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Whatsapp Web Available Now on Desktop

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WhatsApp Logo
For the first time, WhatsApp Messanger, one of the worlds favourite instant messaging service on Smartphone devices is available on Web via Google Chrome browser as its extensions.

Connecting your whatsApp account to Google Chrome browser is simple than installing a software.

How to Enable WhatsApp on Web

Open in your Google Chrome browser and your could see a QR code and Scan the QR code inside WhatsApp messenger and your phone Whatsapp will be paired to your browser (chrome only). And you are ready to use.

You phone should be connected to internet to work chrome extent ion.

How to Enable WhatsApp Web On Chrome

Android Users

Open WhatsApp -- Menu -- WhatsApp Web

Windows Users

Open WhatsApp -- Menu -- WhatsApp Web


Open WhatsApp -- Chats -- Menu Key -- WhatsApp Web

Apple iOs 

Oops Not Available now due to iOs limitations.


Control Mouse by Moving Your Head

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Bored of using mouse? Don't worry, Now you can control your mouse pointer just by moving your head using a small program. Surprised? yeah it's true.

CameraMouse is developed by Boston college for physically challenged people. They can easily replace the mouse by using this application software. Any other hardware is not required and free to download.

Let's see how it works. What you required to work with CameraMouse is, PC or tablet with Webcam and Windows OS. When you install and open this software, your moving image will be shown in the Camera Mouse window. Now select any of your portion on your face to track. While you completed this simple task, get ready to control your mouse pointer using head. For better performance, use eyes or nose for controlling mouse movement.

Clicking, Double clicking and many of other uses of mouse can also be used in Camera Mouse camera mouse 2013 manual here.


Convert Your Blog Posts To eBook PDF

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Many of you all may be interested to download all (or selected)  of your blog posts into PDF file. And we have many opportunities to sell our eBook via web for affordable amount ( Eg: SEO Clerks ).

So, Let's Start ?

Here, I will explain the procedure step by step manner. 

Step 1

 click here to get into the website.

click Start Now.

Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file)
Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file) Shot 1.

Step 2

Now you have to do is, Enter your blog address on the textbox. And select platform (may automatically done). 
Now select the amount of post or order of post, that you want on your eBook.

Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file)
Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file) shot 2.

Now click on Get The Posts! button.

Step 3

You may shown a dialogue to sign in using Google Accounts and Continue with same account like this, 

Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file).
Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file) Shot 3.
Here, you can select any of the option.
If you select the 1st option, You have login with Google Account.
If the 2nd option is selected, You will be entered using currently opened Google Account/

Step 4

Now Select posts you want to include on your eBook. And click Continue! button.

Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file) Shot 3.
Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file) Shot 4.

Step 5

Now it's your chance to customize your eBook. Here you can add Title, Subtitle, Author's Name for your eBook.  
Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file)
Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file) Shot 5.
Now Click Create My eBook! button.

Step 6

Yeah! You're done! :) 
Now preview and Download and buy a printed copy of your eBook.

Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file)
Convert Blog Posts into eBook (pdf file) Shot 6.
Yeah! You've Done Now! :)

If you need any assistance or have  suggestions / opinion on above post, Feel free to drop it as comment below :)
Thanks for reading and sharing! :) 


WeChat - The New way to Chat

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Chatting is the most commonly used feature of Internet by the youth and common people. It allows us to comment with our colleagues and relatives or even can make new friends over internet. And, there are many Internet and Software companies provides online chatting facility.

 Now, We are going to familiar to you a new chatting software 'WeChat' developed by 'Tencent' which is suitable for all most all smartphones including Android, iOS, Symbian ( V3 & V5 ), and Windows ( Blackberry version is coming soon). It supports currently 17 languages including English, Hindi, Spanish etc.. and supports Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G data. The main feature of new Wechat 4.3 ( Latest version ) is, it supports voice and video calling, Group voice messaging, Momentssharing including text, photo, video & URL ).

Few Words About  Tencent Company.

'Tencent' is the largest Internet Company in APAC with almost 800 million active users. Its the third largest Internet Company globally in terms of investment Capitalization. They launched WeChat Internationaly (iPhone) on October 27, 2011.


As we said earlier, WeChat is a free mobile communication and social networking app for smartphones with features like Video/Audio calling, Push-To-Talk Voice Messaging, Group Chat-Text & voice ( upto 40 people ) and location based friend discovery social features ( shake). It can download and install  from Google Play Store, Nokia store and Windows market place at free of cost. 

We chat also provides a Rock-paper-Scissors mini game, customizable backgrounds, and engaging one-on-one and group session with an extensive range of Animated and custom emoticon and emoji art. Also provides to apply artistic filters to photos and share with your friends on Chat and Moments wall.

