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Meet Alphabet, Google's New Corporate Boss

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The Search Engine giant, Google has just restructured the company and branded with the new corporate name "Alphabet Inc". That includes Google's all non-core, innovative products and business.

Searching for its site? Google or Alphabet doesn't own the domain "" (yet).

What Alphabet Inc. Includes

The alphabet is mostly a collection of companies which includes non core products of Google. 

The present Google CEO, Larry Page, founder of Google will be the CEO of Alphabet Inc and President will be Sergy Bin (Cofounder and present Google president).

Why Alphabet Inc

Google founded in 1988 as a Search Engine service company and now Google has become more than an Internet service company and own different fast emerging companies under their umbrella. And different companies need a different type of culture and leadership. Many be this is the reason why Page and Bin thought about restructuring the company with a new brand name.

What Google Today

Google is slim down to its core products such as Search, Ads, Maps, Apps, YouTube and Android and its CEO will be Sunder Pichai.

Dear Google users,

Google products might not change its product/brand names and the website is not shifting to (surprisingly still now, Google doesn't own the domain

Google's core business include Google Search, Ads, Maps, apps, YouTube and Android and related infrastructures. And all other products will report under Alphabet.

All Google shares will be automatically converted as the same number of shares of Alphabet Inc, with the same company codes GOOG and GOOGL.

After the release of HTML5 and CSS3 standard for the web, the face of many websites is changing as it supports embedding videos with <video> tag just as how we are using the <img> tag. 

YouTube and HTML5
YouTube and HTML5
The majority of websites masters is stopped using Adobe flash player and using HTML5 player instead.

YouTube, the biggest place where Adobe flash player is residing, is thinking about changing to HTML5 video player instead of Adobe.  
But why still YouTube is not using HTML5 video player as primary player is, lack of support for earlier versions of Web browsers (your browser should be updated for using HTML5 player).

Even though YouTube has released HTML5 video player version and users have to check compatibility and enable it manually.

If you are not satisfied with HTML5 player, you could move back to the old YouTube player at any moment. 

How to Enable HTML5 video player on YouTube

You could check the compatibility of your browser for  YouTube's HTML5 version here. The only conditions to be qualified for using latest HTML5 version is, your web browser should be updated. If HTML5 is supported by your browser, consider updating it.

HTML5 compatibility check for YouTube
HTML5 compatibility check for YouTube

If  your browser supports HTML5 player, go to and enable HTML5 player by clicking the button "Get Player".

Enable HTML5 video player for YouTube
Enable HTML5 video player for YouTube

If you are not satisfied with HTML5 player, you could move to the old player by visiting this ( page again.

YouTube with HTML5
YouTube with HTML5


Facts about Google Mobilegeddon Update

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Hello Bloggers and Web Masters,

Google Mobilegeddon update
Google Mobilegeddon update
Are you aware about the new Google algorithm update called "Mobilegeddon" update which is said to influence Google search results way more than any other animal named updates (Panda, Penguin etc).

As name implies, Mobilegeddon is basically Google giving more priority and ranking for mobile friendly and faster websites. Websites and blogs which are slower and not properly optimized for mobile devices will start dropping down to search results and Google ranking. 

Shifting to a mobile friendly website is the most successful and important strategy for gaining a rank boost, instead of heavy drop after this Google update.

How to know a website / blog is mobile friendly or not? 

Google has provided powerful tools for check your
Google Mobilegeddon update
Google Mobilegeddon update
websites performance and whether it is mobile friendly or not. 

1) Take a Mobile friendly test. 

If your website or blog passed Google's mobile friendly test, you have survived 40% from the Mobilegeddon update. Take mobile friendly test here:

2) Take a speed test 

here: Make sure you have a good score in this test and if not passed, follow the recommendations to achieve it.

Minimizing HTML and CSS codes and optimizing images could speed up your website and hence could boost in Google results.

People and Search engines are now focusing on Mobile friendly websites. Various surveys proved that there are 200% people using mobile for surfing internet than computers. What you are waiting for?
buzzoole code

Chrome Cast is Now Available in India

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Good News Indians, Google Chrome cast is now available in India at cheapest rate (Rs 2999) only. 

Google Chrome Cast is simply a thumb sized Media streaming device that can be plugged on HDMI port of your TV and can be streamed your Android smart phone, windows phones, Iphone, laptop, anything your have to your TV.

Installation of Chrome Cast is simple and easy. Connect your Chrome Cast to your TV and you are ready to share your stuff from your smartphone/tablet or laptop.


