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Top Freelance Websites to Earn Money Online

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You could read about Usable productivity skills for New Freelancers here before going through this post. 

Freelancing is completely   different than having a regular job. The reason because why freelancing is different is, you are responsible for your work and you decides your own work schedule and productivity. And, working as a freelancer is actually as not easy as normal employment. Freelancers, especially new freelancers need t work harder and smarter. Because, you are marketing yourself. You have to sort emails, do conversations and make new clients and pay attention to their interests. 

For the new and experienced freelancers, some freelancing market place websites will helps to get new orders easily. They are actually creating a meeting place for you and clients and rest is yours to get order from them. Here is the list for top Freelance Marketplace websites and their short details:


Seoclerks mainly focusing on SEO related micro jobs. And is one of the most leading marketplace for both freelancers and persons who needs to outsource their works with affordable price. You could read complete review and how it works guide from the following links.

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Freelancer is another leading market place. While Seoclerks mainly focusing on SEO related job, Freelancer is a general marketplace. We can list out our skills and they will give matching proposals from persons and companies. Bid on that proposal and will be get paid after the completion of project.

OLX and Quikr

Olx and Quikr  are somewhat different. It is a market place where their control on buyers and sellers is not strong like others. This is because, Olx and Quikr are actually market for used items. But we could use it for freelancing also bu posting services as ads. You can post ads on Olx and Quikr about your service and interested people will contact you. Olx may not be responsible for any loss and not take any commission from your money.

Join Now on Quikr
Join Now on Olx

If any of freelancing website is missing here in your knowledge, Feel free to share it using our comment box.


Ecigarettes: Enjoy smoking together with Life

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Love Smoking? And, that makes problems on your social or family life? Smoking is not a thing that can stopped by one day and many of smokers may take strong decisions to stop smoking but the very next
moment, the rate of utilize of cigarette may increase strongly.

Here we are not telling about how to stop smoking. But gives you a  better way to enjoy your smoking habit without affecting the environment or colleagues and hence your life itself.

Recent days, a new electronic gadget introduced in the market.  Ecigarettes.

Probably the next question is, What are the advantages of Ecigarettes?

Traditional cigars and cigarettes makes a lingering smell on your dress, cloths, breath and even the environment you are. Perfumes or mouth fresheners will not be able to hide this. The Ecigarettes is odourless and it will makes problems on your environment.

Know the Components of Ecigarettes.

Ecigars comes with a heating coil or coiled wire and a battery to power them. Battery provides the power to heat the coil hence to enjoy your smoking. Coiled wire is placed in a tank atomizers which consist of e-liquid.
different types and size of battery and atomizers are available in the market.

Interested? And Need discount on Top selling Ecigarettes?

There are many websites providing discount via discount codes on various top selling ecigarettes brands. is one them which provides high discounts. 

The working of is very simple. This site will provides you some codes and when you enter it, you will get discounts from the e-cigar websites.

V2cigas coupon only gives 100% genuine and attractive deals and also gives detailed idea on Ecigars and how to choose best etc. So, it is also an ultimate place to know more detailed about ecigars and buy with cheap rates.

Note: We are not promoting smoking or any such drug habbit. We are against it. We have wrote this article only for the security of our nature and people from the smokers.


Build online store with pinnacle cart.

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                  As we know, The Internet is more popular today. 2/4th of the people on the globe is now accessing internet through their PC or mobile phone and many business deals happens every seconds. Hence Many of business organizations effectively uses internet for promoting and selling their products and services. Many of them attracts more people by their websites, online store etc.

             Pinnacle is the best choice for creating your online shopping cart. It provides free chat support for supporting your clients, shipping support,accepting money from your clients, analytics  and marketing also. You can advertise about your cart just by one click on various social media networks and websites. Pinnacle also offers 100% 14 day free trial for new users without any pre payment.

 Click here for the 14 day free trial. No credit card required.

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