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Facebook Pop Up Box with Timer for Blogs and Websites

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Join Is On Facebook box with timer
FaceBook Like Box with auto timer close
Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ plays a vital role for generating genuine and relevant traffic for your blogs or websites. 

We have already discussed on our previous articles about how to increase Facebook likes and major SEO strategies for increasing social media ranking for your websites or blogs.

Showing a social media promotion boxes while visitors visiting your blogs/websites will be a great idea to make them noticed that you are active on social medias. Major disadvantage of such pop up boxes are they may interrupt visitors buy showing all reloads and this will looks like you are forcing them.  So, here we are providing you an auto closing (with timer) facebook pop up widget for your blog. 

How to Enable Facebook Pop Up box for blogs/websites

1. Got to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML. 
You will see a box with core HTML codes of your blog. Beware of editing this codes

2.  Copy and paste the following script before closing </head> tag or after opening <head> tag. (Press Ctrl + F after clicking on the HTML box and type  </head> on pop up box for easily getting this tag).
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
We have successfully added Jquery code for the box.

3. Now we need to add some style sheets for the box for the looks and feels. Again find the code below in the template
And add the code shown below before closing b:skin tag.
/*css for fbpopup*/
#fbpopupdata { 
    background-color: none; 
    z-index: 9999; 
    display: none; 
    padding: 0; 
    border: 10px solid #446c95; 
    -webkit-background-clip: padding-box; 
/* for Safari */ 
    background-clip: padding-box; 
/* for IE9+, Firefox 4+, Opera, Chrome */ 
    -webkit-border-radius: 8px 8px 8px 8px; 
    -moz-border-radius: 8px 8px 8px 8px; 
    border-radius: 8px 8px 8px 8px; 
    width: 420px; 
    height: 300; 
    overflow: auto; 
    left:50% !important
    box-shadow: inset 0 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); 
#fbpopupdata span { 
    font-size: 12px !important
    font-weight: normal !important
#fbpopupdata h1 { 
    background: #446c95 url( 98% 30% no-repeat; 
    border: 0px solid #3b5998 !important
    color: #FFF !important
    font-size: 20px !important
    font-weight: 700 !important
    padding: 5px !important
    margin: 0 0 10px 0  !important
    font-family: arial !important
    overflow: hidden !important
    font-size: 12px !important
    font-weight: normal !important
    height: 275px !important
    padding: 1px !important
    background: #fff !important
    border-bottom: 0px solid #ddd; 
    overflow: show !important
#fbpopupdatafooter { 
    text-align: right; 
    background: #F2F2F2 !important
    height: auto !important
    padding: 10px !important
    overflow: hidden !important
#fbpopupdatafooter p { 
    text-align: right; 
#fbpopupdataclose { 
    float: right; 
    background-color: #446c95 !important
    border: 0px solid #ccc !important
    color: #fff !important
    font-weight: normal !important
    padding: 5px 35px !important
    text-decoration: none !important
    display: inline-block !important
    font-family: arial !important
    outline: none !important
    font-size: 12px !important
    margin: 0px !important
    box-shadow: inset 0 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); 
    -webkit-transition: background 0.3s; 
    -moz-transition: background 0.3s; 
    transition: background 0.3s; 
4. Almost completed the final step is here.  
<!-- Facebook POPUP LikeBox With Timer Code Start --
<script type='text/javascript'> 
jQuery(document).ready(function() { 
function fbpopupdatafunc()  { 
var sec = 60 
var timer = setInterval(function() { 
$("#fbpopupdatafooter span").text(sec--); 
if (sec == 0) { 

var fbpopupdatawindow = jQuery(window).height(); 
var fbpopupdatadiv = jQuery("#fbpopupdata").height(); 
var fbpopupdatatop = jQuery(window).scrollTop()+50; 
//var fbpopupdataww = jQuery(window).width(); 
//var fbpopupdatawww = jQuery("#fbpopupdata").width(); 
//var fbpopupdataleft = (fbpopupdataww-fbpopupdatawww)/2; 
var fbpopupdataleft = 500; 
//var fbpopupdatawindow = jQuery(window).height(); 
//var fbpopupdatadiv = jQuery("#fbpopupdata").height(); 
//var fbpopupdatatop = (jQuery(window).scrollTop()+fbpopupdatawindow-fbpopupdatadiv) / 2; 
jQuery("#fbpopupdata").animate({opacity: "1", left: "0" , left:  fbpopupdataleft}, 0).show(); 
jQuery("#fbpopupdataclose").click(function() { 
jQuery("#fbpopupdata").animate({opacity: "0", left: "-5000000"}, 1000).show();});});
<div id="fbpopupdata"> 
<h1>Join Us On Facebook <a style="font-size:12px; color: white; float:right; margin-right: 15px; text-align: inherit; text-decoration: none;" href="" rel="nofollow
>Get Widget</a></h1> 
<div class="fbpopupdatadata"><center><iframe src=";width=400&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;show_faces=true&amp;border_color=%23fff&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;height=250" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:show; width:400px; height:250px;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe></center></div><div id="fbpopupdatafooter">Please Wait <span>60</span> Seconds<br/><a href="" target="_blank" id="fbpopupdataclose" onclick="return false;">Close X</a></div></div> 
<!-- Facebook POPUP LikeBox With Timer Code End>