WeChat provides a fast and secure social networking access. Protects your data by on-demand data backup and retrieval to/from its cloud based server. And also user registration is much simple by SMS/Voice messaging service. The above mentioned features are the key benefits of WeChat App from other leading chatting apps such as Nimbuzz etc.. They donot provide such fastest and secure user experience.

Shake : Exchange contact information with nearby WeChat users, or connect with WeChat users worldwide  and to be friends with them.

Look Around : Discovers WeChat users near you.

One of the upcoming feature of WeChat is, Powerful Open API. with this feature, users will be able to allow share photo, music, video, games, new and other kind of social network from  other third party Application plugins.


Create High Resolution Photo Colleges.

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Today We are discussing about an online tool which helps us to create photo collages using our photos photos.

Vincent Cheung, Who has previously worked at Microsoft Research and Google, Developed an automatic photo college software that can create extremism impressive collages using your pictures. Here is some snap shots of collages created using Vincent's software.

Called Its light weighted (~ 300 kb) and written in JAVA. So it works same Microsoft, Mac OS and Linux with same package.

You can either select individual snaps, or folder containing photo can select for creating the collage or poster. Then you select a snap from your college - Its could be a drawing, pile scattered images, or you could draw some shapes using mouse and  Shape Collage  will match the layout of your collage with that shape.

Shape Collage can save your collages / posters as high resolution JPEG or layered PSD files. So your are free to edit the college / poster after using professional image processing software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

This Photo Collage Software let you crate Text photo Collages - You can simply write text using installed fonts and Shape Collage will arrange pictures by the layouts of your Text.

Also Read our post about creating Photo Collage using photos on web such as from your Website, Facebook,  Twitter, or even from Google Image Search Here.

Feel Free to post your Comments, Questions, Feedback etc. .as Comment below :) We are eagerly waiting for your response :) 


Google introducing Gmail TAP

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The QWERTY keyboard was invented in 1847 and yet used today, largely unchanged. Are you bored of using this technology? Google introduces a new input method on Android for future, called Gmail TAP. This technology reduces the effort of typing on mobile phones. the 26 characters can be typed using only two keys ( touch screen ) by the combinations of these keys. This makes users type even look into the screen or keypad.

Watch  promoting video.

Learn Gmail TAP.

Gmail TAP is a binary language that uses only two characters dots ( . ) and dash (- ), makes it easy to learn.
A space bar is also provided for easier typing.

A • −                       J • − − −         S • • •                  0 − − − − −
 B − • • •                 K − • −           T −                      1 • − − − −
 C − • − •                L • − • •          U • • −                 2 • • − − −
 D − • •                   M − −            V • • • −               3 • • • − −
 E •                         N − •              W • − −                4 • • • • −
 F • • − •                O − − −            X − • • −             5 • • • • •
 G − − •                  P • − − •          Y − • − −             6 − • • • •
 H • • • •                 Q − − • −         Z − − • •              7 − − • • •
 I • •                        R • − •                                         8 − − − • •
                                                                                   9 − − − − •
DOWNLOAD now for your Android phone.

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Firefox - App tabs, Panaroma view, Smart Keywords

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Firefox! A product from the Mozilla, a web browser, and it needs no introduction. Everyone of this generation who browses the internet should be probably knowing this browser. What am I writing about it then? Well, I just want to highlight its Certain Special Features, which holds it unique to work efficiently.

App tabs:
I hope everyone uses Tabs rather than using the browser multiple windows open. Does everyone have a favourite website? Facebook? Twitter? Gmail? or atleast Google search? You neither have to open a tab everytime nor do you have to let the tab occupy a huge space in your Tabs toolbar. There is an alternative cool way. Just pin them as app tabs! Yes! App Tabs is the name given to those tiny pinned small tabs. You can Right Click on the tab and select 'Pin as app tab'. The tab will goto the top right corner and turn into a small tab. Now that should fit into your Tabs bar sweet and cute. There are added benefits of using the Pin tab. I'll get back to them when I talk about the Tab Groups. You can access those pinned tabs just like you use the ordinary tabs. Here is a quick look at the pinned tabs. I have pinned Google Search, Gmail, Ymail, Facebook, Twitter & Google plus.
Pinned App tabs