Google Launched .HOW domain

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Internet is a vast space of knowledge. People uses internet to how things works, how to do something, how to start a business and thats why Google has been launched a new domain *.how mainly focused on tips and tricks websites.  

How to Register on .how Domain

.how domain is from Google registry and registering a domain name on .how is easy. 
visit and search the domain name you want and Google will suggest you some of it's partners can register your domain name with.

Advantages of .how Domain

Your domain will let people know that your content is teaching something about. For example, consider the address, As domain implies, people will know that your content is about teaching and how to tips on the topic, designing. 

Registering .how domain for teaching and how to websites will also effect your SEO in good manner. because, Assume some one searching the keyword, "How to Design" and your url is and the keywords "design and how" are there in the url itself. 


Gmail + Google Now = Google INBOX

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October 22, Google has introduced something new and which is the most popular news spreading in Techie world. It is, Gmail and Google Now  coming  together in Google's mew service, Google INBOX. Google has been introduced their new service Google Inbox, which may replace Gmail soon. 

Google Inbox is introduced now  as an App and is invites only . That is, you need an invitation from google to use this service as it is in beta version. 

How to get invitation to Google Inbox?

You can send invitation requests to [email protected]

Once you are invited, you could login through your Gmail id and password (Google Account details). 

Now Google Inbox is  available in Google Chrome browser, android devices, and Apple iPhone. 

Features of Google Inbox?

As said  above, mail lists of Gmail and Google Info Cards (as seems is Google Now) will appear in Google Inbox App.

Image Courtesy : Google Blog

Google Inbox is designed based on the "Material Design" of Android's new Lollipop version (Android 5.0).

Google Inbox also have Highlights section, which will show important items. Highlights can helps you to get reminders, your flight time, appointments and photos and messages send by your friends and family.

Another important feature of Google Inbox is "Bundles" as name implies, Bundles section will categories same type of messages together more accurately.

Send an invitation request now to [email protected]  

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When you receive an email, you receive more than just the message. The email comes with headers that carry important information that can tell where the email was sent from and possibly who sent it. For that, you would need to find the IP address of the sender. The tutorial below can help you find the IP address of the sender.

1. Log into your Gmail account with your username and password.
2. Open the mail.
3. To display the headers,
    Click on More options corresponding to that thread. You should       get a bunch of links. Click on Show original 

4. You should get headers like this:
       Gmail headers : Daniel
5. Look for Received: from followed by a few hostnames and an IP     address between square brackets. In this case, it is      

That is be the IP address of the sender!!
This will not work if the sender uses anonymous proxy servers.

How Google Earns Money (Revenue)

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We all are familiar with the website But the truth is that, many of common internet users (also Google users because for common, Internet = Google) are not beware that Google is a company and they makes revenue for your searches. Yeah Google is a multinational company founded by Larry Page and Sergbrin who was studied in University of California. 

The main revenue source of Google is advertising and 95% of Google services are free of cost for their customers. 

Do you know How Google Earn Money

It's simple. When Ever you searches a word or sentence (say Keyword) on Google search, Google will display results with advertisements relevant to your searched word. For example, I have searched for, "Earn Money Online" and got results with relevant ads (Marked with red circles). 
How Google Earns Money

If you click on such results, Google will get revenue and Advertiser of that ad is not need to pay for displaying ads Just Pay Per Click

Google Adsense Google is not only available in Google websites. There are lacks of websites running and making revenue by using Google Ad services and you can also use your website or blog to make money online. The service which allows publishers to earn revenue is Google Adsense. Publishers will get advertisements from Google and if any of visitor clicks on ads, Google will pay commission for the publisher on CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. 
If you have a website/blog, can join via

See also:


All Google Products shows Certificate Expired : Solution

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Some times almost every Google products and may other products also shows certificate expired or the connection is not trusted. I saw many people try to download certificates for Google and even try to uninstall every browsers re install it.

The solution for this problem is very simple. This is not caused by any missing certificate or problem with all your Internet browsers.

So you think it's due to the problem on Google Server?
Ha Ha! The Answer is NEVER.

How to Fix This Problem 

This problem is caused because of  Date and Time of your computer / smartphone is changed so Google servers cannot verify the same and shows just, the certificate is  expired and Not secure connection.

How To Reset Date and Time

Resetting Date and Time in Windows or Linux is not a big task. But it also sharing with here as the solution of the problem for the newbies.

First, Find the Date and Time on your Task Bar and click. Now there will be shown a box with Clock and calender. 

You can view a link as "Change date and time settings..." click on it and change date and time.

Now just refresh your web page and Enjoy the Full on Internet.


