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How to Optimize and Monetize Website - Part 2

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Read part One here: 

Top Ways to Optimize and Monetize Website - Part 1

Earning good amount of money through online is not an easy task. It requires, dedication, effort, creativity and of course interest and patience. Earning good amount of money through online is not a easy task. It requires, dedication, effort, creativity and of course interest and patience. 

You may noticed some people earn thousands of dollars from internet and some other not even earn a penny of real cash from the same methods.

It takes time. For the first two or three months, or years, you may not earned a single penny yet. So it is always better to start a blogger or non-paid WordPress blog.

Lets start blogging. In this post, we are discussing about SEO techniques which need to keep while writing your blog posts.

Be Unique: Violating copyrights is major issue which may effect your blog/site badly. Never copy paste others content to your blog. If you need a portion of others content, giving a source link is a good idea. Copyright violation includes only copy-paste but also if you take others content and write it in other way, it is also copyright violation. Write unique contents alway, Keep your blog Unique.

Highlight Lines: Highlighting important sentences may helps your blog/website ranks higher on search results. You can highlight lines by bold or underline it. 

Update Regularly: Updating regularly is important especially in the case of blogs. If a blog is not updating regularly with fresh content, It seems like a dead blog. And also for getting visitors also, your blog should be regularly updating. Be serious on Blogging.

Never Focus on Money: 95% of successful bloggers who makes millions from their blogs are not writing just for money. Write content for human beings and not for web bots. While you have quality content (both human and bot friendly), your traffic will improve and hence revenue also.

Ad Spacing: Since majority ad networking agencies like Google Adsense are supporting PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising method, placing your ads on eye catching locations is a best idea.

Top Freelance Websites to Earn Money Online

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You could read about Usable productivity skills for New Freelancers here before going through this post. 

Freelancing is completely   different than having a regular job. The reason because why freelancing is different is, you are responsible for your work and you decides your own work schedule and productivity. And, working as a freelancer is actually as not easy as normal employment. Freelancers, especially new freelancers need t work harder and smarter. Because, you are marketing yourself. You have to sort emails, do conversations and make new clients and pay attention to their interests. 

For the new and experienced freelancers, some freelancing market place websites will helps to get new orders easily. They are actually creating a meeting place for you and clients and rest is yours to get order from them. Here is the list for top Freelance Marketplace websites and their short details:


Seoclerks mainly focusing on SEO related micro jobs. And is one of the most leading marketplace for both freelancers and persons who needs to outsource their works with affordable price. You could read complete review and how it works guide from the following links.

Join Now at Seoclerks free of cost here

PS: Sajith now giveaways $5 free SEOclerks coupons for new members. Contact for details.  


Freelancer is another leading market place. While Seoclerks mainly focusing on SEO related job, Freelancer is a general marketplace. We can list out our skills and they will give matching proposals from persons and companies. Bid on that proposal and will be get paid after the completion of project.

OLX and Quikr

Olx and Quikr  are somewhat different. It is a market place where their control on buyers and sellers is not strong like others. This is because, Olx and Quikr are actually market for used items. But we could use it for freelancing also bu posting services as ads. You can post ads on Olx and Quikr about your service and interested people will contact you. Olx may not be responsible for any loss and not take any commission from your money.

Join Now on Quikr
Join Now on Olx

If any of freelancing website is missing here in your knowledge, Feel free to share it using our comment box.


Earn Money with Android Apps and Google Playstore

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Earn Money from Google Android
If you are an Android developer with creativity, you can earn some money by creating apps and hosting it at Google's Android Play store. Yeah! Many developers are creating apps and earning descend money with them. This is why 60% of apps are free on playstore and many other app stores. 

How you can make money with Free apps.

Will they give money for just creating an app or using an app? definitely NO!. But you can serve some ads provided by Google Adsense or other advertisement networks [ I suggest Google Adsense] with you free apps. If any of your user  [users of your app] clicks on them, you will get some money. 

You need to create an account on Google Adsense. That means you need to signup for adsense program with your gmail id and requires their approval. 

You can signup adsense by: but this must be your final step because you need a nice blog/website/app with strong visitors or users and then only you will be accepted. 

For creating an account on Google Play store, need to pay $25 as onetime fee. [ Adsense account is free of cost, if you don't have app, you can use it for blogs/websites also].


