jelly Bean To Land On Galaxy SIII

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Galaxy SIII with Android Jelly Bean
Right now, people are already feasting on the new Samsung Galaxy SIII with its amazing features such as the 2GB RAM, 16GB or 32GB storage through the micro SD card, dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor, 4.8-inch SuperAMOLED HD panel enhanced with a 1280 x 720 pixels, 8mp rear camera and 1.9 front camera, to name a few.

However, what most Galaxy SIII owners and spectators should realize is, there is another enhancement that is to come with this remarkable unit, particularly with the operating system. The Samsung Galaxy S III will soon be upgraded to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. The Galaxy S III will be the first device that does not belong to the Nexus line of devices that will be receiving this Android operating system update.

The Jelly Bean update was launched on August 29th. However, this launch is only for the international versions which include the UK among the other countries. Although the Jelly Bean updates for the US and Canada devices are yet to be announced, people can expect this to happen soon.

While the Samsung Galaxy SIII is already functional and as we have mentioned earlier, packed with amazing features, people should be excited as to how this unit will be further improved. Below are among the notable features of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that people should fantasize on how it will be executed on the Samsung Galaxy SIII:

·         Improved notifications framework – Those drop down notifications are certainly effective in giving the user a quick information of new updates in the device. But with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, people can get more than just quick information. Rich media and different types of content can now be seen such as photos. Users can also perform more actions from the notifications framework.

·         Improved app widgets – Users can now customize the look of their interface by resizing the widgets. As long as there are enough space in the menu where the widget is placed, users can resize it for better accessibility.

·         More efficient app updates – Updates will no longer take much time to finish. With the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, people will only have to receive the bits that are changed, instead of the whole APK. This way, updates are faster and easier consuming less time, bandwidth usage and battery life.

·         Enhancements to Google Beam – Wireless connection can now happen not only between two Android devices but with Android and Bluetooth devices as well.

·         Additions to the TouchWIZ features – Users can manage their device even better with the addition of the dormant mode which will allow the user to change the alerts and notifications settings easier. The Easy mode setting is also an addition to the TouchWIZ feature which will make the operation of the home screen much simpler.

Final Words
The Samsung Galaxy SIII has been sensational due to the amazing features that came with it during its launch. During this status of this unit, it has been compared with other flagship devices by other leading manufacturers. But by having the capability to be upgraded to the latest Android operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, other smart phones should have a harder time beating the Galaxy SIII in the market.