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Asian Paints Painted The Door of My Heaven...

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Front Door Before Painting.
One day, When I was checking my Inbox, got a message regarding the Blogger's Activity of Asian Paints as a part of their new Asian Paints Aquadur PU from Blogadda. I was just applied for the same and 12 blogger from Kerala where selected and I was one of them.

Within few days, I got call from Asian Paints to ask which date is suit for us to paint wood furniture. I told a date and they accepted.

The Team for painting was, One wood finishing Officer and a Painter from our locality, I was shocked because the painter was from the team of one painting contractor who deals with hug buildings of our city.

Cleaning the surface | Asian Paints
The first process was make the surface clear. Cleaning is king. He takes around one hour to clean the surface alone by papering, because there was some black dots on my door due to getting rain. He cleaned it well.
Painting Asian PaintsBase Coat
 Now Put Asian Paints Base coat. and cleaned it. Filled 
the small holes of my door to make it flat. It was not just a painting alone It was finishing the furniture also. The officer Looks for the quality and condition of furniture after completing each and every process. The paint was Asian Paint Aquadur PU, which is imported from Germany.

The Process:

1. As we told, Clean the surface very clear with sand paper.

2. Apply Aquadur WB stains. Allow to dry 2-3 hours

3. Next is Apply Water Based Clear Base coat.

4. Sand with sand paper after around 5 to 6 hours before applying top coat.

5. Now, Apply Aquadur WB matt Clear topcoat [ I choose] or Glossy topcoat by brushing. allow 6 to 7 hrs to dry.

A Click After Painting 
  The door of my heaven have a great look now. Asian Paint gave around 5 years guarantee for the same. 

I recommend Asian Paints... for painting. Just call, they will come and paint your home. I have ordered too.. :D

Interested? More details are here


Put Smile and live Longer...!

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Are you a kind of person who suffers more tension?   Do you often feel sad or disturbed? then this is the right place for you. Here is a perfect, simple, and side effect free medicine for your problem. it's just a 'SMILE' :D
!! Not a joke, It has been scientifically proven. Science proved that, the more you smile younger, the the more you look and live younger too.

Smile and say Good bye to BP ( Blood Pressure ).

High blood pressure is a major health risk now a days. When you smile, your blood pressure low to a notable range. Can't believe??? Try this from your home or hospital. Required is only a blood pressure meter.
Step 1: Sit silently for few minutes and check your blood pressure. Step 2 : And smile a few minute and once more check your blood pressure. You will surly smile while noting the difference b/w these resulls :)

Improves your immune system.

Smiling improves your immune system and work better. While you smile, get relaxed and hence your immune system gets boosted. You can prevent flu and cold just by smiling at them. Since you have good immune system, normally you live longer.

Smile to release Endorphin and Serotonin.
A smile releases endorphin, natural pain killer, and serotonin, which are chemical substance who are join together makes us happy.Smile has proven as a natural stress and pain reliever.

Exercise for your face that makes you look younger.

Smiling is a good exercise for your face. A simple smile uses all muscles in your face. Which makes you more younger.

Smile and get rid of stress.


Stress can impose a major threat in your health. When you feel your are on an high stress, put a smile. Smiling is the best way to fit your mind. Entertaining with comedy scenes will cause a better laugh.