Usable Productivity Skills for New Freelancers

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Freelancer Jobs, Skills
When it comes to balancing your daily activities, freelancing is completely different than having a regular job. The reason why freelancing experience is unique is because you are responsible for your own work schedule and productivity. The possibility of how you are supposed to spend your time is tasking. Balancing working schedule, catching emails and organizing information is your responsibility. Normal employment is done during stipulated hours and workload is predetermined and assigned. Working as a freelancer, you need to work harder than before, work smart, pay attention and work away from detractors. Arranging your work to start with what matters most is the way to go. The following are usable productive skills:

·         Know that you will never be perfect

Freelancer Jobs, Skills
Knowing that you will never be perfect is the way to go. The idea that you are not a machine need to rule your undertaking so as not to kill yourself when things do not work as planned. The perspective will pave way for new resolution to help meet set personal target. The fact that the body needs relaxation should rule working routine so as to avoid collisions with personal life.

·         Set yourself deadlines

Freelancer Jobs, Skills
It is credible to set your own deadlines to guide you to productive time management. When clients send you task it will be wise to send an email back stating when you are going to send the task. Setting the date implies elements of professionalism. Setting deadlines is also an incentive of working smart. Without deadline less work is likely to be accomplished. It is imperative to set genuine deadlines so as not to give yourself less time or more time. Less time will compromise quality and more time will preclude elements of laziness.

·         Keep a to-do list

Freelancers_to do_list
At the beginning of the week it is credible to have a list of what you are planning to accomplish within the next seven days. The list will set forth clear mind when working without repeated notions that you have forgotten something. Mark tasks already done to make the list look manageable. Long list of undone tasks will develop incidences of fear. Having a layout of what ought to be done is crucial for productive time management. When working, avoid turning the to-do list to want to do list. New tasks that come up should be written in a separate list to help avoid incidences of having unending list.

·         Track your working hours

Freelancer Jobs, Skills
Have a clear understanding of how many hours you spend working. If you are working too many hours you need to cut them down to manageable hours. If not working enough hours, set aside more time to help improve your working paradigm. Tracking working hours makes it possible to identify productive hours. Knowing how many hours you work will make it possible when calculating your hourly rate by dividing weekly earnings by the weekly working hours.

·         Come up with a routine

Freelancer Jobs, Skills
When productivity becomes a routine, you will never feel overwhelmed by demanding tasks. An overwhelming habit is that which follows a clear structure of a routine. Habit of focusing on the client’s work in the morning and doing other chores in the afternoon is credible. Setting time frames as per the intensity of the work defines habituation. Having your mind set for productive utilization of time is a credible undertaking. Setting aside time for clients project is also another working routine. The fact that client projects are demanding should be radiated as per information required. Balancing personal life procedures and doing client projects should take the paradigm of a routine. It has to be in the to-do list to manifest interest of attaching productive time to productive task.

·         Start your day earlier

Freelancer Jobs, Skills
Starting your day with tasks you list want to do will build morale of doing other tasking tasks. Starting your day earlier makes it possible to utilize productive early morning hours before  fatigue sets in. Doing tasks you least want to do in the morning makes it possible for interest development and motivation as well. Doing away with tasking and unwelcoming tasks in the morning sets forth ground for productive undertaking during the day.

·         Draw a line between personal life and freelancer life

Freelancer Jobs, Skills
Always set aside time for relaxation. Too much work will lead to fatigue and poor reasoning. Spend time out of busy working schedule for physical exercise and always aspire to accord your body rest.

About author: Joseph Porter is a freelance writer at study essay writing service and the professionals helps for getting best dissertations  for the academic students with over 14 year’s experience. He enjoys writing about current trends and innovations in education, technology and travelling

Save Money With Discount Coupons

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Online shopping is very popular today and also the number of eCommerce portals are increasing day by day. The key reason behind this rapid development is, wide selection for products and rate is less compared to the local market. 

When I was searching for best deals, I got a website which provides Discount coupons and introduces best deals on popular eCommerce portals like FlipKart, SnapDeal etc.. It is

They have coupon codes of all leading eCommerce portals and also informs you the featured offers provided by your bank.

Web Master? Earn Money

27coupons have an easy way to earn money online if your are a web master. The earning coins for their WordPress widget and you can redeem that coins into money. 


Ways To Increase Adsense CPC

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Adsense CPC
Improve Adsense Earning
CPC (Cost Per Click) is the amount credited to your adsense when a click is generated from your website. That means, if you have high CPC, you will get paid soon for few clicks and if you have a low CPC rate, you have to wait for lots of clicks. CPC is not a constant rate. Adsense CPC always changes according to lots of factors say, Traffic, country, ad unit size, ad unit position etc.

CPC commonly starts from $0.01. ie, getting $0.01 - $0.04 for single click is not good.


Ways to increase your Adsense CPC

Increasing Adsense CPC is a dream of all adsense publishers but many of them don't know how. But the funny thing is, Google itself provides the ways to increase your CPC in their adsense support pages. Here are some tips that can implement.

