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When you receive an email, you receive more than just the message. The email comes with headers that carry important information that can tell where the email was sent from and possibly who sent it. For that, you would need to find the IP address of the sender. The tutorial below can help you find the IP address of the sender.

1. Log into your Gmail account with your username and password.
2. Open the mail.
3. To display the headers,
    Click on More options corresponding to that thread. You should       get a bunch of links. Click on Show original 

4. You should get headers like this:
       Gmail headers : Daniel
5. Look for Received: from followed by a few hostnames and an IP     address between square brackets. In this case, it is      

That is be the IP address of the sender!!
This will not work if the sender uses anonymous proxy servers.

Increase Social Media Likes and share by Exchanging

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You may noticed that, for some persons, even if their Facebook page, Google+ profile or twitter  is not much popular or awesome, they got countless, likes and shares. Did you know, where it comes from?

Getting countless Facebook likes, Google+ shares, YouTube Likes and such social media activities are not a tough job now a days. But it is true that, among our locals, getting such things are makes us notable.

The secret behind getting huge likes for some people is Social media exchanging websites. FollowersCircle is the most popular social media exchanging service. 

 The exchanging is done by introducing a coin system. Simply, if you likes or shares one's profile or photos you will get some coins and another person will likes your's for getting that coins from you. You can also buy coins for cheap amount says $1 or above.

The social Media activities supported: 

  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook subscription
  • Facebook share
  • Google+1
  • LinkedIn
  • Traffic Exchange
  • StumbleUpon
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube views
  • YouTube subscriptions

 Too vast right? 

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How to Set Master Password for Mozilla Firefox?

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How many of you know that, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome will display your saved passwords for everyone? 

Yes it's true. When ever you save a password for any website or web service, such as email, social media etc.. Your browser will save it and anyone who able to access your browser can see all your passwords. 

Here we are explaining about how to set a master password for Mozilla Firefox

How to See saved passwords in Chrome?

Go to Options, Three rectangles on right of your address bar. 
Go to settings -> show advanced settings -> on password and forms, Manage saved passwords. 
while click on each password it will show password in text format.

How to See saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox?

Click on Firefox menu -> Options -> Options -> Saved Passwords ->show passwords.

         Since browsers provides this facility, managing passwords is easy but probability for hacking is higher.
      So, providing a master password for your manage password will be more secure. Hence others cannot access this secret area ;) But they can browse internet without any problem. :)

How to set Master Password for Mozilla Firefox?

This is a simple task. :)

Go to Firefox Menu -> Options -> Options -> tick on Use a master password box -> Now click on Master password button.

Pretty simple na? :) 

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Unlock Memory card if password lost

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Memory cards are common storage media now. We can found it on digital camera, mobile phone, tablet or even PC. Memory card can be made protected by providing password. But sometimes we may forgot its password and may lost access to important files when urgently requires. So here we are introducing a new way to know the password of your  locked memory card.

Do follow the step by step procedure to unlock your memory card if lost it's password.

Step 1

Place locked memory card back to your phone. And don't try now to open the memory card.

Step 2

Download FExplorer software to your mobile phone and open it.

Step 3

Open path (for memory card) on Fexplorer application and find file named,  mmcstore 

Step 4

Rename the file mmcstore to mmcstore.txt

Step 5

Now open notepad on your computer and copy this file to it. Now you can see your password on Notepad :) 

If you have any doubts/comments on above post, Feel free to add it as comment below :)
Thanks for reading and sharing :)


Enable Voice Calling in Idea (Huwai) Netsetter

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By default, Idea Netsetter doesn't support voice calling because, Idea nettersetter is locked by the operator, That is, We can only use Idea sim with Idea Netsetter. And also the default sim doesn't support voice calling.

So if you need to enable voice calling on Idea Netsetter, First you have to unlock the modem for any Operator. Here we assumes that you have an unlocked Idea modem.

Now Lets Start..,

Step 1

Download this Compressed File.

Step 2

Close Modem software if opened.

Step 3

Un compress the file to the desired location shown on it.
If not possible, un compress it to another location and copy it to the desired location.

Step 4

Restart modem software to apply change.

Step 5

Yeah! You have done :) Now start calling from your computer :)