Panaroma View:
I generally use lots of tab simultaneously when I work, say 15. Would that look comfortable while shifting tabs? No, It will surely suck. How about grouping tabs according to usage or however you wish them into different windows? That would look cool, isn't it! But noah! Im not going to open new windows, instead we can have tab groups in a single browser window. Try pressing Ctrl+Shift+E or clicking the 'small tiles' in the top right corner, left of minimize button. Surprised? Yes, that's the one best feature of Firefox. Click on the blank space to create a group. Drag and move tabs between groups. And you can arrange your tabs in different groups depending on your usage. You can customize the view as you wish. I arrange them like this - Social sites and Mail accounts, Blog work, Forums and my sources in another group.
Going back to the App Tabs, added benefit, If suppose you open a new group, then those pinned tabs will default load into the new tab group and remains invisible in the panaroma view. Say a Google search page is pinned. Then whenever you move to a new group, it follows you. Cool..
Now how will you shift between groups? You can go to panaroma view and select the group. This may irritate you. Lets do that in a magical way, just press Ctrl + `. And I bet, someone watching your screen will surely start thinking - ' Woow! How'd he do that? '
Here is my Panaroma view. (Click on image to enlarge)
The Panaroma View - My actual work Space
Smart Keywords:
Smart keywords are really smart. If I type imdb insiduous in my address bar, the browser will direct me straight to the search results for the word 'insiduous' in the website 'imdb - International Movie Data Base'. Its not just for this website, you can enable this option for any website which has a 'search bar'. Wanna learn to do that? Follow these little steps. Go to the website with a search bar, say, done? Right click on the search bar, done? Click on 'Add a keyword for this search'. You will get a pop up. Fill in the name, say 'filehippo' and the keyword, say 'file'. Save it. And its done!
Now Open a new tab, type in the address bar "file firefox". You should probably know what should happen. Happy Smart Browsing. You can set as many keywords as you want. All that you need to do is follow the simple syntax
<keyword searchterm>
Setting a Smart Keyword on
These small features make my browsing simple. Post your freaky keywords in the comments section.

[Update: These features may not work in older verions. Update your browser to version 9.0.1 , Version 10.0 Beta 1]

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TweetDeck for all

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TweetDeck is the ultimate replacement for all desktop clients for Facebook and Twitter. Mozilla couldn't load TweetDeck and it works only on Chrome and Safari. Yes, If you need TweetDeck, then shift to Chrome! Noah!! I can never leave Firefox! Cool! There is always a solution. TweetDeck has a direct desktop client for Mac and Windows. TweetDeck is available on all platforms - iOS, Android, Mac OS X (10.6 and above), Windows (XP and higher).

Mozilla Thunderbird [Direct links]

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Love Firefox? The same community of people developed Mozilla Thunderbird. Its a desktop client for having a check on your emails periodically. Set as many email accounts as you need, Turn them ON and OFF as you please, Set Automated replies, Setup Remainders, Filter Junk a.k.a Spam, install add-ons and lots more to explore.

Nothing we losing trying something Free.

Get it here!


KeePass : password Safe

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 Version :  2.17
Download count [appx.]  : 12,000
License : Free [open sourse]
Operating systems :  Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows 7
Requirements : Microsoft.NET 2.0
File size [appx.] : 2.00 MB 
Downlad link :
Know more    :


Convert PC to Internet TV.

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Want to turn your PC into a cable TV or DVR, requires no monthly Fee..and provides limitless storage?  Many of way, we can set up TVchannels on our PC. with internet or via TV tunner cards and cable.

3 ways to setup internet / PC TV.

1) Watch on a website.
   If you have an Internet connection with avg. speed, Its easy and cheapest methode :)
Just Googling, can find many websites providing internet TV like It supports TV channels, Movies online at free of cost. [ Uses streaming technology ]

webiste :

2) Using software. 

 There are many softwares available for Internet TV, uses streaming/ downloading technology. for examle,
World Tv Pc <>

3) Cable and Tunner card

Turn your PC into a multi media center!. Can also record your favourite shows.Internal and external models are available. And also both supports remote accessing. Hence you can use your PC as a complete  TV.
Starting from Rs. 1000/-.

  • Pinnacle Internal PCTV PCI Tv Tuner Card – 2350/- Indian Rupee
  • Pinnacle Internal PCTV PCI Pro – 4050/- Indian Rupee
  • Compro Internal PCI TV Tuner Card Price – 1850/- Indian Rupee
  • Intex internal TV tuner with FM – 950/- Indian Rupee
  • Techcom Internal TV Tuner – 1100/- Indian Rupee
  • Pinnacle PCTV PCI (50i) TV Tuner – 2000/- Indian RUpee
  • Snazio TV Pro TV Tuner Card – 1000/- Indian Rupee
  • Avermedia EZ Capture TV Tuner Price – 1950/- Indian Rupee


Motion Detector

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  Have a web cam? then download Motion Detector.
Motion detector is an application that saves, anything in motion is detected in front of the selected webcam, as still pictures and/ video files ( *.avi). Can improve home/company security by capturing the entering or leaving persons and what they doing. It's simple and free of cost.

Download Now : click here (187 K)


Access your Files world wide.

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 Hey It's just not  a box. Dropbox is free service that helps you to bring your photos, videos, or even docs from anywhere and share them easily. By downloading a small software named "Dropbox", it will creates a folder named  Dropbox on your system and you are able to drag any files into  it. If you want to bring files, which is stored in the Dropbox folder, simple you can access them via internet. No need of storage devices.

visit to access your shared files online