Tips to Raise Adsene CPC

Blog niche  is one of the important factor which effects the CPC. There are some blog ideas that internet users always wants. Selecting any of this will helps you to get more traffic and increment of CPC because competition for ad units in such blogs are high on Adwords. Blog niches which pays more are:

  • Technology
  • Earn Money Online
  • Health Care
  • Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Adsense Tips
  • SEO techniques
  • Blogger tips and techniques

And many more... for complete list, Just Google "High paying Adsense Keywords".
The important thing is, You must be able to write unique and useful contents about that topic.

Country Targeting is another most important factor. Clicks generated from developed countries can pay you more $$. Clicks from developing and poor country just pays some pennies only. So don't do focus for such countries.Always write for developed countries or write about global topics. The reason behind this is, advertisers from developed countries would pay more. And digital marketing is not much popular in developing countries.

Use Recommended Ad sizes is important for getting more clicks and more CPC also. While creating ad units from Adsense, you can find that, Google have picked some ad sizes as Recommended ad Units. Adsense will pay more this sizes and they are eye catching large sizes also. 

Use Minimum Ad units in single page Adding more and more ad units in a single page causes low earning only. You may get many clicks but the CPC will be low. I recommend to use only one Ad unit and two if the content is too lengthy only. This is because, If you have two or three ad units, the competition for you ad units will be lesser in Adwords.

SEO have a great role to earn you more and more $$$. SEO helps you to get more traffic for you website and a good SEO website will get more CPC because Google crawls can catch up relevant ads for you site.        

Follow the Rules is very important and strict while using adsense. It should be always in your mind that, you can't cheat the internet giant Google. They can trace you easily. You can get the full T&C from Adsense itself. You will get banned is any illegal activities found because, Google also makes importance for Advertisers interests also.


Best Adsense Alternatives - Monetize Your Website

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Adsense is definitely the best and most used Advertisement network from small bloggers to highly talented web masters. But getting approved on Google Adsense is an easy job. 
For adsense banned and not accepted bloggers and webmasters (say publisher) still have other Adsense alternative services. 

Adsense Alternatives  

1. Bidvertiser

 Bidvertiser is an alternative service for Google Adsense. This service is ideal for earning decent from your sites. The minimum payout is $10 for paypal and $50 for bank check.


Best URL shorten websites to Earn Money

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Sharing web address is a common thing in internet. you may share address of a download link, favorite video clips, or may be some stuff for education. Some of these address should be very large right?

But you know, these address can be shorten using some web services and if anyone visits this link, you will be get paid. Excited? they are not mad to give you free money. Whenever you shorten a web address, they will also put some advertisements in that page. They are actually paying for these ads. 

Top URL shorten service which pays money 

Adfly: Adfly is one of the most using link shorten service. The CPV (cost per visit) rate is different for different countries. Clicks from countries like USA and UK pays more. To register, click here   

LinkBucks: LinkBucks is another URL shorten service. Most people recommends adfly. But in my experience, LinkBucks pays more. To register, click here

If you have any doubt or suggestion on earning money via Link sharing, feel free to convey it as comment .


Publish eBooks and Earn money.

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 SEO Clerks Click here to join
SEOclerks [Click Image to Join]
Searching for methods to earn money online? Writing eBooks and selling it online is also a good way to earn money. Start writing your eBook in your expertise topic and Techie Feeds now introduces the place to showcase and sell it in the Internet.

As we already discussed, seoclerks is a SEO service website. Which provides you SEO services at affordable price and gives you various ways to get paid by SEO and non SEO works.

SEO clerks also provide you the chance to sell and buy eBooks on various topics.

What you need to do is,
First click on the Image above or click here to join. Now click on Join and enter sufficient details ( First name, username, email etc.)

Now, You need to verify your Email ID by clicking the verification mail send to your inbox by Seoclerks.
Yeah! You are become a member of SEOclerks now.
To sell your Ebook, click on Seller -> Sell -> Sell an eBook.

And start filling details about your eBook.The details includes eBook title, Price, description, contents etc. and finally Upload your eBook and click submit.

Yeah! You are done. Whenever someone interested and buy your eBook, You will be get paid. It is advisable also demand only less or affordable price to get more sales and keep your eBooks in pdf format with protection.


It is also a good way to publish your blog posts as an eBook and sell it. click here to know to create an eBook with your blog posts by a single click. 

If you have any doubts/comments on above post, Feel free to add it as comment below :)
Thanks for reading and sharing :)


Affordable SEO Service

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Affordable SEO services

Website entrepreneurs want Affordable SEO alternatives to be able to market their organizations on the Online over google. Some SEO organizations can have expensive alternatives and offers, and there are many little companies that cannot afford the price certain organizations charge. To find the organization that is reasonable and expert, entrepreneurs will need to perform analysis. Many organizations have inexpensive price points, but limited outcomes. Consider price compared to outcomes when choosing SEO alternatives. Some SEO organizations are little companies as well and will only be able to provide personal alternatives, and even though others may price more there are organizations who start their offers as inexpensive as one hundred. Companies can even test the ocean by purchasing a single SEO article for about $10. This is very reasonably priced compared to other companies that will not do any work for less than several lots of money.