Change the yellow colored text (techiefeeds) to your Facebook username.

Update (7/01/2015): SumoMe is an awesome tool. 

You are done! :) 
Feel free to drop your comments and doubts .. 

Increase Social Media Likes and share by Exchanging

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You may noticed that, for some persons, even if their Facebook page, Google+ profile or twitter  is not much popular or awesome, they got countless, likes and shares. Did you know, where it comes from?

Getting countless Facebook likes, Google+ shares, YouTube Likes and such social media activities are not a tough job now a days. But it is true that, among our locals, getting such things are makes us notable.

The secret behind getting huge likes for some people is Social media exchanging websites. FollowersCircle is the most popular social media exchanging service. 

 The exchanging is done by introducing a coin system. Simply, if you likes or shares one's profile or photos you will get some coins and another person will likes your's for getting that coins from you. You can also buy coins for cheap amount says $1 or above.

The social Media activities supported: 

  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook subscription
  • Facebook share
  • Google+1
  • LinkedIn
  • Traffic Exchange
  • StumbleUpon
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube views
  • YouTube subscriptions

 Too vast right? 

Click here and Join Now


Tips to Increase Facebook Likes

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Hello There,

Hope you are very much active in Facebook. You are posted lot of pictures, status and share some interesting links also right? But Lack of Likes and shares makes to suffer?

Getting more Likes, share or Google +1 means, getting more popular on the circle.But do you think that all people who get likes and share day by day are really amazing peoples? Getting them in social medias are by some tricks. You can also get even thousands of likes for your post.

The ways to Get More Likes (shh.. it's secrets)

These steps are very simple to follow. But the result will be exciting.. 


Signup on Like exchanging websites. Followerscircle is one of the most popular service. This site are mainly provides Likes and followers by the terms of coins [ it's free ]. Know more about this website and how to join guide is here. set the country to your country only in this websites.


While the step 1 is successfully completed, you will get nice Likes and shares from this website. Keep on your mind that, Limit the day limit to minimum. Now your post will come upward. Now your friends will also Like your post. Do it daily. Ask your (very) best friends (only) to like your post. Hence It will saw by his friends also.


Now, we are going to the comment section... Keep in your mind that, whenever a friend comments on your post, don't miss him/her... how? Always tag profile name while doing comments. Hence He will be curios to read your replay and replay back soon. else may ignore that conversation. And also while doing conversation on post's comment, tag other's also naturally, That means When both are talking about another situation, If another person included there, Tag his name. Hence that person will get notification and join in your conversation... It will make your post popular and your excess friends will saw your post in their timeline and that conversation may continue if you are offline also :D

Don't Beg For Likes

Begging to your friends is not a good way. It will sometimes effect the natural like from them also. And begging "please Like my pic"... "please Like my pic" will make them harassing.. You can ask your friends in another way, "Do you see my new pic recently uploaded? Hows it? " or "Did you see that pic we taken from there.. I have uploaded it" or "did you saw my new status? what you think about it?" It is a different way of asking Likes and remembering about your new post.

Add More [Real] Friends

Add more and more real people from your friends. It will help you to get more likes and comments and for knowing more people means getting more social and support for real life. But be sure that you are not adding strangers.

End words

Everything sounds familiar right? these are simple but most effective ways to get Likes, shares, etc..

Comments and suggestions are most welcome! 


Get Free FaceBook Likes, Website Traffic, Google +1 etc

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 Trouble with Low amount of Facebook Likes, Followers or Google +1's? Your popularity on social medias are always measured by Fans, Likes and subscribers. 

You will often see that, Some people get high likes and followers day by day... It is nothing because of their hard work. They all may their actual likers or followers. It is true that, even politician and Moral people also members of this services. 