Google Page Speed Tools : Check your page speed score

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On April 2010, Google have included page load speed also into their ranking algorithm. This means, Now response time of a website is also a factor for page ranking or search result position. Google changed their algorithm because of they just need web authors and webmaster to make a serious look on their webpage's response time. Many thought that contents is more important than anything else. But page load time have also a significant role in thier traffic. The chance of missing a visitor may occur only because their large load time.

What is Page Load time?

 Page load time is the total time required to load the whole web page. This is depends on the images, scripts and the amount of the content on your web page. While your page takes much more time to load, Its not fare for the development or earnings for your page.The possibility of leaving your site before it loads is very high if it takes more time to load its content. 

Why Page Load Time is Important?

Many web masters and authors very well knows the importance of load time. But they are not focusing on it  accurately.This causes missing of many more visits to their page even if it contains most relevant information. While a user searches for some keyword matches to your page, search engines will lists your page also in results. and when they clicks your page, if it takes much time, the possibility of leaving your page is high. So Google introduced a new product, on their developer page, Pagespeed tools. This lets webmasters and authors to check their page loading speed ranking max. of 100. The only thinf u need to do is, just go to this page and check your page load score. If you get a score below 80 or little score indicates more room for improvement. A a high score indicates less room for improvement. "Techie Feeds" gets 93 out of 100 and we are trying to improve.

Check whether your content makes your blog slower.

It is good that, If add any images, scripts and anything else on your website, compare your current and previously checked page speed scores. If page score becomes low than the score before adding that element, you need to re-size or edit that image or code you added to the webpage for maintain your page speed. You can use Google page speed tool for this purpose.


Searching on Google ? some tips to improve accuracy of results.

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Searching on Google is easy. Type the 'query' or 'keyword' or even questions on search box and hit enter. Google is ready to show the search results less than 0.5 minutes! But searching by just keywords may not give accurate results or the results may not regards to your wish.

Today, We are discussing about some most widely used search syntax for accurate search. Syntax means, we are providing some operators also with the keyword, and mention that its not a keyword and its an operator for accurate search. for eg. 'inurl' is an operator.' inurl' operator will on search for the url's which the searched keyword is contains. If you are using any operator, you need to separate the keyword from the operator and will not leave space b/w them. for
eg: ' inurl:techiefeeds ' the result will only be the urls/ websites which contains the word techiefeeds at its url.

Now we can scroll through some operators and its usage.

Title Search

Page titles are not page url. If you need to search for a specific topic, you just need to search for its heading. 
Eg:  ' intitle:Google search:Search Engine '
The search result should be the pages with title Google search or with title Search Engine or page with both the keywords are title.

Anchor Search

Anchor search displays the linked urls with a specific keyword. If we are giving name of a person or company, inurl operators helps us to find their mail ID or website. Because websites are giving others mail ID or websites as hyper links.
Eg: ' inanchor:sajith '.

Link Finder

With Google, Its easy to find the websites which links to your website. If is your web address, you just need to search Google will find the websites with a link to your website or your to any page of your site.
Eg: ' '

File type Search

File type search is very useful if you are searching for files with specific file type. For example, if you are searching for a ppt (presentation) file about SEO (search engine optimization), you can just use "SEO",filetype.ppt. you can find for any fine such as doc, sls, pdf etc.

Cache View

The cache view operator ( cache: ) is used to view last cached version of a particular site or webpage. It will help you if the webpage is in trouble and you want to visit that site's cached copy. Cached copy may one or two days before updated contents only.

Text Search

Text search is used to search only on the body of web pages. When we are giving keyword along with this operator ( intext: ), Google will not consider url or titles of any webpage and the searching is purely based on the body of the websites.

What to do if Accidentally clicked on my own Adsense Ad?

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Google Adsense accidentally click
I have used a laptop log back and try to avoid it! because I clicked my own adsense ads twice a day while am  moving courser through by blog using touch pad. As our agreement with Google as a publisher I have dug up their rules.

If you don't Know.

Clicking on your own ads is a violation of Google Adsense terms and conditions. It is also a violation if you coerce friends and families to do the same. Mean while, Google cannot find who the people are but their servers can verify whole clicks received on your ads and smell if there are too many clicks from a relatively small area ( Remember, world is a big place). Google gives importance and value to both Adsense publishers and Advertisers. So, Your Adsense account will disapproved and you/your address should be banned from Google Adsense that means, you cannot create another account. 

Invalid Clicks.

This is is term defined excluding accidental clicks. As Google states :
 Although publishers are not permitted to click on their own ads for any reason, we do understand that accidental clicks may occur. We there for don't require that you contact us every time clicks on your own ad slots. Rest Assured that your account is being properly credited for all clicks and impressions we consider to be valid. 
If you'd like to read the complete document, found it here. Google keeps a record of wheres clicks came and flags if same activity occurs too often.