Having Affordable SEO alternatives will carry more individuals to use your organization instead of going somewhere else. The benefit to having affordable alternatives as a SEO organization is that by giving inexpensive prices one is to be able to gain more company and money. If a SEO organization can only provide personal alternatives it may not carry more customers as those organizations that provide affordable offers, but both are efficient ways to get your company promoted. Authors for both SEO organizations that provide personal or package alternatives will carry outcomes for the consumer.

Website promotion companies can assure you the following SEO benefits:

o Enhanced online visibility
o Site visitors to your website
o An edge over your competitors
o Best return of your investment (ROI)
o Improved sales with better transformation rates
o Reasonable and affordable pricing

In order to provide you with basic advice regarding SEO and to provide the best level of assistance, almost all SEO organizations employ an established team, including content writers, designers, google looks for web page professionals, promotion professionals, and other assistance to employees.

On modern, aggressive company situation, almost every internet marketing company statements to be the best and affordable SEO organization providing affordable SEO along with quick turnaround time. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the company you choose is an efficient and efficient one. An extensive analysis could help you decide on the SEO organization that is most appropriate for your SEO needs.

Viral SEO Services, affordable SEO organization provide innovative and affordable SEO alternatives to the customers throughout the UK - US. We have all the resources and quality manpower to provide the expert SEO assistance that's right for you.


Techie Feeds Guest Posting

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Techie Feeds invites guest authors and writers who are willing to take part of our 100% revenue sharing program. If you want to get latest updates on various topics, please subscribe to RSS feeds or Email alerts.

Why Write for Techie Feeds ?

 Techie Feeds is a popular Tech blog that features mainly on Computer tips & tricks, Software, business, Security. The aim of Techie Feeds is is to provide the latest updates from the tech world. There are many thing beyong Blogging. Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Promoting your site on various places on Internet etc. If you just enjoying writing, leave other things to us. As a guest writer, you can promote your blog to wider audience and still make some money.
We will provide a link back to your profile including your website, profiles such as from Facebook etc. Hence your profiles will get linked from a popular blog and more persons and companies visits you.

100% Revenue Sharing Program.

Guest authors will get 100% Revenue from any ad network for their post. As a guest author, you can post ads with your every post on Techie Feeds.You will get revenue from your post through out your life time.
Guidelines For Posting.

1. Original Work : The post you published must be original and not published anywhere else on the web.

2. Content : You can ad one affiliate/ad link for each post such as from Google Adsense or anything else. Techie Feeds reserves the rights to edit/remove the post by any of its guest authors.

3. Avoid Self Promoting : We will provide a profile link / your site's link with your name at the end of your post. You can link back to your site articles but that's allowed when link back is relevant.

4. Copyright : You will retain creative commons for all posts but it will be property of Techie Feeds donot post it anywhere else.If someone is found copying from other site, He/she will banned.

5. Quality : You should able to produce quality contents that suites on our blog. Sponsored Reviews are NOT allowed. We reserve the right to edit the post by you.

If Interested please Fill and send this form to Us or send your interest directly to '[email protected]'. And We will get back you soon! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Us.

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How To Earn Money From SEOclerks

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Today, We are discussing about a SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) related freelancer website. SEOclerks is also a better SEO provider starting from $1. Read our article about them here.
You can also find freelancers to do work for you on the same amount or more.
You can simply create some gigs (offers) with expected   cash to do it. Also can bid someone else's 'Want to Buy' gig.

How to Join?

Joining SEOclerks is easy. You can create your account by entering email address, valid password and by choosing available username. Create your FREE Account here.

Make Money With SEOclerks

You can create a gig ( service) by simply selecting Seller tab. And wait for buyers to buy. Or your can find buyers from their 'Want To Buy' tab on SEOclerks and bid them using your gigs. 

PS : Keep in mind that your pricing and service should be affordable to get more buyers.

Proof : My earnings from SEOclerks. 

Withdraw money from SEOclerks?

Withdrawing money from your SEOclerks account is easy. You can withdraw your earnings from your account using PayPal account. This is fast and easy. (If your are Level 1 user, you must have min of $15 to withdraw.)

Affiliate Marketing 

SEOclerks also provides Affiliate marketing program. Affiliate program is simply, SEOclerks gives your a unique link and if any other person joins to SEOclerks via  your link and completed any job, you will get 10% of their income to your Account.

If you have any doubts/comments on above post, Feel free to add it as comment below :)
Thanks for reading and sharing :)