Here is an exclusive website which offers us to get More and More even thousands of social media followers with some clicks. What actually doing here exchanging. You Like one's profile and follow them, ( You can create a facebook only for this purpose) You will receive coin and other one will like you to get this coin from you.. Sounds simple right :)

Now, The website is FollowersCircle. Joining this website is very simple. Goto this site and click on join this site.

FollowersCircle | Click here to join Now
You will get 2,000 coins as joining bonus. 

FollowersCircle | Click here to join Now

In the above screenshot, 
circle 1: Which social media share / like you will get here. 
circle 2: Is you account manager. You can Add your pages / profile / Photos which need likes / +1 or followers here.
circle 3: Is the ways you can Earn coin. 

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Forgot to Log Out Facebook from Public PC?

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 The main problem by using public networks is to forgot to log Out from your mail ID's or from facebook accounts. This causes misuse of your various accounts from anonymous persons. Now Facebook introduced a way to improve your security from such cases.

It's an easy way to prevent misusing of your Facebook account by others.
1) Log In to Facebook, Go to Account settings.

2) Go to Security Tab

3) Click Edit of Active Sessions

4) You are Almost Done. Now End unwanted Activities. And Click close.

Yeah! You are Done and secure now! :) Keep Rocking! Pass this tip to your friends too via Us.

And thanks for reading.. Feel free to put your questions, suggestions, comments and other tips as comments. Help others too! :)


How to Create A Photo College Using your Pictures on Web.

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On last post, We have discussed how to create Photo Collages using photos on our hard-disc. That was a software called Shape Collage. Now We are  posting a new service from the Team of Shape Collage called

Loups helps Us to Create Photo Colleges from Social Network Sites such as, Faceook, Twitter, Google + etc.. and and even from Search results and your own URL's. 

While you are entered to the Loup website, You need Add your Photos first. It may be from Facebook, Search, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or even from your own url.

Here We have selected pictures from our Blog and selected All images. Now We need to Add photos.

The Next very simple Process is Click the green Add Photos on the previous box itself. And Select Shape you your college want to be.

Yeah! Your Photo Collage is Ready to save. Click on The Green Save button and give, Title and description for your collage.

The Image should be saved on your Facebook profile. You can save to your hard disc by right click on the image and save.

Feel Free to Post your Feedback, Doubts etc.. As comments. We are eagerly waiting :)


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It has very few easy steps to download the data including photos and videos, posts on your wall, all of your messages, and also your friend list and all other  you have put upon your  Facebook profile. It's an easy way to protect your data missing by accidental or by hacking. Now A days many of people are directly uploading photos, videos, or even documents to Facebook or some such websites and accessing it through internet. This is surely a good way for managing photos or even documents. Because losing of our space on Hard Disc or memory cards can prevent. And easy to access anywhere if have an Internet connection. But there may be some situations like missing our photos's or even photo albums by accidental deletion or by virus. So it is always better to make a copy of all so Facebook provides an easy way to download all your informations from Facebook including photo albums, videos, post on wall, messages and etc.... Now, We are going to the step by step procedure for downloading Facebook account.

1) Firstly go to, Account settings

2) Now,  Click on the 'download copy' link

3) Click on the 'Start Archive', and you are almost done :)

4) Once your archive is ready to download, FB will mail to you. and you can download your data from there.

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How to download Facebook photo albums

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As Orkut started dying, due to the sudden growth of Facebook, Many of users naturally shifted to Facebook, and again when Google introduces their new social network called Google+, most of people including die hard fan of Google [ me too ] shifted. So Google introduced an option to transfer photos from Orkut to Google+.  ( click here to know how). But its quite risky job to download all pictures from your Facebook albums individually, or collecting photos from your friends profile.
Today, we are introducing to you a new simple application. By using such an application, Can download all the photos just by a single click. 

A Facebook application which is in a site '' is used for the above purpose. Before going on to the application, logged in to the facebook.

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How to download Facebook Albums? step by step guide.

Go to

1) Click on the button 'Login with Facebook'.

2)  Now Choose a friend on your list, or select yourself. 

3) The third step is to select the albums you need to download. We selected the profile pictures Album you may have many to download.

4) Yeah! You are almost done :). Now click on the download button. And select the location on the download window where you need to store the album. ( If no window appeared, the photos may downloaded into c://downloads )

5) The selected albums should be downloaded to your hard disc where to the location selected on the download window.
You are Done :)
Thanks for reading our blog.
If you have any doubts, feel free to post it as comment. We value your feedback :)

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