If found an Unusual Activity on your Adsense Ad.

If you happen to notice that some unusual click activities on your Adsense Ad, you must notify Google (Adsense) immediately. the notification form can be found here. It is currenlty not possible for Google to block IP addresses. But they have an Adsense preview tool if you would like to check out an ad without clicking it. Found it here.

Own Page views.

Google will not seriously care about this. Its clicking on the ad ads they care about. But Adsense only counts normal page views as their Ad impression. Thats why, Techie Feeds allows its authors to post their ads too and views by our other authors and users will be count normal impression as their.
signup on Techie Feeds here as an author.

Surges in traffic

Google is a smart company and it treat its users brilliantly. So they don't need if you expect a surge As previously said they know how and when impressions came from.and are more happy if its look normal.

Thanks for Reading this Post.:) If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know!



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   Good news for all Bloggers..! Blogger has been introduced a new search preference option. Now bloggers    can easily add meta tags, customize Robots.txt, Redirects, 404 Error page, and alt and title for images.

SEO is a majot part of any website / blog to list on search results of search engines. Before, during the old  UI, blogger had not supported SEO. But now, in new UI of blogger, the SEO fuctions are fully functional and dynamic. Now you can set meta tags for each posts and Robots tag separately.


1. Search Meta description.
2. Custom post meta description.
3. Coustom 404 Error.
4. Coustom Robots.txt
5. Redirects.
6. Couston Robots header Tags.
7. Alt and Title tags for Images.


This option is only available in New blogger UI. to Enable Search preference option,
Go to New Blogger Dashboard > Select the blog and select settings Tab > Search preference.

SEO on New blogger UI


  This is the general description of Home page to optimize the Home page / Blog. And visible on the seach results. Search Description should be a short description about your blog and max. 150 characters in English.
The search description may disabled in default. You need to click on the Edit button > the Yes. hence description can written on the white box. max. of 150 letters.

Search description for blog on blogger


This is the custom Post Meta description for each and every individual post.You can easily set and customize the Each post while creating it or editing the post area. It is placed on the left side of the post editor.

custom post meta description on new blogger UI.


This is also a new option from blogger.
Say Good bye to blogger default 404 page not found error page. Now you can customize your 404 error page. This redirect is 302 temporary and redirection is send through HTTP Headers..

blogger custom 404 Error page


Blogger has provided to edit and customize the robots.txt file. This is the key file for seach engine bots.   
Using this Robots.txt, you can allow or Block search engines from indexing the pages. Usually, every blog has a robots.txt file.You can find your robots.txt file using the url,  
Robot.txt file for Techie Feeds is :

customize robots txt on blogger SEO made easy

Warning : Changing or Modifying the Robot.txt file wrongly may effect visibility of blog on Search Engines.

You can set the Robots tags to home page, Archive/label pages, Post pages on Crawlers and indexing Searching on search preference tab.


Alt and Title tags for images helps for indexing images. Your images are easily indexed by image bots like Google Image bots.

To set Alt and Title tags for Images,

1. Upload and Add the Image.
2. Click on the Image.
3. A small menu bar will be displayed, and choose Properties option
4. On the popup prompt, Enter the Alt and Title tags for your Image.

Thanks for reading this Post. If you have any question or comments, Feel free to let me know!

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Google introducing Gmail TAP

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The QWERTY keyboard was invented in 1847 and yet used today, largely unchanged. Are you bored of using this technology? Google introduces a new input method on Android for future, called Gmail TAP. This technology reduces the effort of typing on mobile phones. the 26 characters can be typed using only two keys ( touch screen ) by the combinations of these keys. This makes users type even look into the screen or keypad.

Watch  promoting video.

Learn Gmail TAP.

Gmail TAP is a binary language that uses only two characters dots ( . ) and dash (- ), makes it easy to learn.
A space bar is also provided for easier typing.

A • −                       J • − − −         S • • •                  0 − − − − −
 B − • • •                 K − • −           T −                      1 • − − − −
 C − • − •                L • − • •          U • • −                 2 • • − − −
 D − • •                   M − −            V • • • −               3 • • • − −
 E •                         N − •              W • − −                4 • • • • −
 F • • − •                O − − −            X − • • −             5 • • • • •
 G − − •                  P • − − •          Y − • − −             6 − • • • •
 H • • • •                 Q − − • −         Z − − • •              7 − − • • •
 I • •                        R • − •                                         8 − − − • •
                                                                                   9 − − − − •
DOWNLOAD now for your Android phone.

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Google Currents

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Google Currents is the talk of the day! Twitter is trending 'Google Current'. Google is constantly updating and ungrading! Today its the Google Currents. Google Current a.k.a Flipboard Rival is a social magazine application. It has apps in both Android as well as in Apple Appstore.
Google Current for Publisher is Open. Anyone with a Google Account can log into, create and manage their Edition. Android smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad views are simulated in Real-time and we can see our edition display on a simulated screen.
Edition can have as many sections as we wish and the sections can be Feeds from our blogs (Atom as well as RSS); articles from Google Docs, Epub or even html; Photos from Google apps like Picasa or Flickr; Videos from Youtube; I have added my G+ personal account stream to My Edition.
Managing the Articles in each section is pretty much straight forward and simple. You can any time edit your article, Add material as you like it.
[Note: Atom and RSS links for a blog can be found in its 'PageInfo'. ]

I've given my edition S9TechFreak public access and anyone can read my edition. My edition can be viewed from any Google current enabled device at S9TechFreak
It just has my Google+ stream as well as my personal blog.
Download application: Android Market | Apple App Store


Import Orkut Photos to Google+

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Long back, by the end of June 2011, Google plus a.k.a Google+ was released as an 'invite only' trial product. Lucky me, I got an Google plus account on July 4th. It was great exploring the new concepts - Circles, Sparks, Hangouts. Everyone should be having an account in Google's New Social networking site as its no more a test product and it was officially launched to the public on September 20th. To read more on Google plus have a check on Google's Official Blog.
With so many Social sites available its really tough to be in just one site these days. Myspace, FaceBook, FourSquare, Friendster, lots more and even Google's own products like the Orkut, Google Buzz, Google Wave, iGoogle. Its definitely impossible to upload photos in all the sites you have an account. Why not transfer photos from one to the other?
As Orkut started dying due to the exponential sudden growth of Facebook, my friends naturally shifted to Facebook, and again when Google plus came, most of the people who are die hard Google fans starting moving again (I'm one among them.)

Too many steps huh? Now there is an option in Google plus itself.

Simply click it, You will get redirected to Orkut Photo Importer. Select your albums to be transferred. Click 'Import selected'
Ta!daah..!! Its done!
But dont forget to change its privacy settings, Thats most important in security as well sharing!


YouTube gets 'Face' change

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Google is a lot changing these days, Changing all its colours to pure clean white and shades of Black and Red. We had its social networking site G+ with a new theme, different from other Google products. And after its official launch, Google has been shutting down many of its unused (better to say less used) applications like the Wave, Buzz and lot more. And in the past two months we saw our Google Sign-in Page change, followed by its Reader, Blogger, Gmail and Picasa had a name change - thats all what I use much from Google.
2nd of december we see YouTube getting a new face! It has got no Static bars, but still its Pretty cool. This generation would have hardly a few who doesnt know YouTube.
In its general look, we have its categories listed at its left, you hit on a tag, the central white strip shows you a list of videos and followed by right most bar having the 'Featured videos.
And looking into the changes in the personal profile, we have our subscriptions on our left dark bar, contents of selected subscription in the centre whit strip and 'Recommended videos' on the right most bar.
 Everything is changing in Google! After all Change keeps you High!


Google Driver less Car

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Google Driver less Car
Like James bond cars, can you imagine a car, that can drive themselves? Obviously your answer may, It;s under development by motor vehicle engineers. BUT,

"We have developed technology for cars that can drive themselves". wrote Google on its official blog.From other companies, you would have expected press conferences, demonstrations at trade shows and paid news for more publicity, But from Google, just a blog post and some snippets for the press. Another casual "Revolution".
But it's just not an revolutionary development. 

   Larry and Sergey founded Google, because of they really want to solve and find solution for big problems. And now a days, one of the big problem facing is vehicle accidents and treffic security. Hence now the Internet giant, Google is trying to help us to prevent traffic accidents, also make our way happy and to reduce carbon emission by fundamentally changing car use.
      So Google developed  a new car, that can drive themselves. The Google Automated cars uses video cameras, radars, and a laser range finder to "see" or observe other traffic and to take right decision, as well as detailed maps ( which collect by  manually driven vehcles) to navigate the road ahead. This is all made possible by their large database, which can process enormous amount of data requested by their cars. 
Google Driver less Car inside view
Google's automated car have some abilities as in James Bond films, Just by its reputation, they can open doors that would be closed to others.

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Update:  After the introduction of Google Driverless car, Many leading Car manufacturing companies are introduced their driver less car models. 

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